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    Ten men style items that women find sexy

    Keeping aside the basic belief of men and women belong to the same species yet for whatever reason, there is a huge deal of confusion between both parties on how to attract each other. Men and women become hopelessly romantic in finding their one after a great deal of time. Men find it more frustrating to attract women due to their lack of knowledge of basic grooming or style and at that very moment, they’ve lost the game. There is plenty of information available on the internet to win over a girl we all know the basics: be confident, have a good sense of humor, listen intently, and all the good stuff but yet men fail to get the job done. They’re still things not even women realize they find attractive in a partner. Yes, a  woman can be confusing too, what they look for in a man and what they avoid can sometimes be a contradictory list of attributes. Some prefer a man who is confident and takes control, another may prefer someone being laid back and humble is what turns her on. This repetitive back and forth is frustrating and confusing, especially when you’re trying to allure the interest of a particular girl. But don’t lose hope, my friend, here we’ll briefly explain ten men’s style items that women find sexy.

    Ten men-style items that women find sexy  are:

    1) Great Taste in shoes

    This is one of the first things women notice in men, second to good grooming habits, this tells investing in quality footwear is very important. You should always make sure the styles of shoes you’re wearing compliments your dress and also the occasion you’re in. If you turn up wearing gym sneakers to date, you’ll be clueless and out of place. So along with good taste, it’s very important to be aware of what you’re wearing.

    2) Grooming

    No matter what you wear, the most important thing that woman finds sexy in men is their grooming habits. It not only includes your hair and facial hair but also body odor and overall hygiene. There is a little effort to put in here and bingo the woman you are interested in will find you attractive.  Women adore a man who takes care of himself and takes pride in maintaining their grooming in a proper way. Clean-shaven, rugged, goatee, whatever you do always build a good grooming routine to maintain it.

    3) White Tees and Jeans

    This classic combination is not only budget-friendly but also comfortable, and quite honestly, this look any man can pull off. The fit will of the jeans and the tee cement the overall appeal. A t-shirt that fits first shows your physique in the best possible light. Anything which is shabby or baggy will turn down the overall appeal. Always try to wear a slim or tapered cut that is just long enough to end at the top of the shoes you’re pairing with and always wear something that compliments your physique and looks good on you.

    4) Wearing chinos

    Women love chinos because it makes a man look more put together than your basic khakis and jeans. They will not only add a layer of style to your whole physique but also show how versatile you are.  As we all know a proper fit for a suit is important, so are chinos which are too big and baggy. Always wear something that fits you like a tapered cut.

    5) Sporting a Brilliant Watch

    Women like men who pay attention to each and every detail. So if you have an effortless beautiful watch on your wrist, it sweeps them off their feet. Watches tell a lot about a man and helps to kick start a conversation with a woman you’re approaching.

    6) Wearing stylish belts

    Just like wearing proper shoes, one’s belt shows exactly how much effort one puts into looking good and a woman loves a man who pays heed to details. Since one’s belt is quite visible in shirts and trousers, it is very important to have a stylish belt that compliments your whole attire as a whole. A mismatched worn out belt serves as a huge turnoff for a woman.

    7) Shades make you attractive

    Wearing the proper shades not only singles you out among other people but also serves as a boost to your personality and a woman loves someone who is confident with their body and style. Make sure you wear shades that compliment the dress you’re wearing and the type of you face possess since every shade doesn’t suit all types of face shapes.

    8) Wearing the perfect perfume

      A scent is one of the most essential things that a woman finds attractive in men and research in the USA shows women rate olfactory cues at times more important than visual cues. So don’t underestimate a woman’s sense of smell.

    9) Rolling Sleeves

    Rolling up your sleeves with a bit of forearm visible is a thing that turns on a woman. It has a casual and approachable vibe that someone who wears all buttoned tends to look like someone doing serious work.

    10) V-neck Sweaters

    Woman love men V neck sweaters, they find them really attractive and appealing. One must always take care of one thing when wearing a V-neck, which is wearing a colored shirt rather than any t-shirt because it compliments the total look. People by the nature of their good looks, get treated differently and it has shaped many facets of one’s life.

    One should always weigh their strengths and weaknesses before approaching someone and respect a woman’s decision if they don’t find you interesting. There is plenty of fish in the sea and you’ll find someone who wants to invest in you, just hold on to your patience. A woman loves a man who is calm, honest, confident, and respects everyone.

    All these things will definitely give you an edge over other guys to impress a woman but it is very important to stay true and be a gentleman.

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