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    10 Types of Women You Should Never Date

                As men in today’s society, we are always expected to treat women like queens. A lot of us put them up on a high pedestal and speak highly of them. Even if some of your male friends deny doing that, their actions speak against them. All of us from time to time meet that one woman who seems very beautiful to us and has a unique personality. Without even realizing it, we already put them on that high pedestal when we first lay eyes on them. Women are very well aware of this. Most of them expect to be treated like queens. Then there are some women who want to be the utmost priority for you. One who wants attention all the time and needs to be treated with the most importance. Not only is this a very toxic behavior, but it is also bad for your mental health. Your self-worth will go down if you date such a woman.

                We all want women whom we can love and have a healthy two-sided relationship with. A relationship that goes both ways. As much as you do and sacrifice for her, she does for you. It goes both ways equally. But, to have this relationship, it is very important to know a woman well before dating her. They may seem nice and might have great personalities, but until we get to know them after we have started dating them, there is no way for us to know. This is why it is important to know what kind of woman you are dating, so you know what you are getting into. Here are the 10 types of women you should never date.

    1) “Where’s your money?”

    In modern times, these types of women are called gold diggers. Of course, they do not literally dig gold but are impressed and greatly affected by monetary incentives. Money means a lot to them. A big sign that the woman you are dating is a gold digger is that they have expensive taste and that they will be more grateful for any expensive gift than any nice thing you do for them. All she talks about is money and seeks any financial support from you.

    2) “Can I come too?”

    These are the clingy girls who want to be with you everywhere you go. They just fail to understand the concept of privacy. Whenever you are out with your friends, either at a pub or a club, she wants to come with you everywhere and treat you like her personal property. She does not respect your personal space.

    3) Truckload of emotions

     These types of women are full of emotions. It has not been long since you have been dating and she already wants to get married. She is so full of feelings for you that she can go to any extent. Beware of these girls as they will trap you emotionally. They tend to get superstitious about everything. Build things up slowly and don’t move too fast.

    4) “You do everything wrong!”

    This is the type of woman that loves to criticize you all the time. She seems to have a problem with everything you do. She thinks you have no appreciation for anything. Overall, these women will drive your self-esteem and confidence to the ground.

    5) “My ex did it better”

    You as a kind and caring man, who always trying to be the best boyfriend. You do everything you can in the best manner from your side. However, no matter what you do to make her happy, she will constantly compare you to her ex-boyfriend. Not only will this hurt your feelings, but it will also make you feel like you are not enough for her. These kinds of women bring toxicity into your life that you do not need.

    6) “Do this instead”

    This certain type of woman is controlling and dominant. She thinks that she is superior to you. She will make you feel like you do not even exist. Whether it be choosing a place to eat or your friends whom you hang out with, she will make the call. She will be the deciding factor for every action you take.

    7) “Don’t talk to her!”

    Women who don’t want you talking to other girls are very insecure. These types of women are extremely possessive. She keeps track of your call records and text messages. They make sure you are not talking to other girls as they think you will leave her for them. It is in your best interests to stay away from insecure girls like these.

    8) “I love you, wait, no I need space”

     Women who do not actually know what they want from you will take your heart on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. One moment she is interested in you and one moment she wants to remain friends. This internal problem of hers will not be resolved any time soon. It will be much better for you if you try to find someone who is just interested in you as you are in her. This is crucial in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

    9) “Can you please do this?”

    This woman wants everything done for her. She is dependent on her family for everything. It will not take long for her to get dependent on you. She expects you to do everything for her. When you stop assisting her, she will go on about how you don’t care about her to help.

    10) “I am always right!”

    The woman who always thinks that she is right is one who is delusional. A relationship goes both ways. You have to make sacrifices here and there. But someone who thinks that they are always right makes a toxic partner. She does not acknowledge your opinions on any matter and makes you do what she thinks is right.

                It is important for us men to steer clear of the ladies with the traits above. But do not be sad or worried if you cannot find someone for yourself. Do what makes you happy and keep trying to make new friends. Eventually, you will find someone who is perfectly molded to suit your needs.

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