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    20 Romantic TV Shows on Amazon Prime

    Everyone says that the ideas of love at first sight, dramatic confessions, and love triangles are old-fashioned, but sometimes you need a show with exactly these things. Here is a list of dramas that you need when you need romance, love, and passion in your life.

    1.) How I met your Mother

    Seasons: 9

    Ratings: 8.3

    Starring: Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders

    Genre: Comedy, Romance

    The series revolves around Ted Mosby with his kids sitting down for a long story about the experience of their father’s journey of meeting their mother (so the title). Working as an architect, Ted deals with an everlasting couple of Marshall Erkekson and Lily Aldrin and his two friends. The story also has a triangle relationship between Ted, Barney, and Robin. The series is explained with flashbacks to the past.

    2.) Modern Love

    Seasons: 2

    Ratings: 8.0

    Starring: Minnie DriverTom BurkeGbenga Akinnagbe

    Genre: ComedyDramaRomance

    Every episode of this series brings forth different interactions and relationships throughout the two seasons. It is a podcast, a book, and a series based on true stories. It is an eight-part series in which characters explore love and its different forms, betrayals, revelations, and connections. This series teaches people how to fall in love in different ways, from young love to unrequited and lost love.

    3.) Carnival Row

    Seasons: 1

    Ratings: 7.8

    Starring: Orlando Bloom, Caroline Ford, Cara Delevingne

    Genre: Suspense, Fantasy, Drama

    The creatures of different kinds scuffled to coexist with humans when the empires of men invaded their territory. In a situation where lives are in danger because of a serial killer and an ignorant, careless government, a human detective tends to stop the death spree and maintain peace. The creatures are prohibited from flying, loving, or even living freely. During Philo’s case, a refugee faerie, Vignette Stonemoss, and human detective Rycroft “Philo” Philostrate rekindle an affair that puts Philo’s world in great danger.

    4.) Poldark

    Seasons: 5

    Ratings: 8.3

    Starring: Eleanor TomlinsonAidan TurnerPhil Davis

    Genre: Drama

    In the late eighteenth century, soldier Ross Poldark returns from the exhausting battle of American Independence and finds his world collapsed. His father died, his house was ruined, the family mine closed, and last but not least, his sweetheart is marrying his cousin. After being betrayed by his lover, he rescues a girl named Demelza and falls in love with her, which then changes the course of his life. He tries to create a better world for his family as well as deal with his bitter rival, George Warleggan, a heartless financier.

    5.) When calls the heart

    Seasons: 8

    Ratings: 8.1

    Starring: Maggie Grace, Stephen Amell

    Genre: Drama, Western, Family Drama

    The story of an unyielding school teacher from a noble and prosperous family who accepted a challenging job in a small coal-mining town, After the disaster of an explosion in the mine that killed many mercenaries and miners of the town, the widows of the deceased worked in the mine to earn a living. The newcomer male lead, Constable Jack Thornton, is not as hospitable towards her and thinks that her wealthy father ruined his career by sending him to coal valley to protect his daughter. But as time went by, they got closer and started a relationship.

    6.) Catastrophe

    Seasons: 4

    Ratings: 8.2

    Starring: Sharon Horgan, Rob Delaney

    Genre: Comedy, Romance

    The catastrophe caused by the main characters is an accidental pregnancy. Together, they try to go through this disaster, but they don’t know each other. But they stayed together, got married, and began their unplanned life together. It is different from other rom-coms because of its maturity and age factor. Both are mature enough that they understand and adapt to the shortcomings of each other, and they don’t expect the other to change.

    7.) With Love

    Seasons: 1

    Ratings: 7.4

    Starring: Emeraude ToubiaRome FlynnMark Indelicato

    Genre: Drama

    It is a five-episode series that revolves around four interlinked couples on their journey of love. It unfolds almost a full year of their lives when Jorge Jr. introduces his bisexual boyfriend to his family at the holiday event. Then his sister Lily and her boyfriend Santiago moved in together on Independence Day. And then an old couple, Beatriz and Jorge Sr., experience a bumpy relationship, and Jorge realizes he needs to work on his relationship with his wife. And last but not least, we have Sol and Miles, two doctors who fall in love and open themselves to a relationship.

    8.) Mad about you(77)

    Seasons: 8

    Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

    Starring: Paul ReiserHelen HuntAnne Ramsay

    Genre: Comedy, Romance

    It is a story about a newly married couple that embarks on the journey of life after marriage. They deal with minor issues of daily life as well as bigger problems. It is a 7 season journey from 1992 to 1999, and near the end of the show, the couple had a daughter named Mabel. Then there is a new revival series in 2019 in which they act as empty nesters as their daughter starts going to college.

    9.) Buffy the vampire slayer

    Seasons: 7

    Ratings: 8.2

    Starring: Sarah Michelle GellarNicholas BrendonAlyson Hannigan

    Genre: Science Fiction, Horror, Drama, Action

    The story of a girl named Buffy Summers, a Chosen One of her generation. Buffy Summers has to fulfill her duties as a slayer and fight to destroy the villain Big Bad. A team of friends called the Scooby Gang is now accompanying her on this dangerous journey to save everyone from evil beings. Each episode is a stand-alone story that contributes to a bigger plot.

    10.) Made in Heaven

    Seasons: 1

    Ratings: 8.3

    Starring: Shivani Raghuvanshi, Kalki Koechlin, Shashank Arora

    Genre: Drama, International

    It is a story explaining Indian marriages from the perspective of two wedding planners and also dealing with their own lives as well as career issues. It is an inspirational drama against the hypocritical and showy Indian weddings that unfold many lies and secrets. Tara and Karan (owners of Made in Heaven), competing against their rival Harmony, try to convince the Roshans to acquire Made in Heaven’s services as a wedding planner. It’s a little bit exaggerated, but many twists and turns in the story are true to Indian weddings like dowery transactions and virginity tests.

