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    10 ways to look taller even when you are not!

    Let’s get one thing straight, there’s nothing wrong with being of short stature, after all, height is one of many things, we don’t have control over in the first place. People get easily intimidated by one’s size so taller people basically have a physical advantage over shorter people.

    It becomes the basis of all height discrimination and taller people get this idea, being taller makes them superior and better. So, everyone wants to be tall.  This is not at all true because no one did anything to earn their height or lack it in the first place it’s just a generic thing we have to deal with and everyone must love themselves for who they are. However, there are certain things that will give you an uplift in your short height, and boost your confidence to help you in various fields of life.

     Clothes play a vital role to enhance our appearance and flattening our build, they can also make us look a tad bit taller.

    Hence clothes either work for us or against us, so it is up to us to work it out so they give us an edge at looking taller than we usually are.

    1) Right Posture and Body Language

    One must always stand in a way that makes one look taller right away. Body language matters, and it’s high time people pay attention to it. Sitting and standing upright is the key to adding the mirage of length and height. One must always keep their chest up and shoulders back and straight while walking or standing. Stand in front of a mirror to correct your posture or ask someone to rectify your posture

    People with the right posture have:

    1)Have stronger bones and muscles.

    2)The nervous system works better.

    So good posture and body language naturally gives you an edge at height and makes you look taller.

    2) Wearing the right clothes

    Fit is something that changes with the trend but I’m not asking you to wear everything of skinny fit. But people with shorter height look better when they wear closer fitting clothes over taller men. If you don’t want to completely get rid of your baggy clothes, get them altered by a tailor. Take your clothes to a good tailor who’ll take note of your size and will provide you with properly fitted clothes.

    The idea that I’m trying to portray is to “trim the fat” from your clothes so that your pants don’t stack up on top of your clothes and the sleeves don’t move past your wrists.

    3) Wearing shoes that compliment you

    Yes, a shorter man can wear whatever shoes they want or feel comfortable but if they want a small boost (if they’re going to a party or on a date) they shouldn’t wear thicker soles and heels. The idea of creating a visual streamline from neck to toe, one needs to wear a shoe that elongates their visuals. Bigger and bulkier shoes will make your look shorter. You need not wear a shoe that contrasts too much with the jeans you’re pairing with. Wearing trousers of the same color as your shoes will make it difficult to distinguish where your legs end and make it look bigger than usual.

    4) Longer Hair

    If you sport a longer hairstyle, it is the contrast between the volume on top and side sections that gives you an extra volume on top which compliments the volume on the side thus adding a few inches to your overall height.

    5) Tuck your shirt in

    Most shirts are way too long for a man with short stature. However, you can get the formal shirts shortened, but not casual wear. An easy option to do is to tuck your shirt in, raise your waistline, and look good with long torsos and short legs. Along with tucking your long shirts in, you can complement them with rolled-up sleeves which will give you a great look.

    6) V-Necks look better than crew necks

    V-necks elongates the neck and gives us the illusion of added height. Opting for them makes you look taller.

    7) Wear outfits of low contrast

    One should always wear the color and color combination that you prefer but take this advice, a sure way to add some visual height to your frame is by wearing clothes of low contrast. For example, if you’re wearing a light-colored shirt, go for light-colored pants as well.

    8) Wear More of Long-Sleeves

    Short-sleeve shirts show the short limbs a shorter man possesses and creates an overall vision of short stature. Instead, you can wear long-sleeved shirts which makes you appear longer than you usually are. You can also roll up long sleeves as it adds a sense of style to your attire.

    9) Dark colors look better

    As dark colors are lengthening and make you look taller than you usually are. it’s true for all types of the body structure as the dark colors hides the shadows and minor details. Matte looks better over shiny fabrics.

    10) Accessories to up your game

    Adding little details to your outfit will take it to another level. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need big accessories to make you look tall but work strategically to look sharper.

    A) Hats

    Wearing hats or caps will help you get an extra height to make you appear longer than you usually are.

    B) Bags

    Always avoid bags that are oversized as they make your shoulder bulky and make you look wider at the waist and hip. If you add all of these things to day-to-day life, it’ll definitely give a boost not only to your height but also your self-confidence. 

    End of the day everyone must love and appreciate each other without discriminating against anyone for their physical attributes. Always encourage self-acceptance for who you are and others around you, regardless of the shape, size, and height of an individual. It helps decrease bullying among everyone and also spread body positivity.

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