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    The Female Fantasy – What Women Really Want?

    It is generally believed that women are too complex to understand. Women undergo more psychological and emotional changes than men. Men therefore find it quite difficult almost impossible to know what the female fantasy is and what women really want. We have tried to explain this all in the simplest terms.

    If you are also stuck in this confusion about women, we are here to bring clarity to your mind. After careful observation and consulting various studies on women, we have decided to explain the things women want most from men. Read this to the end to clear your conception of women.

    1.) Love

    There is no doubt about the fact that every woman wants to be loved. She needs you to love her beyond everything. A love that makes her the center of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Ideally, women like men who love them unconditionally. Unconditional in the sense that the love for them should not be for the sake of loving. Women idealize men who know the art of love because love is the supreme emotion. Your love should not be based on the standard of logic or reason.

    2.) Care

    A beautiful woman perches on the side of an elegant red roll top bathtub, and waits for it to fill up. She wears a silky robe. Light floods through the window, backlighting the relaxing scene and giving it a dreamy vibe.

    After love, women search for care. Care is the most soothing fantasy for women. They expect men to care for them completely. The best form of care is awareness being aware of what she likes and dislikes. After knowing their priorities, they expect you to shape your behavior accordingly. Your care should cover all aspects of a woman’s personality, from her diet to her dress. She wants you to show immense care in every aspect of her personality.

    3.) Loyalty

    Loyalty is the highest degree of love in the eyes of every woman. Women want you to be genuine, truthful, and loyal to them. They normally do not expect you to lie or pretend. They need the most truthful side of your personality. Women like loyalty because it helps them establish trust in you. Once their trust is maintained, they can love you to the fullest. Loving you back also makes them happy. To reach that level of love, all they need is full-fledged loyalty. If you want to win the heart of a woman, be loyal to her.

    4.) Respect

    Respect is one of the top priorities for almost every woman. Even a prostitute also expects men to show respect to her. If you respect a woman, you can win her heart instantly. More than anything, respect can make a woman fall in love with you. Respect works better when it is combined with love and care. If you like someone, make sure you show your utmost respect to her. If you humiliate her in any way, even once, she will never forget it and will never be the same for you again.

    5.) Expression

    All the above-mentioned emotions are effective ways to impress a woman if they are expressed. Women do not like overly serious and hesitant men. Women crave expressions of love, care, respect, and loyalty. When you express yourself to a woman, it makes her feel important and worthy of your expression. Many men have lost women because they were reluctant to express their emotions. Expression can be done in multiple ways, from writing a letter to buying a gift.

    6.) Importance

    Importance is what every human being needs. Importance is really necessary to enable a woman to speak her heart to you. If you love a woman, she should be very important to you. Women love men who keep making them feel important. There are no definite rules for showing importance. For example, when she is talking, listen to her and do not harshly disagree or interrupt. When she discusses something with you, be patient to understand her viewpoint. If you succeed in making her feel important, you are closer to being a gentleman.

    7.) Attention

    After importance, attention is a woman’s top priority. You need to give overwhelming attention to a woman if you want to attract her. To do so, you first need to ensure your constant presence. For example, you should not expect a woman to love you when you have not replied to her for days. A constant physical or virtual presence gives a woman reassurance that you are there to hold her hand through good and bad times. The more attention you give a woman, the more quickly you will get to have her.

    8.) Dreams

    Women like men who dream big. They do not like men with confined minds and hearts. Even when you do not have the resources to do something, keep sharing your dream to do so. When you dream big, it is overtly joyful for a woman. A dull mind cannot dream, and women like creative and imaginative men. You can easily give her pleasure by taking her to your dreams. By continuing to share your dreams with her, you can establish yourself as an ideal man in her mind. Your dreams define you from her viewpoint.

    9.) Fantasy

    Women have a natural distaste for reality or the things that are actual. They like unreal or decorated things. Therefore, they like fantasy and imagination. Even in daily life activities, they constantly search for someone who can make it special for them. If you have the ability to fantasize about or imagine things that are not yet real, you can easily match a feminine mind. This will add color to your relationship. It takes very little to imagine beautiful things, so do not leave them unimagined.

    10.) Goals

    In these times, women have a particular fantasy about their post-marital relationship. Also known as “couple goals,” these are the things you are supposed to do only with your woman. For example, visiting a place or wearing a particular outfit could be your couple’s goal with your lady. You can consult the internet to learn more about these goals, which are essentially different ways to rejoice in a relationship together. In addition to dreams, goals are a fantasy for every woman.

    11.) Affirmation

    Women hanker for affirmation or approval of their thoughts, emotions, decisions, and actions. They need someone who can understand them and give them due importance. Men who affirm women are most likely to be idealized by women because when a man approves of a woman, she feels overwhelmed. As a result, her trust in herself increases, and she feels more confident and prominent than ever. So, keep affirming your lady because this is one of her fantasies.

    12.) Appreciation

    Appreciation is linked with expression. When you are expressing your love for a woman, make sure to sound appreciative. Women are okay with your expectations. However, in return, they want appreciation. When a woman does something for you, big or small, do not feel hesitant in appreciating her. When you appreciate a woman, her positive energy is doubled. Appreciation is one of the prime fantasies of a woman. You are supposed to be appreciative.

    13.) Possessiveness

    Although women are thought to usually dislike possessiveness, this is not entirely true. Women naturally demand possessiveness, and there is no doubt about this. However, this possessiveness should not be toxic. First and foremost, you should make her feel free in her life and choices. Do not forcibly constrain her behavior. Women do not like men who are either overly possessive or non-possessive. They look for men who have a balanced level of possessiveness.

    14.) Prioritization

    Like men, women also want to be the center of their lives. Prioritization is the fantasy of every woman. When you show your love for a woman, she expects you to prioritize her. If you fail to do so, you are not likely to have her. When you prioritize a woman, she feels elated, and her soul dances in the joy of being the most important person to you. She idealizes someone to whom she is the first priority, not an option.

    15.) Protection

    Last but not least, women like men who can protect them. This fantasy is now thought to be outdated. However, studies reveal that it is still relevant because women like strong men because they can protect them. You should pose like a man when you are with a woman. You should give your wife a sense of protection. When you show you’re caring, women feel protected. They are more open when they feel protected. If you make them feel vulnerable, they will not be able to love you.

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