    11.) The Vineyard

    Seasons: 1

    Ratings: 7.1

    Starring: Leonor Watling, Rafael Novoa, Nathaniel Parker

    Genre: Drama, Romance

    The drama depicts the story of love and passion between two strangers, a noble and humble man named Mauro Larrea, whose wealth is the result of mining silver in New Mexico, but because of his bad habit of taking risky chances in life, he faces a setback, and a woman named Soledad Montalvo, who is an heir to a Spanish vineyard, goes bankrupt. The two of them met and embarked on a journey to Mexico with a desire to protect their family honor and save their loved ones.

    12.) The pursuit of love

    Seasons: 1

    Ratings: 6.7

    Starring: Lily James, Emily Beecham, Dominic West

    Genre: Romance, Drama

    A story of two cousins who are impatiently waiting to start their life of freedom and love. Fanny is abandoned by her mother and is an impulsive girl often called The Bolter. Linda is her cousin and her confidant. Both are the complete opposite of each other. Fanny is sensible, but Linda is unpredictable. The story tells us how these two cousins take diverging paths to pursue love. It is a fictional story of female love. 

    13.) Bones

    Seasons: 12

    Ratings: 7.6

    Starring: Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin

    Genre: Surprise

    Mr. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist, has written books and has an incredible ability to pick clues from bones. The drama unfolds when the police call him to assist in a case investigation involving a decomposed bone sample collected by special agent Seeley Booth, who thinks scientists and their methods are not useful for crime investigations. But as time passes, he has developed trust and a sense of respect toward Brennan and her profession.

    14.) Ekaterina: The rise of Catherine the Great

    Seasons: 3

    Ratings: 8.1

    Starring: Marina Alexandrova, Yulia Aug, Alexander Yatsenko

    Genre: International, Drama

    A German princess whose parents are not quite wealthy but have significant connections. Chosen as a bride-to-be for the Duke of Russia, she is quite a naïve girl thinking that she could build a relationship full of love and respect with Peter. But she is a pawn in the game of power. Empress Elizebeth controls Peter and does not allow her to pursue love. After arriving at the Russian court in St. Petersburg, she has been continuously controlled by influence and power struggles. After 15 years of struggles and sacrifices, the naïve girl has changed, learned diplomacy, and joined the power struggle.

    15.) The Fosters

    Seasons: 5

    Ratings: 7.9

    Starring: Teri PoloSherri SaumHayden Byerly

    Genre: Drama, Family Drama

    This drama is about the lives of police officer Stef Foster and his wife, Lena Adams, a school principal. They live together with Stef’s biological son Brandon Foster along with the two adopted kids Mariana and Jesus. Lena decides to adopt an abused girl named Callie with a complicated past. She is blunt and her remarks about a typical family troubled the twins. Brandon helps her navigate high school, but she skips school to meet a friend, which made Lena and Stef have second thoughts about their decision. The two women will marry in the end and the kids will be legally adopted.

    16.) The Collection

    Seasons: 1

    Ratings: 7.1

    Starring: Mamie GummerJenna ThiamMax Deacon

    Genre: Drama, Romance

    If you want to see drama, feuds, romance, and scandals, then this drama is the best. Its setting is Paris, two years after World War II, and it tells the story of two brothers who own a fashion house. The President of France has given them the task of renovating the French capital’s reputation as a fashion hub to recover their trembling business. It mostly focuses on the people who made the clothes, not the clothes themselves.

    17.) Howards End

    Seasons: 1 (4 episodes)

    Ratings: 7.3

    Starring: Hayley Atwell, Philippa Coulthard, Matthew Macfadyen

    Genre: Drama, Romance, EPG

    The story is about two rare and brilliant sisters who pursue love as they traverse a dynamic world. Margaret Schlegel is a young and intellectual woman who is pursued by a self-made businessman, Henry Wilcox, owner of Howard’s end after the unexpected death of his wife Ruth Wilcox. In the meantime, her sister Helen Schlegel is an impulsive but passionate woman who tries to help the Bast family during their hard times. While their interfering Aunt Juley, after their parent’s death, tries to keep them and their brother on the right path.

    18.) You are my glory

    Seasons: 1

    Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars

    Starring: DilrabaYang YangPan Yue Ming

    Genre: Romance, Life, Youth, Comedy

    The Chinese drama is about actress Qiao JingJing, and her former high schoolmate YuTu, an aerospace engineer who met again at an online game by chance. Someone leaks the video of her playing the game badly, and to save her reputation and endorsement deal with a popular game company, she takes the help of her former crush in playing the game, which she wins afterward. During the process, they become closer and share each other’s glory.

    19.) The Discovery of Witches

    Seasons: 3

    Ratings: 8.0

    Starring: Matthew Goode, Teresa Palmer, Valarie Pettiford

    Genre: International, Fantasy, Drama

    A fantasy romance drama much better than Twilight, a world of forbidden love and magic, a world of vampires, witches, and other ethereal beings hiding among us. A witch and historian, Diana Bishop, and Matthew Clairmont, a geneticist and vampire, try together to solve the riddles of the ancient magic manuscript as well as protect themselves from the enemies of the magical world.

    20.) The Baker and The Beauty

    Seasons: 1

    Ratings: 8.0

    Starring:  Victor Rasuk, Nathalie Kelley, Carlos Gómez, Dan Bucatinsky, Lisa Vidal

    Genre: Romance

    This drama revolves around baker Danial Garcia, who came across superstar model Noa Hollander. Just out of a relationship, after spending some time with each other, they find themselves attracted to each other. Putting aside the attraction and sparks, they had to face the unavoidable cultural conflict and decide whether to be together or not.

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