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    How to Take Care of Curly Hair and Make it Look Amazing

    Each of us share the same DNA. More than 99% of the DNA in all of us is the same. In fact, it is the same 99% we also share with chimpanzees. It is only about 0.003% of our DNA that differentiates us from each other. Our skin color, eye color, hair color, height, etc. The biggest determinant of this is our ethnicity. People from different parts of the world are secular with different beliefs, cultures, etc. Sadly, despite us all being humans, in this age in society, we are still differentiated on the basis of our physical appearances.

                We all have to appreciate the gift of god to us. We should take proper care of our skin, hair, and body in order to look the best. Some of us have curly hair, which has been in fashion over the last few years. People get curls to look like their favorite media stars. Although curly hair can look really good and fashionable, if you don’t ensure proper maintenance and care for your hair, it can look just the opposite.  

                For some of us men who are blessed with curly hair, to use it to our advantage every time, we need to be able to style it in the most fashionable manner.

    Tips to Take Care of Curly Hair and Make it Look Amazing

    1) Shampoo less

    We all know that shampoo is damaging to our hair. For it to look its best, our hair has to be in the healthiest state possible. Shampoos strip away the natural oils produced by our scalp. Whether it be any type of hair, using less shampoo is key to keeping it healthy. The best thing we can do is to limit shampooing to only once or twice a week. We should also condition our hair often which revives the moisture in our hair.

    2) Choose the right haircut

    According to the level of curliness and your face structure, choose a hairstyle that will best suit you. Most curly guys go for short hairstyles. As it gets longer, it will be harder to maintain your curly hair. For inspiration, you can look at some youtubers or social media influencers. A new curly hairstyle in fashion is a short faded back and sides, short to medium on top that comes down to your forehead.

    3) Use products

    Using the right hair products will really help you in maintaining a proper hairstyle. It gets windy a lot of the time and using hairspray can solve that issue. You can also consider using heat tools such as hairdryers, straighteners, etc.

    4) Use hair oils

    As said earlier, to keep your hair healthy, you need to use hair oils such as coconut oil, argan oil, etc. In addition to that, it also keeps your hair shiny and silky all day long. It is most important for curly-haired people to keep their hair shiny as it can look coarse and dry oftentimes.

    5) Apply hair masks

    You can find a lot of effective and easy-to-make hair masks on the internet. They help in repairing damaged hair. A basic hair mask is one with bananas, avocado oil, etc. Use hair masks before shampooing. Make sure to apply hair masks once every week.

    6) Deep Condition

    Curly hair tends to dry out quicker and it can be difficult to swerve your hands through them. Use leave-in conditioners. They provide a certain number of benefits to your hair. Firstly, they provide long-lasting moisture to your hair. Secondly, they keep your hair soft and shiny throughout the day. Thirdly, they allow you to style your hair the way you want to.

    7) Find a good barber

    Everyone deserves a good hairstylist no matter the type of hair you have. Find someone that you trust with your curls. Your barber should know the best hairstyle that goes with your face. He should be able to navigate through your curls and know what is best for you.

    8) Don’t use heavy gels or wax products

    Wax or pomades will tend to make your curly hair rough and hard to manage. Instead, use something like hairspray to keep your curls in place throughout the day. You could also use sea salt sprays to define your curls.

    9) Get frequent haircuts

    Whether it be any type of hair you have; you should get regular haircuts to stay sharp and clean. Trim the sides and back. Ask your barber to get rid of the split ends on the top of your hair. These cuts will allow your curls to stay fresh and defined. Most of all, haircuts are an important step in keeping your hair healthy.

                All of us are unique and are blessed with different types of physical features. For the men out there with curly hair, treat it like you would treat any other part of your body. Be yourself and channel your personality through your hairstyle. Make it the signature hairstyle that defines you for who you are.

                Do not be afraid to try out new things. If you ever want to know what it is like to have straight hair for a day, then go for it! In fact, I’m sure men with straight hair also wonder what it’s like to have curly hair. Life is all about experiencing new things that bring us joy. No matter how small a change, if it makes us happy then it is worth it. Just like the famous saying, “it is the small things in life that bring happiness”.

                At the end of the day, as humans, we are all the same and we should not consider anyone as luckier or more privileged if you consider them to have better physical features than you. It is a problem in society that still for some reason exists in this day and age. We should be considered the same no matter our color, religion, caste, gender, etc. We as humans need to be more accepting and appreciative towards each other for the differences that unite us.

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