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    How to choose the right t-shirt that fits you

    If you are like most people, you surely spend more time in a t-shirt than any other clothing. Rather than buying a bulk of undershirts, try to find a t-shirt that fits you properly because that’s the most simple way to make your everyday look more fashionable.

    It is easy to understand why t-shirts have become so popular in the age of athleisure, wearing comfortable clothes is the key to wearing formal clothes on a regular basis which seems uptight at times. There’s hardly any other clothing that is as comfortable as a well-fitted t-shirt, which is neither too loose nor too tight, without any irritating collars or scratchy labels.

    They’re also one of the most versatile sets of clothes for men. Some prefer only wearing t-shirts for activities that require no fashion like sport, lounging, and sleeping at home.  But they can serve as an opportunity to show your interests to the world around you, whether you’re buying or designing a custom-made tee for an event or business.

    T-shirts also give you an opportunity to show your interest to the world around you and tell a lot about your personality. You can also befriend people with common tastes in movies or bands with the t-shirt you sport. Being classy and comfortable doesn’t make t-shirts a dying sport in fashion.

     A solid color tee is a classier look when paired with a trouser that compliments it, as it makes a striking effect on your appearance. You can not only wear a tee under your open shirt for a relaxed formality but also tuck behind a jumper to give a tad bit of warmth.

    There is plenty of good things that go with wearing a t-shirt but it is only possible if you wear one that fits you properly. That’s what this article shapes into, so go find out how to find a t-shirt that fits you perfectly.

    Points on which a well-fitted t-shirt depends are:

    1) Figure out your size

    If you want a perfect fit, it might mean different things to different people, but you generally want a t-shirt that flatters your body shape. Sizes often differ for various brands, so it’s very important to make sure that the t-shirt you buy from a particular brand might not match the same size for another brand.

    One thing you could do is take the length and chest measurements so that you can compare them with other brands’ size guides. Due to varying brand sizes, it’s important to cross-check your side before buying a certain t-shirt.

    2) Find your body shape

    Men’s body shape can be listed down roughly into five categories, figuring out your body shape will help you to buy the styles which will work best with your body and compliment your look. The five categories are:-

    A) Rectangle

    You will find four out of ten men having a rectangular physique and it is one of the most common body shapes. It comprises of a flat torso with similar widths across the waist and shoulders. Slim works best for people with this body shape.

    B) Inverted triangle

    It’s an athletic body shape that is characterized by broad and muscular shoulders with slim waist and hips.  You can sport a slim t-shirt to boost your muscular body or you can go with an oversized t-shirt to give a relaxed and composed look.

    C) Triangle

    This body shape features a body with extra weight on the middle and hip area with slimmer shoulders. You can sport a classic cut for triangle body shapes.

    D) Rhomboid

    It also features an athletic build, it’s quite similar to the rectangle body shape but with broader shoulders that are wider than the hips. You can sport a classic fit or slim fit for this body shape.

    E) Oval

    It is very similar to the oval and rectangle-shaped bodies but with a wider middle and larger frame. An oversized t-shirt works best for this body shape.

    3) Pay attention to the fabric

    You can always choose from a range of fabrics but buying a t-shirt that is 100% cotton is always the best option. It is soft, strong, and lets air pass through evenly.

    The general idea that surrounds buying t-shirts of cotton quality is for their lasting impression since they will wrinkle and shrink even after washing. It will retain its original quality and will always be comfortable to wear than other synthetic products. There is a range of fabrics to choose from, but 100% cotton is generally a safe bet. You might want to consider cotton blends, which are less likely to wrinkle or shrink in the wash, but with a quality, pre-washed cotton shirt, this shouldn’t be an issue. You want your t-shirt to fit even after frequent washing.

    4) Try different brands

    As you are made aware of the fact that sizes differ with various brands. So it’s very important to try our various brands to get an idea of the quality and texture every brand uses and how their sizes differ. Always do thorough research before buying t-shirts so that after you buy one, it will fit you perfectly and there will be no Issue with size and quality.

    5) Don’t be swayed by the price

    Some t-shirts can be drastically cheap but that doesn’t mean you should always opt for the cheapest option. The fancy t-shirt you buy from the roadside shop might create a  good impression for a day or two but after washing it will eventually shrink and it will be of no use.

    So it’s very important to spend wisely on your clothes, the higher the price of the clothing, the better the quality and its lasting condition. It will retain its quality and never shrink or form wrinkles and will be just as new after wearing it a lot of times and will keep the skin underneath in good condition.

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