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    Ten practical ways to look manlier and tougher

    A powerful cultural topic of the present day is knowing how to look manlier. Some men try to attain this look while others naturally qualify the attributes. So how can someone look manly? that’s a question that crosses every man’s mind at some point in their life. Easy enough it comes down to a single thing, impressions. Being impressive is all about how you portray your confidence and manliness.

    Looks don’t play a big role in your journey to become manlier and tougher, but sure they can serve as an advantage to a person who has equally a good attitude. A baby-faced person can also look manly and attractive if they have a good personality and attitude. I will give you ten ways to look manlier but before that, there are certain things you have to change about yourself.

     If you’re a person who is timid and insecure, someone with a passive personality. You surely have to work on it, no one is asking you to metamorphose your individuality into something else but work on it so that you can gradually inculcate the traits of an assertive person. One who is calm and composed while taking decisions and also sets achievable goals in life. Challenge yourself every day with different things and test your comfort zone, because if you end up looking manlier and tougher but lacking a good attitude and personality, all of it would be for nothing.

    Working on your internal qualities will help you build a healthy foundation so that you don’t get motivated from a place of insecurity.

    Ten practical ways to look manlier and tougher:-

    1) Confidence

    A person having a strong grip on their confidence can influence how others perceive their level of manliness and also shows you carry yourself in social life. Confidence takes time to develop in a person, various life experiences in life gradually increase your self-confidence. Don’t think it’ll improve overnight, be patient, and have faith in yourself and this journey of your improving self-confidence will bore fruits in no time.

    2) Having an assertive personality

    Yes, being assertive is considered a masculine trait, even though it’s not gender biased,  a man always has an expectation of being assertive and decisive. So simply being assertive means, a man who can stay calm and composed when put in a tough situation, yet stand up for the people they care about in times of distress. They are people who respect everyone without any discrimination. They know when to speak up for themselves, and when a risk needs to be taken. They know when to take action and when to speak freely, yet graciously embrace their weaknesses and mistakes. They can hold their ground when necessary and are also equally adaptive.

    3) Respect everyone equally

    Always make decisions without any hesitation. Take care of the consequences so that it doesn’t lessen someone’s respect towards you.  You don’t have to please people but always take into consideration the positive and negative influence your decision may have on your day-to-day life. The type of personality you portray will show your manliness.

    4) Posture

    tired man stretches after working with computer

     This is a big deal because the way you carry yourself in communication with others is a huge part of your personality. The calmer, collected, and upright you are, the more masculine you appear. You should stand upright while walking with arms by your side and your chest a bit out. Always do this in a relaxed setting and just move fluidly.

    5) Join a gym

    Join a gym for a new sport and thus more athletic you’ll become and it’ll directly help you to have a more masculine physique. Now I am not saying you need to turn into a bodybuilder, but the more you take care of your body and maintain being in shape others will recognize you. Also, this will boost your self-confidence. It’ll help a great deal in your physiological and physical well-being.

    6) Keep a check on hygiene

    Always take showers regularly and visit a barber every month so that you can trim your hair. Keep your fingernails clean and add a bit of cologne to your life. Paying more attention to your hygiene will not only show how you perceive yourself but how others see you. This will help you to build your personality and your masculinity.

    7) Style

    Your dressing sense also plays a big role in your journey to looking manly and tough. Always wear something you feel comfortable with and keep a different set of clothes for every part of your day. Don’t wear the same thing you wear at the office, at the party you have in the evening. Keeping yourself at par with the current fashion.

    8) Sporting a beard

    Beards always look fashionable, from stubble to well-grown ones, it reflects the manliness of an individual.  You can always sport a beard and it’ll be a great add-on to your appearance.

    9) Make eye contact

    Do not look down when you’re conversing with someone, always make eye contact if you feel you’re looking for way too long then slowly move your eyes horizontally. Just stay relaxed while making eye contact don’t glare at them intensely, rather stay casual. It shows you’re confident while talking and is a great add-on to your manliness.

    10) Stay calm

    Take deep breaths and relax; a masculine guy always stays calm and composed in any tough situation they’re put in. Focus on your breathing to relax your muscles. This helps you build not only confidence but also self-control. Someone who stays relaxed and calm doesn’t show anxiety. Be honest with yourself.

    All these ways will help you get better but you should always remember that no one is perfect and you can’t change who you are. All these imperfections make you beautiful and make you who you are.

     So believe in yourself and work towards your goal. The effort you put in today will bore fruit tomorrow.

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