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    10 Tips to Get Out of a Toxic Relationship

    Emotions are beyond our control but relationships are what we can make and break by choice. Sometimes, things do not work out as we expect them prior to initiating a relationship, resulting in the relationship starting to be toxic and negatively charged. In such a situation, you have two choices: either compromise your integrity or get out of it.

    Relationships need sacrifice and compromise to keep running. Yet, there is a limit to every sacrifice and compromise. Once this limit is compromised, every other compromise is an act of self-humiliation. If you have come to think of your relationship as toxic, these tips are going to be helpful for you:

    1.) Trust yourself

    Before you go on to break your relationship, which you consider toxic, make sure you have yourself to rely upon after leaving that wrong person. The foremost thing you need to do is trust yourself. Trusting yourself means putting yourself over everything else as a defensive mechanism to cope with the effects of a toxic relationship. You should trust yourself to the point of thinking of yourself as the sole decision-maker for your life. You should be aware of the fact that only you can decide well for yourself.

    2.) Prepare yourself

    The second step to take before leaving someone is to prepare yourself. To prepare yourself is to brace yourself to face the importance and effects of your decision. You should be aware of the reality that after leaving someone, your days and nights would not be the same. You will be missing many things. You might end up disrupting your routine and daily activities. But such a change is necessary in a long run. Otherwise, you would ruin not only your present but also disfigure your future by staying in it.

    3.) Take the bold step

    Then comes the decisive point where you might be asked by your own mind or others to revisit your decision. However, once you start realizing that your relationship is toxic and that nothing can add sweetness to it, you should pay no attention to the bogus advice of others – especially those who instruct you to compromise. You need to take the bold step of getting out regardless of the severity of its consequences. Keep your head high and your confidence boosted while making the decision.

    4.) Embrace consequences

    After you are done getting out of your toxic relationship, do not try to escape or hate the consequences of it. You should also not let these circumstances change your mind or throw you in a spiral of regret. Be strong enough to respect and approve your own previous decision and embrace its consequences wholeheartedly. Think that what you have done was necessary for your life to be good. What you did was for the sake of self-betterment and for your own well-being.

    5.) Rediscover your potential

    Once your toxic relationship ends, your new story begins. The first chapter of this new story is to rediscover your potential. Rediscovering does not mean weeping over your shortcomings and incapacities. Rather, it is the process of charging yourself positively for a new beginning. Moreover, it is the act of finding out the will to live inside you in its entirety. You need to rediscover yourself to help yourself stand against this sea of troubles and worries.

    6.) Do not be self-destructive

    It is usually seen that most people who are just out of a toxic relationship start to develop the negative tendency of self-destructiveness in many ways. Some try to blame themselves for being unable to sacrifice and compromise more. Some even go to the horrible stage of self-harm. We advise you to not be self-destructive. This can only be done by not considering yourself responsible for the toxicity in your former relationship. You need to be productive and positive to create a life of peace and stability in the future.

    7.) Do not be regretful

    Regrets are to be avoided in a post-relationship situation. You need to make true sense of this separation. You need to let logicality dominate your mind. You should try to convince yourself that you tried your best to avoid this sad ending but your self-respect and integrity were also important and you could not compromise them. You should not allow any regret to enter your heart and make you remorseful for what happened between you and your former partner.

    8.) Do let them play the victim

    Once you are out of your toxic relationship, there are chances that your ex would come up deceiving you once again. At this point, he or she might come again saying that he or she has realized his or her mistake and now want to reconcile. Here, you have to keep yourself strong and not forget what happened in past. You should only revisit your decision if after careful examination you come to see improvements in your partner’s behavior – given that these chances are a few. Otherwise, be firm in your decision.

    9.) Learn from your past

    Past does not fade in the fog of time unless you kill it by taking lessons from it. If you do not learn from your past, there are chances that it would come to haunt you by making you repeat the same mistake. When you separate from someone, you undergo an instructive experience. You should not let this experience not teach you some valuable lessons in life. Make sure you learn from your past to avoid the same mistake in the future.

    10.) Choose again but wisely

    The end of a toxic relationship is neither the end of life nor the end of the world. After you get out of a toxic relationship, you may encounter a number of potential partners whom you can consider being with. However, the main thing now is that you should choose your partner wisely. Because you should use your previous story as a lens to check if a certain type would make a good couple with you. Choosing again wisely will restore your trust in yourself to the fullest.

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