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    How to Measure Fit and Size Properly

    In formal events such as weddings, engagements, office, and new year parties, it is common that everyone dresses well and looks their best. People go out of their way to get their clothes tailored, measured, and stitched. It is almost a tradition to wear tailored clothes to any of these major social events.

    Wearing tailored clothes has many advantages to it. Besides providing high comfort, it gives the person more definition. They make you feel better and more confident. Tailored clothes provide a good fitting and comfort to the wearer.

    Some other advantages of tailored clothing are:

    1) Time-saving and effortless

    When compared to shopping for clothes, tailored clothes are controllable and very much straightforward. You do not have to try different clothes from the store racks every time and line up for trial rooms to determine whether they fit you or not. Going to a tailor is efficient as he will tell you just how long it will take and then it is just a matter of waiting.

    2) Longer-lasting clothes

    This is another reason why tailored clothes are a smart choice. Tailored clothes last longer as they are stitched with high-quality material. This makes your clothes a long-term investment. The clothes will hardly ever face any ripping or loosening.

    3) Quality materials

    If you are someone who purchases off-the-rack clothing from fashion conglomerates, you should know that their system runs at a cost-effective method for mass production i.e., not every detail is focused on which makes them imperfect. On the other hand, tailors are professionals who pay attention to every little detail.

    Besides the above, getting fitted clothes will allow you to express your personality through your outfit. Wearing tailored clothing is unique and will help you stand out from the crowd. It allows you to have more individuality as you can choose from a variety of colors, fabrics and designs.

    So, to bring out your masculinity and uniqueness through your clothing, you will have to keep a few things in mind that will help you along the way. You will have to acquire the knowledge behind measuring your fit and size with precision.

    How to Measure Fit and Size Properly

    Before going out and buying suits, blazers, shirts, trousers, or shoes, it is important to know your body measurements. The following measurements have to be taken:

    1) Neck

    Measure the base of your neck where it meets your shoulders using a measuring tape. To have a better fit, put a finger between your neck and the tape for a loose-fit collar. The size of your collar is determined by your neck measurement.

    2) Chest

    It is very crucial to take a proper measurement of your chest as it has a huge impact on the fitting of the shirt. Place the measuring tape below your armpits around the wide part of your chest and shoulder blades. Keep it horizontal. Remember to not pull too tight and don’t hold your breath while measuring as it can create anomalies.

    3) Sleeve

    To take the measurement of your sleeves, you will probably need another person to take it for you. Ask him/her to place the tape at the middle of the back of your neck, around the shoulder, and to the outside of your wrist bone. Your sleeve measurements shall determine how well the shirt fits around your arms.

    4) Waist

    Your waist is another important measurement that has a huge toll on the final result of your shirt. To take a proper measurement of your waist, place the tape just at your natural waistline which is just below your belly button. Also, remember to put one finger between the tape and your body before measuring. This will ensure a comfortable fit.

    5) Inner leg

    This measurement along with the outer leg measurement allows the tailor to know the length of your leg. For measuring the inner leg, place the tape on the side of your groin up to the inner ankle. Trousers of perfect length are a necessity to have the perfect outfit.

    6) Outer leg

    Measuring your outside leg will enable the tailor to determine the length of your trousers. Precisely undertaking this measurement is crucial. If it is a bit shorter or longer, it can ruin the whole outfit. For accuracy, place one end of the measuring tape on your natural waistline (that is just below the belly button) and the other on your outwards-facing ankle.

    7) Centre back length

    Taken from the back side of your collar to just above your waistline, this measurement lets the tailor determine the cloth required for the back region of the shirt.

                Tailored clothing provides a fresh and new outlook to a person. It can make a dull and gloomy person look confident and full of life. A well-fitted shirt will let you stand out and instantly make you more attractive in the eyes of a woman. Although tailored clothing can seem like a huge expense, in the long term, they are an investment. Unless you gain or lose a significant amount of weight, the item of clothing will benefit you for a considerably long duration of time. Off-the-rack clothing from stores does not last long at all due to their cheap cloth material. They are also vulnerable in terms of ripping or tearing. Tailors give importance to every single stitch on their clothing.

                If you are someone who gets their clothes tailored, you will always have the upper hand over others at the time of any formal social event like a wedding or party. You won’t have to spend a weekend just trying to find the perfect outfit that fits. Your wardrobe will be well-equipped to match your needs. With any tailored outfit like a suit, you should invest in a good-fitting formal shoe. Changing the method you purchase your clothing will make you feel of a higher class and more confident. Think of tailored clothing as your best friend that ensures you always look good.

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