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    How to look more alpha as a men

    Men’s grooming is considered as an honored Art, and there is no taboo to it anymore. Men who are well-groomed are more likely to create a lasting impression on people. They also have the ability to communicate ideas in a better way at their work, by easily drawing people’s attention and creating a positive impact on everyone, thus they’re at advantage over other colleagues at work.

     Grooming is very important since people want to look nice. Presenting yourself in the best light while you’re in public is always a necessity and it needs to be done every day so that one gets into a habit of looking good. If you dress well and groom yourself every day, you will naturally get a grip on your self-confidence. So, you need to find the basic essentials that work for your skin and also the type of hair you possess. It’s not wise to spend a fortune on your grooming by buying lots of products, but rather make a simple routine that is quick and simple for you. Maintain this routine and it’ll do wonders for you in no time

    Ten grooming mistakes good-looking guys never make :

    1) They are always regular at barbers

    They are always in a habit of visiting the barber at regular intervals, if they find the hair needs to be trimmed, they give a visit. Some guys however prefer monthly visits, while the locks may still get a growth spurt, they don’t pay attention. One must also pay attention to the hair products that work for them particularly than choosing any random hair product. The importance you pay to your hair, will reflect your personality and boost your appearance.

    2) Find the perfume that suits you

     Colognes are meant to complement the look of a good-looking individual and add to the whole appearance. Explore all kinds of perfume, and find what suits best for you. Don’t settle for something your neighbors or friend suggested, do your research because the perfume you’ll wear will be your signature. Always pay attention to the weather, and wear something which goes with the weather. Paying attention to these tiny details will take your grooming to the next level.

    3) Sporting a Beard

    In the last few years, beards have transcended from a trend to a regular event from offices, and bars, to creative agencies.  It serves as a great addition to someone who is already good-looking.

    Just growing a beard is not enough, that’s where grooming comes into play. Good-looking men who have a grooming regime, always take care of their beard, from washing it thoroughly every day to trimming if it looks unkempt. Maintenance is very important for growing a beard.

    4) Maintain your oral hygiene

    Everyone knows bad breath stinks and is the first thing that will repel people away from you. So, it’s very important to keep a check on your oral hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day for at least five to ten minutes. Use floss to remove food particles in between your teeth, it will help to keep your teeth strong and keep away plaque.

    5) Take care of your nails

    Always make sure you cut your nails at least once a week, after a shower so that it remains soft and it is easy to trim them down. These are the tiny details you need to maintain so that your grooming is perfect. Use moisturizer after cutting nails so they remain soft and there is no pain.

    6) A proper diet

    It won’t be of no use if you groom yourself properly but do not take care of your diet. Always try to avoid junk food or packaged food on a daily basis. It is very bad for the health and contains toxins and chemicals.

    Try to follow a diet on regularly basis consisting of leafy vegetables, nuts, fruits, lean meat (chicken, or turnkey) and eggs. Drink ample amount of water and keep yourself dehydrated at all times. It’ll keep your skin fresh and beautiful.

    7) Wearing wrong-fitting clothes

    A good-looking guy with sharp features will be easily ignored by someone if their clothes are not proper. It’s very important to keep in touch with the current men’s style and find what goes well with one’s physique. Keeping a pair of clothes for different occasions is essential and will be a great add-on with grooming.  Avoid wearing baggy clothes which will make you look shabby.

    8) Wear sunscreen

    Always make sure you wear sunscreen when you go into your daily activities from work to parties or anywhere during the day. It will not only protect your skin from getting tanned but also protects you from the dangerous ultraviolet rays of the sun.

    9) Workout regularly

    It is very important to keep a good strong body along with following the grooming measures. Join a gym and workout on a regular basis. It’ll keep you fit and strong thus a well-toned body goes hand in hand with proper grooming practices. You’ll have a fresh and neat look.

    10) Set the Eyebrows

    Eyebrows are one of the most prominent features of your appearance. It’s okay to keep eyebrows that are big but if they are meeting in the middle, above or below they must be plucked. One should also pay importance to trim of nasal hair and the hair sticking out of the ears.

    Why grooming is important?

    1) Someone who is well-groomed is always hygienic since grooming compliments good hygienic practices.

    2) It’ll make you healthier since you already know people who are well-groomed have good hygiene so naturally, they become healthier and lesser infections you’ll pick-up.

    3) It’ll boost your self-confidence, as people will get easily swayed away by your good looks and good grooming practice. It’ll boost your confidence and how you communicate with others.

    4) It’ll build your self-esteem and you’ll be able to love yourself for who you are and accept all the imperfections you’re born with. Grooming will keep you in check with your appearance and also help your self-confidence to an extent.

    5) It helps to build a great first impression when people will notice how neat and tidy, you are. This helps a lot in a work environment from scoring the interview to getting a promotion.

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