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    How to Find the Right Jeans for Your Body Type

                Whenever men purchase clothing, they tend to rush through it and just buy whatever is affordable and fits. Only a few actually realize the importance of dressing well and purchasing clothes that fit perfectly. This is because most men fail to realize that the way they dress also has an impression on people. To be considered attractive, we don’t just have to be good-looking, we also have to maintain ourselves in the long term. This will allow us to always look our best.

                The clothes we wear make a strong first impression on the people we meet. A loose unkempt shirt and dirty jeans will do you no good even if you look like the next top model. Dressing well makes us feel good about ourselves and improves our self-esteem and confidence. Being someone who dresses well for special occasions, you will get the respect and validation you seek from others.

                Starting from the very basics, every man has at least one pair of jeans in his wardrobe. Jeans are common everywhere and are worn by almost everyone. Higher or lower-class, jeans are a go-to for most social settings. The classic blue jeans can be worn with t-shirts or shirts of any color. Although, a well-fitting pair of jeans can make all the difference in the world when compared to jeans that have a poor fit. Although buying jeans can seem easy, there are a few things that should be kept in mind.

                The following tips below will be of help to all those men who are confused about style details and don’t know what jeans look like on them.

    1) Know the right fit

    The biggest tip to buying the right jeans is knowing what label of jeans will fit you the best. With observance to your body shape, jeans are labeled such as skinny, slim/straight, regular, relaxed, or loose. The jeans you buy should be in perfect proportion to your body shape. If you are quite thin, then go for slim or regular-fitting jeans. They are roomy and keep attention away from your undefined legs. Baggy or regular jeans will look too loose. Skinny jeans on the other hand will draw more attention to your skinny legs and will thus create a sloppy appearance. For athletic men, jeans that compliment your toned body are most suitable. Go for straight-leg or bootcut jeans. Baggy jeans will hide the muscle density of your body. Regular fits tend to create a disproportionate look by making your lower body appear larger than your upper body. For those men who are a bit on the heavier side, relaxed-fit, straight-leg or loose jeans can be your most suitable options. They provide comfort and maintain equal width from your hips to the hem. And if you lean further towards the heavier side, you should only wear loose-fitting jeans. These will provide the most comfortable and relaxed look. Any other type will create an imbalance in your appearance. 

    2) Get the right fit

    Once you have figured out which label of jeans fits you the best, the next thing you have to do is figure out which jeans will fit you most appropriately. Once you actually go to clothing stores to try them on, you will notice that jeans of the same labeling, but from different companies, have a different fit. The groin area, the waist, and the fit around the hem will all be different. Choose a brand whose jeans provide you with the most comfortable fit and look the best. In case they don’t fit you perfectly, you can get alternations.

    3) Waist

    The jeans should fit in a way that they sit a little lower on your hips than regular trousers. The fit around the waist should be comfortable enough so that you don’t have to wear a belt.

    4) Rise

    The “rise” in jeans terminology means the crotch area. They are three types. High-rise, mid-rise and low-rise. High rise sits lower on your crotch making you look like an old man. Low-rise jeans sit just at or below your hip, making you look feminine. As a man, your best bet is to go for mid-rise jeans that sit right below your waist and fit perfectly so they don’t sag.

    5) Hips and butt

    Your jeans should fill in the area around your hips so that there is absolutely no sagging at all. It looks unattractive when men wear jeans that look like diapers from the back. Women like men who can fill in the pants they wear.

    6) Leg opening

    The leg opening is the most important part of the jeans and often the most overlooked. The tapering at the bottom should be done well so you can draw attention to the shoes you are wearing and get a clean look. In most cases, you will have to get the tapering tailored to the perfect circumference.

    7) Thigh region

    Another crucial part of jeans fitting is the thigh region. If that region is too tight, it can look feminine and you will look like you are wearing leggings. So, to check this fitting, pinch the side of the thigh region and you should be able to pull about a half to an inch in order to determine the most comfortable fit.

                Jeans are a part of every man’s wardrobe but it takes skill to truly make the most out of them. Jeans, or clothes in general when fit well, grab the attention of every person in the room. They enable you to create a great first impression that lasts. Remember that if the jeans you bought don’t fit you right, a tailor is your best friend. Tailors are equipped with the skills to ensure that your clothes fit perfectly.

                Conclusively, there really is not much to buying the perfect jeans. You need to know the color or style you want, your fit, and the fit specificities. These three crucial things will enable you to step out into parties and events with utmost confidence.

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