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    How to fold your clothes properly

    • Be it a dresser or a suitcase, clothes which are folded provide an easy and less scattered way to organize your everyday life.
    • Be it at any time of the year, you’ll always have a variety of t-shirts, shirts, shorts, pants, and other clothes that can be folded and kept away. By applying proper techniques, one will be able to store your jackets and sweaters in no time.
    • Staying organized is the key to a good daily routine and keeping your clothes well organized is a part of it.
    • You can store folded clothes in stacks and group them together based on their similarities.
    • This will help you find any particular clothing at any time, without the fuss of rummaging through an unorganized pile of clothes.
    • People who have the skill to fold clothes properly can easily create space when necessary in their dressers.
    • It will keep you well organized with all matters of day to day life. You’ll be easily able to distinguish clothes based on the weather outside without the fuss of looking for them all around the house. Staying organized is an attractive trait you can inculcate in the long run.

    Ways to fold a shirt for men:

    1) Initially lay down the shirt in front of you and smooth it out. Brush off any wrinkles or fold by straightening up the body and sleeves. Use any flat surface to fold the shirt such as table bed or even the floor.

    2) Then fold the shirt in half so that the sleeves line up properly. Bring one side from one end to meet up with another side so that both are mirrors of each other. You can fold the shirt from left to right or whichever side you instinctively choose.

    3) After completing the last step fold both sleeves together to form a triangle shape. Hold the sleeves down as you fold them backward.

    4) Make a second fold just above the elbows going the opposite direction to form a triangle shape and make sure both of the sleeves lay on top of each other so the whole t-shirt forms a giant rectangular shape.

    5) Tuck the rectangular shape into halves or thirds to accommodate space in your drawers and shelves. Start it from the bottom of the shirt and fold it to form a smaller rectangle.

    Ways to fold t-shirt for men:

    A) First, you lay down the t-shirt flat and fold the bottom of the shirt up to 2-3 inches.

    B) Then you smooth the fabric so that wrinkles don’t appear and then fold the shirt into thirds.

    C) Start from the left side and gradually move towards the center. Hold the left sleeve and bring it towards the center and do the same for the right side, bring it over before folding it to the middle of the t-shirt.

    D) Start rolling the shirt from the end of the collar so that it rolls nice and tight. After completing this you’ll undo the fold at the bottom and tuck it at end of the roll to keep the fold in place.

    Ways to fold pants for men:

    1) Initially smooth out the pockets, put your hands in each pocket, and push them in. If they are bunched together then the fold may turn out uneven.

    2) Pick up the jeans and hold them upright, hold the pair of jeans by both ends of the waistband, and shake the jeans with slow flaps so that any wrinkle goes away and gets folded properly.

    3) One leg of the jeans is folded over the other and the legs of the jeans line up together, seams remain on the outside, and any wrinkle is avoided.

    4) To reduce wrinkles near the crotch area and make it look tidier, tuck the crotch under the legs.

    5) Start folding the pants in half or thirds on basis of the space of your dresser or cupboard. Fold them halfway up the pant and then fold the waistband over it all the way up to the edge of the pants so that you can fold them more compactly.

    Advantages of folding your clothes properly :

    1) For many people, folding laundry is not about their day-to-day work, rather it is a calming and peaceful experience. It acts as a soothing experience and helps them to stay organized. While some feel folding clothes is a tedious activity they have to do every day.

    2) Folding your clothes helps to allow gather more space if you’re trying to put your laundry in a drawer or packing for your vacation. You will always have more space by reducing space for each individual piece of clothing. This way you can store everything in a particular area without hunting for a new spot to keep your clothes.

    3) Folding your clothes helps to reduce the creases and wrinkles in them. When you go outside to a meeting, party, or date, you always want to look the best. Hence wearing properly folded clothing amplifies your appearance and personality.

    4) If you have the habit of folding laundry on a regular basis, it will last longer in opposition to hanging the clothing since the latter doesn’t reduce tugging and pulling. This will help the clothes to remain good as new and avoid creasing or fraying of edges.

    5) It helps to satisfy people’s minds by treating their clothes with care and comfort. Our mind rarely speaks out loud, we’re quite aware of that. But when we do certain things in an arranged and organized way, then it has a reward for us. Releasing dopamine in our system eases our minds and makes us feel good. It gives us a sense of completion and makes us feel great.

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