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    How to grow taller as a Man

    Most researchers have concluded that most tall men and women have a significant advantage over their shorter gender. Being tall can also be one of the factors to make people successful and happy in their respective lives. Height problem is something that affects various fields of life from the office to relationships and is continuing from ancient times to the present day. Being taller is socially more acceptable and the most important thing is people can see you more easily. Your voice will reach farther and you can always reach things, a fact which is mostly useful for people who are lazy.

    You can always take care of certain things during your adolescence that can ensure you maximize your potential to grow taller. Following these things later on in your life will help you stay healthy and retain your height.

    Here are a few ways to grow tall:

    1) Follow a balanced diet

    It is very important that you get all the nutrients the body requires in your growing years. Your diet should include fresh fruits, proteins, vegetables, dairy, and whole grains. Always try to avoid food containing sugar, trans fats, and dishes that are very oily. If there is a medical condition that is the reason for your stunted growth then have calcium tablets prescribed by a doctor. Even men and women of older age are recommended to have calcium tablets to keep their bones strong. Try to eat food that is a source of Vitamin D as it helps to keep the health of bones in our body. Having good like milk, tuna, and egg yolks will help you a lot.

    2) Use supplements with caution

    There are always cases where children have stunted growth, and that’s when supplements are the only remedy for them. Suppose, if someone has a condition that affects the growth hormone then their doctor asks them to have a supply containing HGH. On the other hand, older people have vitamin D or calcium supplements to reduce the risk of joint pains. Except when necessary as the last resort, people should always avoid using supplements with the tagline of getting tall in a month, because once our growth plates get fused at their position there is no way anything can increase our height no matter what they advertise.

    3) Get enough sleep

    If you are someone in your twenties, and you don’t prefer to sleep for a long time, it won’t affect your height in long term.  But if this was a habit you did on regular basis in your adolescence then it may have an adverse effect on your growth and cause complications. It happens because your body releases HGH while you sleep and the production of this hormone may go down if you don’t get enough sleep. It is always suggested to sleep for at least 8-10 hours a day. Getting extra sleep increases the production of HGH, hence whenever you are done with all your tasks, get a power nap.

    4) Stay fit and active

    Doing exercises on regular basis has a lot of benefits. It helps to build our muscles and bones and keeps us maintaining a good weight. It also helps in the production of HGH. Every child should at least spend an hour of exercise every day. Try to do exercises involving pushups, situps, jumping ropes, or aerobic activities. In addition, to maintain your overall health, it reduces the chance of osteoporosis. It’s a medical condition that happens to the bones making them brittle, lose density, and causing you to shrink. Try to play outdoor sports every day to keep your body fit and active.

    5) Keep a good posture

     Always keep your posture in the correct way because incorrect posture can make you look shorter than you usually are.  Slumping and slouching can also make you look shorter. In three places our back gets curved but if we slouch in a regular fashion then it may shift our posture and cause pain in our neck. Your back should curve naturally in three places. If you regularly slump or slouch, these curves may shift to accommodate your new posture. This can cause pain in your neck and back.

    The key to keeping your posture correct is to be mindful of the way you stand and sit. You can also incorporate ergonomics after getting prescribed by your doctor. Doing exercises on daily basis can help you improve your posture and thus can prevent stunted growth.

    What are the advantages of growing tall?

    1) Adverse effect on relationships

    Most women get attracted to men who are taller and this leads to a problem of self-esteem and inferiority complex among men with a shorter height and thus leads to unhealthy relationships. There is also a prejudice that grazes every short man that they can compete with taller men. Moreover, women prefer to be with someone strong, tall, and healthy.

    2) Business life gets affected

    Being tall also affects people in their business sphere, mostly men and women who are tall are considered to be healthy and intelligent. They have a dominating effect in your office and help to win people over easily. This is a common thing we often come across is that tall men or women are successful, make more money, and are recognized leaders.

    3) Effect on sports

    For almost all branches of sports being tall and having long legs is a great advantage. Mostly tall people are more successful in ball games because they can look far due to their shorter counterparts on the opposite team. It is more seen in games like basketball or volleyball. There are exceptions too if you take Maradona or Messi they’ve achieved so much even though they have short stature.

    4) Effects on Daily life

    Most tall people tend to have aesthetic body structure and that makes them look better in what they wear and adds to their appearance. Women who are taller don’t need to wear heels to make their height appear tall visually as they look simply attractive in their natural height. In our daily lives, tall people are more likely to adapt easily as people get to approve of them easily over people who have a short height. The body structures of tall people are more aesthetic.

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