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    10 Qualities that are making you unattractive

    Every person has some good qualities as well as some “not so good” qualities. Our aim should be to minimize these “not so good” qualities. These qualities make us less desirable to others. To minimize them we first need to identify them. Following are some things that make you ugly:

    1) Insecurities

    Most people who are not contented with their social presence tend to have insecurities. One thing they are always unsure about is their appearance, how they look socially, and how people perceive them. They lack confidence when they meet people and avoid eye contact because they feel, they’re not good-looking. This has an adverse effect on their personality too.

    2) Being needy

    Neediness is plain unattractive to all women, men can act like children seeking attention, date, or approval all the time. Men who are needy always require someone to watch over them and feed their egos. This is a major turn-off for women and looks ugly. No one wants a child-like person to grow old with.

    3) Seeking approval

    Validation is an important part of depending and relying on the feedback and encouragement from people around us. The problem arises when self-validation is not valued and someone puts everything in the hands of others. These people lack confidence and faith in themselves and always need other’s validation.

    4) Bad Grooming

    People who don’t pay heed to grooming practices always look unattractive or ugly. They always look untidy and unclean and have an adverse effect on their personality and how people look at them.

    5) Bad style

    Going with the flow of trends can sometimes work for you and sometimes not. You have to know what style does justice to your appearance and the clothes you wear. You won’t look good if you suddenly cross-dress like David Bowie, you have to understand that the style you follow have to compliment the personality you have and how you carry your clothes in public.

    6) Improper dressing

    Wearing the clothes that fits your body and compliments your style is very important. Men who wear baggy clothes that do not fit them look shabby and unattractive. The way someone dresses also shows how people perceive them.

    7) Bad attitude

    However good-looking or six-pack abs you have to impress a woman, if you’re a mean person and have a rough attitude, no one will like to be around you. If you’re ugly on the inside, your physical attractiveness will go down.

    8) Poor Oral Hygiene

    Having good oral hygiene is vital to attract and impress women. If someone comes close to you and you have bad breath, a disease on the gums, or a cavity, it’ll be something not pleasing to look at. It is a deal-breaker even if you have a good body and face so it’s important to visit a dentist after a few months and take care of oral health.

    9) Poor Body Odour

    Women don’t like men who smell bad. Everyone has a specific body odour but after going on a sunny day, you’ll sweat and your body odour will be disgusting so always use perfume or cologne so that you smell fresh and tidy always. This is the basic thing that makes you attractive.

    10) Not Getting Enough Sleep

    One must sleep enough for at least 8 hours at night, it also depends on the quality of the sleep, not the quantity. Most people who are sleep deprived have bags under their eyes, look unhealthy, and are gloomy. It makes you look unattractive and ugly.

    Ten ways to fix looking ugly :

    1) Shed your insecurities

    Start being confident about yourself, take one step at a time. Don’t think about how people react to each and everything you do. Do what makes you happy and dwell on the positive things of your life. This will help you to communicate with people well and also create a positive image in the workplace.

    2) Be self-sufficient

    Don’t be someone who always depends on others to get their work done. Start building your confidence and doing things for yourself. Be self-sufficient and work tirelessly so that you reach the goals. Being independent is an attractive trait that will help you to impress others.

    3) Don’t ask for validation

    Don’t seek validation from others all the time, always know you’re the best judge of yourself. Talk to people ask their viewpoint on certain things and their take to it. This will help you to improve your work by getting reviews but always put your belief over others’ judgments and perspectives. This will help you to build confidence and self-esteem.

    4) Work on your grooming

    Sporting a good beard or a fancy haircut will certainly help you boost your appearance and personality, but you have to maintain and groom your body regularly. Inculcate regular grooming practices, it will not only make you clean and tidy but also boost your self-esteem.

    5) Improve your style

    You need to step up your style, go through current fashion trends, and apply it in the way you style your clothing. Always follow the style that goes well with your body structure and also adds to your personality. Being fashionable is an attractive trait everyone wants to possess.

    6) Dress properly

     Wear clothes that fit you and go with your style. Wear colours that compliment the colour of your skin so that it adds contrast.  Always have a different set of clothes for different occasions, do not wear the same clothes you wore at the office, to some party.

    7) Be a good-natured person

    However attractive or appealing your face or body looks, no one likes someone who has a bad temper, a bad attitude, or someone who is always mean. Be a person who everyone looks up to and respects. Always stay humble, optimistic, and try to leave a positive impact on others’ lives.

    8) Have a good oral hygiene

    Practice good oral hygiene. Visit a dentist every few months to keep your oral health in check. Avoid smoking and drinking black coffee as they have bleaching properties which will damage the enamel and make your teeth brittle and ugly.

    9) Use Cologne

    Smelling good is the utmost important thing to impress someone or look attractive. No one likes someone who smells bad. Do a bit of research and find the best cologne that adds to your style and personality and suits your natural body odor.

    10) Sleep enough

    You have to sleep well every night for at least 8 hours to look fresh and healthy. You’ll get rid of the bags under your eyes and you’ll feel confident about your body. In addition to it, drink plenty of water and eat healthy to keep your skin healthy and look attractive.

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