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    The real reason you’re single and how to fix it.

    You’ve been single for quite a long time and when it comes to dating you’re bad at it. Well, that’s alright, it happens quite a lot of times. Don’t lose hope, they’re plenty of fish in the sea. You’ll find the one you’re looking for eventually, but before you get there, there are certain reasons you’re still single. We’ve stated them below for you, go through them and introspect which are things you need to work on.

    Here are a few reasons why you’re still single:-

    1) Needy love is a major turnoff for women

    A woman who is attracted to the emotional strength and security of a man often finds it displeasing and unattractive to men who portray needy love and get turned off quite easily. A woman wants to feel like you want her but are not in dire need of her. Some men even think since they cannot attract women, they pretend to be needed to attract a woman. If you show or portray insecurity and neediness to a woman, the faster she loses respect and interest in you. Why would a woman spend her time with someone who lacks determination and is dependent always? This is one of the main reasons you’re still single.

    2) You have a passive personality

    Yes, you’re a good guy, you have got a good job with a six-figure salary.

    That’s amazing but at the end of the day, a woman doesn’t want an ATM as their partner, some are independent enough to get all the money they want. One must learn to inculcate assertive nature in their personality, a woman loves a man who has strong convictions, respects everyone, and steps up for people they care about.

    3) Lack of ambition

    2023 goals written on a note book with pen.

    Some men feel since their mediocre job is working for them, they feel it’ll work in all aspects of life. It certainly won’t, not when you are trying to attract a woman because no one likes to live their lives in a mediocre way, no one settles for something low. This is what is called a lack of ambition to reach your prime, you have the potential to make it big, but you settle with something low. You need the drive to work towards something and reach your goal, a woman loves an ambitious man because then, both can work towards their goal together.

    4) Being unmanly and weak

    The first thing that crosses your mind when you hear manly, is obviously someone who has a muscular build and is ready to punch anyone who comes their way. That’s not true, being manly is being a person who owns up to their decisions and is ready to embrace the consequences of their decisions. They are strong people who live life with convictions and stand by them. They stand up for people when there is something wrong going on and respect everyone without any discrimination. Women love someone who has these qualities and takes strides in the well-being of society.

    5) You get easily intimidated

    Just because a woman is independent and can get things done by herself, it doesn’t mean one must feel insecure and try to prove themselves in ways that come off as annoying and cause a barrier between two individuals before even the relationship blooms. Being assertive takes pride in having an independent woman rather than proving who is better, challenge each other and it’ll help in the healthy growth of the relationship. Always respect the person you like/love and treat them like a gentleman.

    Here are a few ways you can fix this:

    1) Shed the belief of finding the perfect person

    If you are really on the voyage to finding your perfect soulmate with all the best qualities one possesses. Then, stop trying they don’t exist. Nobody is perfect, everybody is filled with tiny bits of imperfections which make them who they are, i.e their individuality, people will always make mistakes and that’s the way life is. So start losing this idea of a perfect partner, rather look for someone who matches your wavelength, who cares for you, and is ready to grow old with you.

    2) Improve your attitude

    You can build your body or get a fine pair of jeans to improve your looks but a bad attitude will come out eventually. Get rid of all the toxic traits you possess, firstly acknowledge them if you’re in denial, then work towards improving your personality. Treat everyone with kindness and love, and you’ll end up attracting nice people too. Always work towards your body language and your attitude because that will pave the way to finding the one you want.

    3) Keep low expectations

    Some people end up being single because they set expectations beyond reasoning, keep pragmatic and possible standards. Keeping a high standard is good, but don’t set it so high that you end up by yourself.

    4) Love yourself

    If you can’t treat yourself with respect and love yourself, you’ll never find someone who does the same for you. Be kind to yourself and set achievable targets. You have a fine share of positivity in you, work with it. Be aware of your weaknesses, build towards them, and improve them.

    5) Having a good sense of humor

     A woman loves a man who can make them laugh all the time. It is one of the best traits one can have because humor will get you in the long run.  Women feel more comfortable being around someone funny, rather than someone who is always serious and grim. There are plenty of things apart from these points that’ll help to put an end to your singlehood, but trust me at the end of the day just be yourself, express yourself freely, and make a positive impact on others’ lives.  Women get drawn to somebody who is strong not only with their muscles but also strong in their grit and determination in working towards their goal. Embrace your rejections like a man, then behave maturely and don’t talk ill about the person who rejected you. Keep building on your personality and other things will fall into place in no time.

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