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    How to Handle Rejection?

    Love grows in the heart and is beyond the capacity of reason. The supreme happiness in love is to get someone whom you love. Many people fall into the spiral of depression, anxiety, and especially inferiority complex when they fail to handle rejection.

    It is no doubt that rejection instills sadness in the heart and is one of the most disappointing experiences in life. Yet, there are many reasons to live happily ever after rejection. If you have just suffered from rejection, we have some suggestions that you need to follow if you want to handle this disturbing experience.

    1.) Accept the choice

    The first thing you need to do is to accept that every human being is free to choose and reject. Everyone is entitled to his or her freedom to allow or disallow someone to come into intimacy with him or her. You need to recognize the principle of freedom if you want to continue after facing rejection. Believe that everyone is free and that you cannot bind someone to stay with you regardless of your emotions.

    2.) Respect the choice

    When you propose to someone and then face rejection, you should know that that person who has exercised his or her freedom is saying ‘no’ to you and that you have no right to impose your emotions. You must think about what would happen if someone you show no interest in comes to propose to you. Would you accept him or her despite your disinterestedness? Your heart will most likely say no to such a question.

    3.) Do not feel undeserving

    Once you accept that rejection does not imply that you have a weakness in your personality or that you do not deserve that person. Rejection or acceptance is based on someone’s choice – based on their freedom. You are nobody to force somebody to come into a relationship with you. Therefore, take rejection as a choice, not as a sign of mockery, humiliation, or disgrace.

    4.) Do not blame yourself

    If someone has rejected you, there is no reason to start blaming yourself. You are not the cause of your rejection. You went to propose to someone with your sincerest and purest emotions. However, the other person did not want to come into a relationship with you. It is as simple as this. Blaming yourself is harm that you cause to yourself. In this way, you let an experience destroy the rest of the joys.

    5.) Do not distrust yourself

    Just because you cannot get someone, should not make you think that you cannot do anything. Even after rejection, you should keep having faith in yourself. If you start distrusting yourself, you actually weaken your own mind and body. Someone has rejected your proposal only; the world has not closed its door to you. There is yet more to life than a mere rejection.

    6.) Rediscover yourself

    Rejection is the end of everything, it is the beginning of something special and undiscovered. Not only rejection, but after every tragic experience in life, you also have to rethink yourself. This is the ideal time when you can actually rediscover your potential and set your new goals. It is for this reason that life is not determined by one single event, rather, it is shaped by a multitude of experiences.

    7.) Engage yourself

    Immediately after rejection, all you need to do is to accept and move. You should linger on waiting for one person to come and add worth to your personality because you already have so much will and potential in yourself. Just try to engage yourself in other things you like. Its effects are therapeutic because by doing so you are actually rescuing yourself from being spoiled by one single experience.

    8.) Innovate yourself

    When you come to believe that you have yet much more to achieve and luckily you have potential as well to do so, you are landed in the process of innovating yourself. The post-rejection time is the point of innovating yourself to add something new to your personality. You can do so by some things, by learning new things, by understanding yourself, and by accumulating wisdom in your heart.

    9.) Be optimistic

    Hope is the thing that dies after everything is dead, and, you know rejection is just an experience. It is not the end of everything. In your heart, you still have hope for life. You just need to water that seed of hope and nurture it into you a fully grown tree whose shade provides you comfort in the future. One should not feel disappointed after facing rejection. You should be hopeful for what is yet to come in the future.

    10.) Be more mature

    German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche says, “What does not kill you makes you stronger.” You should believe that everything that happens in your life is an opportunity to build yourself. You should not let any bad experience kill you because a human being can be defeated but not destroyed. You should embrace rejection and allow it to add more maturity to your personality.

    11.) Live once again

    It is hard to believe that life can be ended by one single bad event. After you face rejection, you are given time to live once again – to live uniquely and differently. You have more experience after rejection. You have more insight after rejection. It makes sense if you start using this experience to live once again. When you start living once again, you do the greatest good to yourself.

    There is no denying the fact that facing rejection is one of the worst experiences for a person. However, like any other experience, it should be accepted. Once you accept something, you free yourself from its negative influence. Therefore, accepting rejection is the foremost thing to do. After that, you have some possibilities and reasons to keep living happily. If you follow these suggestions, you will take very less time to recover from the worse effects of rejection. You need nobody to heal you but yourself because you are your own savior and healer.

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