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    How to Identify Your Face Shape and Type?

    While carrying out your style among peers, it has become necessary to understand your body figure, and an appealing face to represent it, has become a trend. The question arises, what type of hairstyles, beards, jewelry, or even makeup would suit your face? For that, one needs to be aware of their face’s shape.

    Important features of a face while determining its shape: –

    1) Forehead

    Its area starts below the hairline and ends above the eyebrows. Measure this length either with a ruler or a flexible inch tape and record the reading.

    2) Jawline

    The sharp portion below the ears, if the angle of the jaw is highlighted naturally or through makeup then it does enhance the shape of the face. Measure it from the tip of your chin to below the ear such that you can get a wide measurement of your jawline.

    3) Cheekbones

    The area below your eyes and the bone is the main reason for the puffiness of your cheeks. Cheekbones are usually highlighted in red color as they are popped out, giving contoured look to the face. You can check their size by measuring the pointiest part of your cheek.

    4) Chin

    The tip of the face is usually used to measure the length of the face. Chins can be too pointed or round hence we get different shapes of faces. Put the flexible measuring tape on the forehead and record the inches till the chin.

    Now, let’s try to understand different face shapes and see in which category the shape of your face lies: –

    1) Square

    All forehead, cheekbones and chin are proportionated. The jawline is sharply visible and the angle of the chin is wider than the diamond and heart shaped-faces in this case.

    2) Oval

    The jawline of the face is barely noticeable and the forehead is wide. The chin is not very pointed. The length of the face is more than the width of the cheekbones.

    3) Oblong/Rectangular

    The face length is maximum and the rest of the features are well-proportionated. The jawline is well-defined but has wider chin angles like the square faced-people.

    4) Round

    The length of the face and cheekbones is more than the jawline and forehead. Also, the angle of the jaw is not very sharp but visible than the oval shaped-faces.

    5) Diamond

    The face has a pointed chin and cheekbones. Cheekbones and jawline are the most defining feature in this type of face and the forehead can be narrower. Face length is maximum.

    6) Heart

    A wider forehead and the angle of the chin is smaller in comparison to diamond shaped face.

    So far, we have understood the shapes and features of the face but how can we determine the right style according to our face’s shape?

    Which type of beard would be suitable for a men’s face?

    For square-shaped faces, men should keep trimmed beards at the sides or below the cheekbones and slightly grown beards on the chin. This type of style would give a sober look to them and would highlight their face’s shape as well. Here are some examples: Circle, Royal, Goatee, and Petite Goatee beard.

    Rectangular faces better do the opposite of the square-shaped face styles, that is, they should grow longer beards around the cheekbones, and shorter beards at the chin would be more suitable and would give a sharper look to the face. Here are some suggestions: Chin strip, Mutton Chops Beard, and Chinstrap style beard.

    Round-shaped faces can keep long beards with angular shaved sides along their cheekbones. This will give the sharp look to their faces and make them look slimmer. Short boxed beard, Balbo Beard, and Anchor Beard are some good suggestions for round faces.

    Oval-shaped faces have the advantage to go with any beard style. Even clean-shaved faces or mustaches can suit this type of face. Chevon, Original Stache, and Horseshoe Mustache are some well-known mustache styles followed by many men.

    What kind of hairstyle would be suitable for different shapes of face?

    Long layers of swipe bangs and textured shags which soften the corners of the jaw suit the best to square-shaped faces. Curls and wavey texture can give the flattering look to the square-shaped face.

    Similarly, for rectangular shape faces, Soft waves, long layers, or chin-length bob-cuts would be the cool choices. Volume in the hair would add beauty to the look. According to Nathan Rosenkranz, one should avoid the jawline further with blunt lines hence strong fringes are not recommended. Stay away from adding too much on the top as it would make the forehead look wider and the face might look disproportionate.

    Round faces should choose curly hairstyles instead of straight as their highlighted feature is cheekbones and curly hair-strands looks more gorgeous with Rosey cheekbones. Although Oval-shaped faces can go for any hairstyle, Angular bob styles, and beachy waves are some recommended hairstyles for such gifted people to try.

    Diamond-shaped faces should try layers with textured hair and side-swept bangs. Soft fringes and long hairs would be best for diamond-shaped faces.

    Pixie cuts, brow-grazing fringes, side-swept bangs, and long layers would focus more on the sharp jawline and the nape to balance the width of the forehead of Heart-shaped faces. One should avoid those styles which accentuate the width of the forehead or cheekbones.

    Conclusion :

    The short hairstyles on the faces possessing well-defined jawline can make such shape feel masculine but it looks attractive as well. Long hair does give a feminine feel but it is only likable when the style is chosen carefully.

    Similarly, the overgrown beard may hide the actual shape of the face hence some face shapes are recommended to remain clean-shaven and some are recommended to keep long beard styles. That’s how the shapes and the key features of the faces help a lot to clear all these confusions and organize such problems properly.

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