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    How To Make An Awesome Tinder Profile

    Have you ever told anyone you’re single and they instantly recommend downloading Tinder? Tinder is the go-to application for single men and women in a lot of countries. It can be used for casual dating, serious dating, or hookups. The app was founded as a joint venture between Hatch Labs and Xtreme Labs. Within two years, the app was receiving a billion swipes per day. The CEO of the app is Greg Blatt.

    The app is suitable for people of all ages and sexual preferences. It allows people over the age of 18 to sign up. People can set their age and sexual preferences through the settings. Tinder lets us put our pictures on display so that others can see them. You can write a bio where you can give a unique and eye-catching description of yourself. When done with that, the app shows males and females within the particular distance that you set. You can then swipe right or left on the people on your screen. Swipe left to reject them and swipe right to say yes. If the person you swiped right to also swipes right on you, then it’s a match! You will then be able to personally message them through the app.

                To get “likes” from people you also liked, it is important to make a good profile that makes you stand out from the crowd. There are a few factors that apply to making a decent profile. Most importantly, it is the pictures you put and the bio you write.

    1) The picture needs to be only of your face

    Refrain from putting pictures that do not include your face in them. These kinds of pictures include you surfing, and standing on a mountain. Only use pictures in which you are looking directly at the camera. People that use Tinder on a daily basis see a lot of profiles every day. They do not have the time or patience to click on everyone’s profiles and look at all their pictures. To make people want to click and virtually check you out, make sure to put a picture of only your face at the very beginning.

    2) Have more than one picture

    With the rapid increase in catfishes over the past years, people want to make sure that you are real, and not a bot. Putting just one picture will make you look suspicious. A simple solution to that is to put more pictures of yourself.

    3) Look the same in all pictures

    People will definitely be weirded out if you look completely different than you did on Tinder. To ensure this, put pictures of what you actually look like. Put pictures in which you look the same. This step is crucial as it ensures that your date doesn’t get disgusted by your actual face when you meet.

    4) Emphasize your best features

    If you are gifted with good cheekbones, a well-shaped nose, or sharp eyes, use them to your advantage and show them off in your pictures. Get help from your female friends. Women are constantly aware of what they look like. She will help you figure out what your best features are and help you show them off in the best manner.

    5) Full-body picture

    If you aren’t genetically gifted when it comes to height, be real and put a full-body photo of yourself. You do not have to mention your height in the bio, but by including a full-body photograph you look like a humble and nice guy. On the other hand, something fulL body photographs can be useful for is showcasing your physique. This does not mean that you include a shirtless picture taken in front of the mirror to showcase your abs. Instead, wear a fitting t-shirt and roll up your sleeves.

    6) Refrain from using pictures with other girls

    Doing this will not make you look like a ladies’ man. Instead, it will just make you look like a douche.

    Bio or Description

    A bio tells people about you, your hobbies, and other important details. After your looks, your bio is what makes a good and lasting impression. Important things to remember when writing a good bio are :

    1) Don’t make it too long

    No one wants to read a whole paragraph on why you would make a good boyfriend. Instead, just write something funny/witty and make it short. Something that highlights your personality. Just one word or emoji is too little to get anyone interested.

    2) Mention your height

    Even in this age, girls still care about a man’s height. If you are quite tall, don’t be shy to mention it in your bio. But on the downside, if you are quite short, just include a full-body picture so that people know.

    3) Mention college/job

    It is good to mention your place of work or study as it is a great conversation starter. They might know someone from your place of work/study and vice versa. This is a great way to build chemistry with the person you are talking to.

    4) Don’t include your Snapchat or Instagram username

    This step is crucial. People don’t want some random person from tinder sending them Snapchat and adding them on Instagram. Share your social media usernames with each other after you meet up in person.

                You can catch the biggest fish with the tips above. Something to remember is that people will like you the most when you are truly yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. If you are not the emotionless hunk, then don’t try to be one. Be who you are. If you like movies and shows, be that nerd. Whether it be anywhere, be yourself and people will like you. You won’t get far by pretending to be someone else. Tinder is a great platform for young people to meet and have fun. Create new opportunities by meeting and interacting with new people. Be genuine and find people with whom you share common interests.

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