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    How to increase your stamina in daily life

    Our day-to-day activities are circulated by the amount of energy we gain and use. So the longer the energy produced longer will be the activities. 

    1) Exercise regularly

    Stamina is the core word for exercise. If we exercise, we can gain stamina. Don’t have to start the heavy exercise from the beginning. Start with stretching and simple exercises.  These exercises boost blood circulation which will help in the healthy function of the body parts and cells.

    Here are some tips while exercising

    • Take a corrective amount of air to breathe 
    • Don’t drink water in between the workout, drink after or before half an hour of the workout

    Here are some exercises to boost stamina

    • Sit-ups – strengthen the legs and abdomen 
    • Push-ups – strengthen the lungs part
    • Walking and running- boost the breathing and longevity of the lungs 
    • Swimming 

    2) Yoga 

    Yoga is the best way to gain stamina. Yoga relaxes the muscles, blood vessels, and body parts and makes them function in the best way. Yoga is all about breathing, which has to be correct by doing it.

    Tips to Yoga

    • Do yoga in a peaceful and silent place
    • Listen to some soft music while doing yoga

    3) Don’t skip breakfast 

      Breakfast is the first thing we eat after several hours of sleep. So, there will be much empty space in the digestive root. When we skip breakfast there may be problems in the future like an appendix. Skipping breakfast will make you lose energy at the start of the day.

    4) Take magnesium foods

    Magnesium is present in most plant and animal foods, Such as green leafy vegetables, spinach, nuts, legumes, seeds, and whole grains. These foods can be taken as breakfast and must have more benefits than others. 

    Here are some magnesium-containing foods with the value 

    • Spinach 157MG/cup
    • Chard 154MG/cup 
    • Pumpkin seeds 92 MG/⅛ cup
    • Yogurt of kefir 50MG/cup
    • Almond 80MG/cup
    • Black beans 60 MG /½ cup
    • Avocado 58 MG / 1 medium 
    • Figs 50MG / ½ cup
    • Dark Chocolate 95MG / 1 square 
    • Banana 32MG / medium 

    5) Ashwagandha 

    Ashwagandha is a supplemented thing that is a very traditional way to increase stamina. It also increases memory, blood pressure, and inflammation. It should be taken by the amount prescribed by doctors. Normally they have proven that they can take up to 500 gm per day. It’s better to ask the doctor before consuming. 

    6) Music 

    Music has a wonder that heals the soul and also boosts energy. Listening to music may lead to an increase in the cardiovascular and leads to relaxing the mood which increases the energy 

    Tips to listen to music 

    • Listen to mild and nice music while doing yoga
    • While exercising listen to beat music

    7) Eat wisely 

    Eating wisely means skipping junk food. Due to globalization, junk foods take part in everybody’s lifestyle. Children and teenagers consider that they will get attention from junk food easier because of its tastes and appearance.

    Here are some tips to avoid junk foods and eat wisely 

    • Don’t take junk food as breakfast fast
    • To replace junk food, we can make supplemented homemade foods that look alike
    • Prepare a diet chart and follow this to make a more effective way to reduce the consumption of junk food

    8) Stay hydrated 

    Our body contains 75% of water and other substances. So, we lose energy when we lack the water capacity in the body. So, it’s essential to always keep the body hydrated. 

    Here are some tips to be hydrated:

    •  Drink water at the scheduled time 
    • Take some fresh juices 
    • Take some water-content fruits and vegetables 
    • Avoid using phones and computers for a long time because it reduces the water level and dries your eyes

    9) Check your weight 

    When our weight is equivalent to the height of the body then we can stay healthy and able to do work efficiently. This is also known as BMI which is considered to check the correct weight, height according to age. This BMI varies from country to country. 

    In India, the BMI are as follows normal average

    • Female 18.5 -24.9
    • Male 27.7

    10) Eat carbs 

    Carbohydrates are the energy sources for the body which leads to stamina gain stamina. 

    Foods rich in carbohydrates 

    • Rice
    • Potatoes
    • Starch contains foods 

    11) Get good sleep

    It’s mandatory to sleep at least 6 to 7 hours. If we lack sleep, it leads to the lack of briskness to do work. A human should at least take 6 hours of sleep to get stamina.

    12) Add salt 

    Salt increases blood pressure to stay energized and helps to maintain stamina in the body. A low intake of salt allows dizziness and lowers the sodium level in the body. Foods that are rich in vitamin C are helpful to maintain the immune system of the body. Orange, kiwi, and strawberries are rich in vitamin C.

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