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    How to wear the right clothes to look taller

    Everyone wants to look tall because people who are taller often get preferred and validated in our society over short-statured men or women. Some people are lucky to be generically tall while some people are not. But that’s nothing to feel bad about, one needs to accept themselves for who they are and embrace their imperfections because that makes one beautiful in the true sense.

    But there are ways you can look taller than you usually are. That’s where we come into play, we will suggest a few ways to wear your clothes so that it gives you an illusion of height and make you look more confident and handsome. I’ve categorically differentiated ways for both men and women below.

     Few ways for men to wear the right clothes to look taller :

    1) Contrasting your trousers

    Always try to contrast the legs of the pants low by not having a stark opposite in your color set. Don’t go with colorful sneakers when you are wearing black denim. You can try wearing black sneakers because they’re of the same color palette. When days are hot and moist, you can wear shorts as it elongates your legs and makes you look talk if you wear shoes similar to your skin tone. Brown or tan shorts above the knee will create an illusion of long legs due to the same color line as your shoes. Paying attention to the shoes and complimenting with trousers can help you get long legs, thus looking taller.

    2) Long Topcoats

    Wear only those topcoats that fall at the mid-thigh region as it creates extra height since the torso region gets lengthened. You also need to pay attention to the surrounding pieces with your coat, because if you wear something monochromatic then it’ll create a streamlined look. So wearing neutral tones adds versatility to your look and height. Another way you can achieve length is by wearing woolen topcoats, and the trick is to wear something that doesn’t contrast highly with the coat. Wear light shade or something less contrasting.

    3) Try to avoid wearing baggy clothes

    The primary thing you need to follow is to avoid wearing oversized clothes that make you look baggy and smaller in height than you usually are. Most people find it funny when someone wears baggy clothes because they couldn’t find any clothes so they wore their dad’s clothes. It’s also kind of funny like you couldn’t find anything good, so you’re wearing your dad’s big old clothes. Check your dress wardrobe and find those clothes which look a little baggy on you and get them to a tailor so the size fits you. However comfortable it feels to wear them be it formal or casual, it always makes you look short. So cut loose of them and wear clothes that fit you.

    4) Always raise your pants properly

    As you already know that you have to avoid baggy clothes and pants. Always make sure the area of the crotch is not too long because pants with wide pants will make your legs look shorter. Near the bottoms of your pant, there shouldn’t be a lot of fabric, and don’t roll your pants. Keep your pants hemmed up for little or no break absolutely. At the bottom, there should not be a bunch of fabric, and also avoid rolling your pants. Keep your pants hemmed for little or no break. Try to wear your trousers near your waist, not on the hips. As you know low-rise pants are in trend but they lower the waistline from its original position and make you look short. Wear normal or short-rise pants as they can be worn at the waist, gives you a good look, and has a short distance between the crotch and the button.

    5) Know how to sport a jacket or suit in the proper way

    When you are going to wear a jacket, go for a single-breasted jacket with a few buttons. If you position your waist button higher it’ll make you appear taller. Mostly jackets cover the region of your back but if you are someone with short stature go for shorter jackets as they will give the illusion of height by exposing the legs more. Make sure your jacket size is close to the shape of your body so that it shows a chest larger than the waist portion. Also, wear sleeves that are slimmer as it gives you a leaner and longer look.

    Few ways for women to wear the right clothes to look taller :

    1) Dress in one color

    This is an obvious one. If you dress head to toe in a single color, you won’t be dividing yourself into various parts and definitely look taller than if you break yourself in two by wearing more than one color.

    2) Wear crop tops

    Wear crop tops and pair them up with high-waisted skirts and trousers with a little slither of skin showing, this will give the lengthening illusion and make you look taller even further.

    Adding nude shoes can even up your game a little further, even though they have fallen out of favor but they can undeniably add a lengthening effect and looks chic.

    3) Wear wide-leg trousers more often

    Although we know that a pair of cropped trousers have a lengthening effect, wearing a pair of wide-leg trousers will go down to the floor. This will make your legs appear longer and you can even disguise heels underneath.

    4) Wear clothes that fit you properly

    No one is asking you to wear a bodycon or dress to look tall, but wearing baggy clothing will accentuate your height. Even if you want to wear clothes that are oversized make sure they at least nip at the waist area. Have a professional tailor for making your clothes so that they fit properly and don’t turn up oversized or baggy.

    5) Don’t worry about shorter hemlines

    Some may not feel comfortable moving around in a mini skirt but don’t be afraid in embracing yourself in a hemline slightly lower than you usually go for and your legs will inevitably look longer over a dress or skirt.

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