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    7 golden rules: to make a great impression on your first date

         Imagine you are going on a date with that person who you always wished to go out with. You have dreamt of this day since the day you met them or saw them; you also gather all the courage you have within yourself and asked them out on a date with you. It feels like a dream to you. You plan to go to a place and also plan about how everything should go. But something is eating you up inside. Your mind ask a hundred questions at a time. It also says this is your first and last chance to impress her and win her.

       The first impression is the best and the last impression’ is the thought that comes to your mind and you want to make sure that your impression comes out as the best. But unfortunately, you don’t know how to create the best impression but don’t worry this article is just for you.  Here are seven golden rules that would make your first impression the best on your date. These are a few practical and basic points that could up your game in dating life.

        The seven mantras:

    1.) Be yourself:

      This is the most important point that you have to keep in your mind while you are on your first date. To impress someone we tend to be the person they like. We try to do only what they like or copy them. This will not work out in the long run. Present yourself how you are. Everyone is unique in their way. What separates you from the rest of the world matters. Observe around you people tend to buy unique things in general, which can also be seen in dating. Be how you would be with your friends when you hang out, this would also boost your confidence and conversation would be natural. Express yourself more which will help you to form a natural bond. When the bond is formed naturally, they tend to last long.

    2.) Presenting yourself:

          You are going on a first date with the one, have to make it up. You have to make sure she notices you and gives a compliment which would be a good start to your date. Pleasantly presenting yourself has a prominence of its own. Don’t be lazy to be present yourself and lose that brownie point. Groom yourself a little bit.  Have a shower as you don’t want to stink in front of her. Give your beard a proper time so that your face shape is visible. Smell good, and iron the cloth that you are wearing. Take this also as your presentation day but keep the look casual. Put some effort into yourself to look good. looking good not only creates an impression but also builds your confidence.

    3.) Location of your date:

       The place where you’re going on a date is also important. Just imagine you are in a restaurant where there are a lot of people, no proper place to sit or the service provided over there is poor. you guys have come to spend time tackling the problems around you. Select a place or location which has less crowd, it’s your time to spend those beautiful moments, so choose a calm and spacious place. The place you choose must make her feel comfortable which will lead her to fully concentrate on you and her. Make sure the place is cozy and romantic as it creates a mood that would enhance your date.

    4.) Be on Time:

      Time is highly valued and by being on time you convey to your significant other that you value their time. This would just make them feel special and you would win a point. Being on time is as important as you being yourself on a date. if your date is waiting for you, that is just a negative marking. Being on time or a few minutes early will give you that extra time to calm yourself, structure what you have to say and do, or how to welcome her as she comes so that you would have a good impression.

    5.) Make sure they are comfortable:

        Getting comfortable leads to the door of getting close to that person. how much they feel comfortable is directly proportional to the success of your date. If they are comfortable, it’s easy to start a conversation, and you both would feel less awkward to start a conversation. Give them the space to adjust to the environment, don’t rush, take it slow or start a conversation that’s common between you guys. Most importantly be a patent listener that would make them feel better and comfortable and also make them feel special i.e. let it be less about you and more about them. This would have a positive impact on them.

    6.) Make eye contact while you converse:

      Eyes express those feelings or emotions that can not be expressed through words. So maintaining eye contact works magically, it shows how interested you are in them and vice versa. It also helps you to express your feelings confidently. As you understand whether they are interested in the topic that you’re talking about you can shift to another topic and make it interesting and engaging. When you have eye contact, you create a mood that would help them form a strong connection with you. Overall, it would make a huge difference.

    7.) Remember table etiquette:

        Studies have shown that sharing food with people forms a bond. While you are having food on your date don’t forget the table etiquette, it will add a point to your bucket for creating a good impression. Table manners rule number one is no phone, using the phone would give a lot of negative signals like you are bored, you don’t have interest, etc. So, give attention to the food you are having and talk about the kind of food they like. Rule number two would be serving them first, just don’t grab your plate and start serving your food. That would just turn off their mood.

     The first date is a baby step towards a relationship so make it as fun and exciting as you can. First take small steps which would form an impression that would let them come on a second date with you. Keep the above points in mind and make a move.

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