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    How to look more alpha as a man

    When most people hear the word alpha male their mind conjures up the image of a person who is a bodybuilder with a fat account balance and a few models grazing their shoulders, in addition to an air of authority and a tad bit of compulsory arrogance. They think an alpha male is a person who other men want to be and all other women desire to be with. They feel they’re the people who are at the top of the status hierarchy since they have great access to money, power, and friends which they gain through physical prowess and domination. They have an intimidating personality which helps them easily win people over. The term ” alpha male” has gotten a bad ring to it nowadays. From wannabe tough guys to gym bros whose muscles have fabricated the real meaning of the word to a point where the real meaning has lost its way. So what does it mean in the true sense, a man who is an antithesis of both masculine and feminine energies in a balanced way? They are the people who are confident, strong, kind, and humble yet strong with their convictions. They know when to direct their power to a particular cause and when to stay calm and composed. Alpha males represent nearly the maximum of the intelligent, successful men that turn out to be executives and natural leaders who take responsibility on a different level which the common multitude might find overwhelming.

    1) Body Language and Posture

    The primary thing in body language is to have a proper posture while sitting or standing. It develops naturally as you sit with your head straight and arms comfortably resting on the side. It reflects the positive and calm impression of your personality.

    2) Style

    If you want to unleash the alpha male hiding inside you, start dressing properly with a keen interest in the current fashion. Don’t be a person who dresses in a scruffy way with the same pair of clothes at parties and office. Try to challenge your comfort zone and wear something fashionable. Always be confident with what you’re wearing, and everything will fall in line.

    3) Growing a fine beard

    Just growing a beard will not only give you one step ahead in your alpha male outlook but also will give a kickstart to your confidence. Growing a beard goes hand in hand with proper care and maintenance of your beard. Just like we need food for nourishment and energy, our beard needs it too, always wash it thoroughly with beard wash and brush it properly. The first impression is the last impression, an unkempt beard will be a major turndown in your voyage to an alpha male.

    5) Eye contact

    Eye contact is an important thing in relationships but are you a person who looks down while walking or someone who grazes their vision distracted somewhere else when someone is in front of you? You surely need to get rid of this habit, because alpha walks straight with their chin up and heads high. They do not move their eyes all around the time, they keep fine eye-to-eye contact with the person they talk to and take breaks in between.

    6) A majestic voice

    With appealing body language, you also need to complement it with an alpha voice. Do not reply in single words to show that you’re troubled and nervous. Always be confident with your speech, do not go speaking like a fast-paced train, speak clearly with each word sounding right. Always try to speak to the point rather than beating around the bush.

    7) Always be a Gentleman

    True alpha males are men who are kind to others. They are humble, courteous, and polite in their speech and respect everyone the same without any discrimination. They always prioritize their own well-being because they know they cannot take care of anyone without helping themselves. They know to step up for people they love and always follow what they’re passionate about.

    8) Alpha Males are assertive

    One of the main differences between an alpha male and a beta male is the first has an assertive personality while the latter has a passive outlook. An alpha male is passionate and willing to work hard to reach their goals. They speak their minds without guilt or shame, keep clear boundaries, and speak up when necessary. They are confident individuals who know what they are doing and own their desires while asserting them to others.

    9) Be an optimist

    One of the most important traits you should inculcate is being positive. Carry that positive vibe all around you and people will love it. Who wouldn’t want someone to be with, who tries to find positivity in setbacks? Smile, when you talk to people, show that you care for them and in turn, you’ll be a likable personality.

    10) Always acknowledge your weakness

    Don’t blind yourself to the weaknesses you possess or else you’ll move toward failure. They will bring you down at every point in your life so address them as soon as possible and try to improve them. An alpha male doesn’t get depressed because they have a weakness, and doesn’t deny it as well, rather they realize where they need to improve and work towards fixing it.

    By following all the above steps you’ll edge closer to being an alpha male. End of the day always help and love one another, and respect every individual even if their personality traits belong to another group of individuals. Be honest and opinionated and don’t get driven by false faith and belief. Always believe in yourself and never hesitate from making a decision, that’s where alpha males beat beta males with a passive mentality.

    An alpha male takes on decisions without any fear because they embrace whatever consequences that follow. Always have a purpose in life and work towards it bit and bit until you reach your goal.

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