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    How to choose the right hairstyle for your face shape

    You often come across face shape when you hear a conversation about highlighting or contouring but it plays a big part when you have to decide what haircut to sport and how to style it. Anyone with any face shape can sport any style as they please but some of us want to sport a haircut that fits well with our face shape and compliments it.

    It can be confusing to figure out what all the expert hairstylist lingo means but I’ll throw light on different hairstyles to sport and also what face shapes work best with it. First, let’s figure out what is the shape of your face.

    Factors on which face shape depends :

    But how do you figure out what shape your face actually is?

    It’s quite simple to determine, the first is arm yourself with a flexible tape, and then take the measurements and record it as you go with the list.

    1) Forehead

    Measure it across the face from the peak of one eyebrow arch to the peak of another eyebrow arch.

    2) Cheekbones

    Start measuring it from the starting and ending at the pointiest part below the outer corner of each eye.

    3) Jawline

    Start measuring from the tip of your chin to the point below your ear at which the jaw angles upwards. To get your Jawline measurement, multiply it by two.

    4) Face Length

    Start measuring from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

    After talking about the measurements, take note which is the largest of the four and then compares it to the other profiles and find which face shape matches yours.

    Types of face shape :

    1) Oval

    Here in this face shape, the length is greater than the width of the cheekbones, while the forehead is greater than the jawline. The jaw’s angle is rounded rather than a sharp jawline.

    2) Rectangle

    The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are almost the same size while the face length is the greatest measurement among all of them.

    3) Round

    Cheekbones and face length are almost equal in measurement while they are larger than the forehead and jawline, which also have the same measurement. The jaw’s angle is blunt and less defined.

    4) Square

    In this face shape all the measurements are almost equal while the angle of the jaw is sharp rather than rounded.

    5) Diamond

    Here the face length measures the largest among all and they measure in descending order: cheekbones, forehead, and jawline are the smallest while the chin is pointed.

    Haircuts for various face shape: –

    1) Oval

    It may turn out as the genetic jackpot for women, however for men an oval face shape may not be one of the most alpha of face shapes, yet it’s a good canvas for experimentation. It’s symmetrical and well-proportioned an oval shape can style pretty much any hairstyle, so the choice is up to you.

    There are a few minor caveats to ensure you optimize your ovalness. The best way to compliment your oval shape is to wear your hair off the forehead to create angles on the top and also add some volume to it. The most suitable style you can sport is a classic short back and sides and slightly longer on top with a side-swept parting.

    2) Square

    This face shape is considered as ideal for men and the square face shape is complemented by a razor-sharp jawline and even proportions with an overall chiseled appearance.

    It’s a great foundation to sport most hairstyles just like the oval and is versatile enough to sport extremely short to longer hairstyles, from french crops to buzz cuts to quiffs. Just know that if you have a shorter hairstyle, the more you’ll look conscripted.

    Like the oval, it’s a great foundation for most styles and is versatile enough to work with both extremely short and longer hairstyles–from buzz cuts to French crops to quiffs. Just bear in mind that the shorter you go, the more you look like you’ve just been conscripted.

    Neat and classic haircuts go best with a square-shaped face from close fades to side partings and short layers. You can also add light stubble to add a touch to your sharp jawline.

    3) Rectangle

     This is one of the longest of face shapes among others, a rectangular face falls somewhere between a square and an oval shape but it requires a subtly tweaked hairstyle to ensure the face doesn’t appear longer than it is.

    Since a rectangular face looks longer it is very important to avoid taking the sides too short if you keep length on the top, it this would accentuate the length of your face.

    Taking this point in mind, try a style so that the hair falls on the sides to add width and ensure your face doesn’t appear narrower.

    4) Round

    This face shape is characterized by a circular face and rounded chin with no lines or angles. Those who have this face shape can benefit from any haircut to give definition to their appearance.

    Since round shapes do not have natural angles, one can always create the illusion of structure with your haircut. A style with height on top and tight at the sides such as a pompadour works well with a round face shape as it helps to add structure. Along with a nice pompadour you can also sport a full beard that will help the chin and make you look sharper and give the illusion of a chiseled jaw.

    5) Diamond

    This face shape is characterized by a narrow chin and brow with a width in cheeks. This is one of the rarer face shapes, hence it needs special requirements to ensure it looks the best

    The best hairstyles to sport for this face shape are the ones in which width is added to the forehead and chin area. Fringes work well here to add texture to the forehead area while longer style can be tucked behind the ears are great for this face shape to add structure.

     Avoid making it short given the width of the cheekbones, a hairstyle that’s particularly short at the sides makes your ears look bigger. You can also try a haircut with deep side parting and consider growing a 5o’ clock shadow if you want to add narrowness to your chin.

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