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    10 Tips to Have an Alpha Body

    A six-pack and muscular arms are fantasized by men and women around the globe. It is the result of hard work, patience, and sacrifice. A man with a muscular body is the more dominant person with influence in a room. His physique has an immediate impression on the people around him. They notice that he works out and eats healthily.

    For most people, working out is a tedious and almost impossible task to get in shape. But, for some, it’s their passion. Treating it more like a fun activity makes the experience of exercising a lot more enjoyable.

    In order to have a better physique, a number of factors have to be taken into consideration. The two most important are:

    • Nutrition

    Your diet, in order to get into better shape, depends largely upon whether you are over or underweight. If underweight, then you must focus on eating in a calorie surplus. This does not mean eating more junk and unhealthy food. Eat foods that are rich in protein and carbohydrates. Consume good fats such as dry fruits. On the other hand, if you fall under the overweight category, then eat in a caloric deficit. Consume less calories and avoid any junk food.

    • Training

    Training is vastly different for underweight and overweight people. The latter usually have to partake in more cardio exercises to burn more calories. Underweight people usually have to do weighted exercises that help in muscle growth. Whether underweight or overweight, each muscle group must be trained at least twice a week to notice changes. Every week use more weight and intensify the exercises to see constant muscle growth.

    In addition to your diet and training program, you have to improve your sleeping pattern, avoid drinking or smoking, etc. After getting into a good physique, to get the body of an alpha male, you have to also change your posture, fashion sense, etc.

    1) Eye contact

    If you are talking to someone and not maintaining strong eye contact, looking somewhere else, is a major sign of being unconfident, scared and a liar. If you want people to pay attention to what you are contributing to the conversation, maintain strong eye contact when speaking and while being spoken to.

    2) Change how you sit

    To sit like an alpha male, sit with confidence, lean back, and spread your legs out. Sitting with your legs close together makes you look small and unconfident. To instantly become more dominant, the first thing you can do is change the way you sit.

    3) Change the way you walk

    In close comparison to sitting, alpha males walk by taking big confident steps. Walk with your shoulders back, chest up, and look straight. Taking small steps makes you look scared.

    4) Square up to people

    Whenever talking to someone, stand face to face with them to show dominance and confidence. Insecure and unconfident men stand sideways and it shows they are not assured of themselves. Talk to them man-to-man about something that is bothering you.

    5) Stop caring about what others think

    Not caring about what others think has an effect on your body language for the positive. Alpha males don’t worry about others’ opinions. They go and pursue what they want. Once you change your mindset in accordance with this, anyone’s comments will become background noise. Focus on yourself more and care less about people’s opinions.

    6) Improve your handshake

    Handshakes are a key factor when it comes to asserting dominance over others. Remember to always be the first one to hold their hand out for a handshake. Then, firmly hold their hand while maintaining direct eye contact. If you allow the other person to do this first, then you will be the one who is getting dominated.

    7) Modify your dressing sense

    An alpha male is one who dresses in a unique and different manner from the rest. It is what sets you apart from others. People will look up to you. Having a different fashion sense will showcase your confidence and show that you move different than the rest of the crowd.

    8) Being physically strong

    As discussed above, being strong and in a better physique than most men is what makes you alpha. The presence of a physically strong man in a room gets the attention of all the men and women. Even without saying a word, he can assert dominance over others. It is the presence of real physical power that is more alpha than just the appearance of physical power. It not only makes you look alpha; you will also feel alpha all day long.

    9) Assume leadership

    An alpha is not truly an alpha without being a leader. Alphas are natural leaders in all kinds of scenarios. They do not have to try and work their way up to getting the role of a leader. But, if you are someone who wants to be an alpha, fake it till you make it. By just pretending to be a leader, you will slowly develop the skills of a leader within you.

    10) Widen your chest

    Alpha males tend to stand in a certain manner in all situations. They stand with their chests wide which allows them to create a natural, real, commanding presence wherever they go. Just standing with broadened shoulders and a wider chest gives you confidence.

    Being an alpha male is mostly about having an alpha mindset. Even if you are attractive and have a nice physique, if you do not have the mindset of an alpha, then you cannot assert dominance and power as you wish.

    That being said, being an alpha is not impossible. Anyone can be an alpha with the right mindset and consistency. In addition to working out, one has to improve other aspects of his life, a few of which I have mentioned above. Confidence is the biggest key factor to being an alpha male. When it comes to having the body of an alpha, one needs to work on their physique, body language, postures, clothing, etc. As a result, one can have the impression of being an alpha on people almost instantly. 

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