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    How to look more confident

               Confidence is popularly defined as the feeling of well-being, acceptance of your body, mind, and belief in your own ability, skills, and experience. Most people desire to be more confident in their day-to-day lives. Confidence allows people to be more forward, approachable, and live their life to the fullest. Confident people approach people in everyday situations with a high head. They do not pay much attention to the opinions of others. They do what they think is right. Their short and long-term goals are their priority. Achieving and meeting their goals allows them to be self-assured and motivated. As a result, most confident people are happy.

                Confident men are not only happier, they are also considered more attractive by women. Their body language allows them to assert dominance over others in the room without saying a word. It is in the DNA of women to pick out the confident and dominant males from a group.

                Even if you are not confident, certain things can be changed and implemented into your lifestyle to make you seem more confident. The majority of these changes would have to be made in your body posture, tone, etiquette, etc.

    10 Ways to Look More Confident Even If You Are Not :

    1) Workout

    Giving your body adequate exercise and getting into better shape will make you look confident. Having a big chest, broad shoulders, muscular arms, and a narrow waist is considered to be dominant and alpha. People assume you are confident just by your physique. To get into shape, you have to eat right as well. If you are overweight, eat in a caloric deficit and include more protein in your diet. And if underweight, in a caloric deficit, include more fats along with protein. Training regimes are different for both body types. 

    2) Improve your body posture

    A strong and elegant body posture will make you seem confident even if you are not. Look up while talking to people and maintain eye contact. Stop slouching. Stand and walk with your head held high, chest open and shoulders dropped. This will allow you to assert dominance over people without saying anything. The way you sit is also another important part of proper body posture. Sit with your legs wide apart and take space. Put your shoulders behind your back and most importantly, relax.

    3) Hold eye contact

    Unconfident and insecure men are not able to maintain eye contact with the person they are talking to due to the fear of being judged. This lets the other person know that you have no interest whatsoever in what they are saying. To seem confident, look into their eyes while they are talking. Do the same if you are the one talking. Even when you get into an argument with someone, lock eyes with them and get closer to assert dominance.

    4) Give people a strong and firm handshake

    Of course, don’t crush their hands, but greet people you meet with a firm handshake. Always be the first one to hold your hand out for a handshake. While making you seem friendly, it also helps you assert dominance over the other person at the same time. We ourselves must have noticed that the dominant and influential people always give a firm handshake. It tells more about our personality than we might think. Even if you are unconfident, you can do this to seem more confident in the other person’s eyes. It is also important to maintain eye contact when you shake a person’s hands.

    5) Give respect

    This is an easy way to seem confident. Respecting people is an easy and good way to gain the respect of others in return. Confident people make themselves vulnerable to all types of criticism. This allows them to be happy and content with who they are. They listen to people’s problems and help them out. Stand up for the weak. To be more confident, treat everyone the same and with respect. Doing this will ensure that people listen to you when you want.

    6) Improve your dressing sense

    Dressing in a more mature and stylish manner will enable you to stand out from the crowd. Wear clothes that you actually like and make you feel comfortable and stylish. Don’t dress in a quirky or old-fashioned way. Update yourself with the latest fashion trends.

    7) Stand your ground

    You can stand up for yourself by doing some very basic things. Whenever you feel like someone is trying to intimidate you, then stand close to them, invade their personal space, and lock eyes with them. Occasionally look at their mouth which will make you look tough and strong.

    8) Smile

    Every one of us is blessed with a smile. We can all use it to our advantage. To instantly feel more confident, just smile at people when they talk to you. Studies show that not only does this make you seem friendly, but far more confident than someone who is grumpy and frowning all the time.

    9) Groom with confidence

    To see and feel more confident, you have to groom yourself accordingly. Take care of your hair, skin, and hygiene. Wear cologne or a good deodorant every day to smell good. Style your hair and get regular haircuts to look clean and tidy. Studies also show that basic everyday habits like smelling good, and styling your hair boost confidence as you feel better about yourself.

    10) Eat healthier

    Instead of eating junk food, opt for healthier eating choices. Include protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and good fats in your diet. Eating healthy makes us feel better about ourselves which has a direct impact on our confidence.

                Confidence can open up many doors for you. Approaching the right person at the right time can have a great impact on your life. It can lay down career and relationship opportunities. You never just know when your confidence leads you to meet your life partner. Confidence is crucial in order to live a better life and it can be unlocked by anyone who believes in themselves and their ability.

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