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    How to Grow an Awesome Beard Naturally

    Beards. Us men who are physically incapable of growing one envy those with Jared Leto-like beards. Having a beard is considered the utmost sign of being manly. Beards have always been in fashion. Actors like Jason Momoa, Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman, and Ryan Reynolds make us never want to shave again. Even Bollywood actors such as Ranveer Singh, Aditya Roy Kapoor, and John Abraham have girls drooling over their beards.

                Beards are essentially just hairs that grow on the chin, upper lip, and cheeks of humans. Although most men, even women can sometimes notice hair growth on these parts. This condition in women is known as hirsutism.

                Men with beards are considered more alpha, dominant and confident. Most importantly, the density of a man’s beard stands out and leaves most of us stars truck. Many women also find a nicely shaped beard attractive. But, a lot of us struggle to grow one. No matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to get further than the small patchy beard. Although on the bright side, there are things we can do that boost beard growth. These natural beard growth tips will also help you in growing a beard that is healthy.

    1) Don’t shave or trim

    For a month or two, allow your facial hair to grow so you can assess what you have to deal with. Doing so will allow you to find any patches, your density, etc. Letting your beard grow naturally will help you in planning the beard style you want to go for. Put down the trimmer and razor for a month or two.

    2) Exfoliate

    Not only should exfoliating be a part of your skincare routine, but it can also boost beard growth. It kills any dead skin cells and prevents ingrown hairs. This will make it easy for hair to grow in that area. Use a men’s exfoliating cream and use it at least once a week. Rub it gently in circles for around a minute and wash with lukewarm water.

    3) Improve your diet

    The quality of hair on all parts of our body is mostly indicative of our diet. Increase your protein intake and also ensure you increase your vitamin B12 intake. You can also choose to take biotin supplements. Biotin plays an important role in the health of your hair, skin, and nails. Your diet should be good no matter what.

    4) Bring changes into your lifestyle

    Not only is living a healthy lifestyle good for our body, mind, and soul, but it can also be very beneficial for our beard. First of all, you need to get exercise and reduce stress. Your beard will grow a lot quicker when you are relaxed. To achieve this relaxation, give your body some kind of exercise at least once a day. Secondly, get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep will repair damaged skin cells which will thus promote beard growth. Thirdly and most importantly, lower your smoking and alcohol intake. Substitute them with fruits and water, which are both good for your body and beard.

    5) Oil your beard

    You can use oils such as eucalyptus and alma oil for beard growth. They boost facial hair growth and moisturize your skin and hair at the same time. Eucalyptus oil can be added to your moisturizer. To effectively use alma oil, apply it and leave it for about 15-20 minutes. Then rinse your face with cold water.

    6) Be patient

    Not everyone is the same and we all have different genetics. You need to give your beard some time to grow. For some, it can grow fast, but for some, it can take up to a month to a few months.

                After getting the sweet result of your months-long patience, you then will have to take proper care of your beard. They are just as important to maintain as any other part of your body. A crusty and untidy beard will be found repulsive by women. Therefore, to keep your beard sharp and clean, you will have to do a few things and make a few investments.

                The first thing you will need is a beard and scruff cream. This product helps with beard itch, dryness, keeping it healthy, and bright and ensuring it smells great. Secondly, you should also purchase a beard balm. Most beard balms contain some quantity of hydrocortisone. This ingredient deals with itchiness, redness, and swelling in some beard areas. Furthermore, you should also consider purchasing beard oil. While growing out a beard, after about the 2-week stage, beards start getting scruffy. This product helps in softening beard hairs and reduces itchiness while restoring moisture at the same time. The last product is optional and depends on how long your beard is. A beard brush is used to detangle your beard. They are also used for grooming, shaping, and styling beards.

                Although a beard is majestic, manly, and appreciated by everyone, if you cannot grow one, there is no point in feeling sorry for yourself. But, if you really want to have one, then you can consider getting beard implants or using minoxidil. Minoxidil is popularly used to reverse hair loss. But it is also used by men who want to grow a thick beard. Before you start using this medication, make sure to do your research into its side effects of it. Consult your general physician.

                Remember that it is genetics that controls the ability of your body to grow a thick beard. If genetics are not in your favor, then you have to accept it wholeheartedly. Fashion trends keep changing and each woman has a different taste. A lot of women also like clean-shaven, baby faces. Most importantly, a lot of celebrities too rock a clean-shaven face like Pete Davidson, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Shah Rukh Khan, and they all look good. Nothing is stopping you from being your own unique person no matter the hairiness on your face.  

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