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    Top 10 Body Language Tricks to Look More Manly

                It’s been many years since human beings first inhabited this planet. Men and women would roam in big groups. Those groups had men who would be the leaders and command everyone in the direction they would head in. Ever since then, it is still the leaders who guide us in achieving our goals. Whether it be the president of a country, teachers, coaches, etc.

                Leaders are those who guide others towards achieving their vision. They motivate and improve people around them to unlock their full potential. Most importantly, leaders are manly and confident. They speak their mind and stand up for themselves and others. They share traits with alpha males. Leaders are dominant and influential.

                Every male wants to be a man. But first, we have to start with the basics to groom ourselves as a man. The first step is to become more manly and confident. Although it mostly involves altering your mindset, you can also make changes to your lifestyle and body language that will make you seem more manly and confident.

    10 Body Language Tricks to Look More Manly

    1) Taking up space

    Wherever you sit in a social setting, take up your own space and don’t allow people to take up your space by shifting much. It will let people know that you are confident. You can also implement this when you are in a social setting like a nightclub. If you do not feel comfortable, just stand with your legs apart, broaden your shoulders and you will instantly feel more manly.

    2) Maintain eye contact

    Not breaking eye contact with someone you are talking to is key to being more confident. Maintaining strong eye contact lets the other person know that you are not shy and are not hiding anything. It will not only make you feel more manly but also let the other person know that you are genuinely interested in what they are saying. But remember to not stare with your eyes locked as they will find it creepy. Switch your eye contact between both their eyes and mouth when interacting with someone.

    3) Firm handshake

    Your handshake says a lot about your manliness and confidence. The firmer and stronger your handshake is, the more manly you will be to other people. A lousy and weak handshake says the exact opposite. It shows that you are unconfident and unsure of yourself. Practice shaking hands with family members, friends, etc. so later you can make a good reputation for yourself socially.

    4) Smile

    Smiling Young African Man in Pattern Shirt Against Brown Background

    A smile is something that each one of us is blessed with. It is up to us to make perfect use of it. Not only does a smile make you look friendly and approachable, but in many circumstances, it can also make you look confident and manly. If there is a beautiful woman around, you can simply use your smile to get her attention and stand out from the crowd. If you are insecure about your teeth, nowadays there are various solutions available to your dental problems.

    5) Put down your phone

    You might be thinking that how is putting my phone down going to make me more manly? Well, putting your phone down and allowing yourself to engage with people and participate in conversations will build your confidence and over time, make you more manly. Just doing simple things like taking your hands out of your pocket or quitting fiddling with your clothes will show your palms more and will make you vulnerable to everyone. Everyone will gain the impression that you are approachable and confident. Thus, you will instantly seem more manly.

    6) Move slow and calm

    In every social setting, try to move around calmly and slowly. Whether it be going to the grocery store or walking to your house. Walking slowly will show your confidence and manliness. We always see in movies that the confident hero carries out tasks while being calm. This also applies to real-life situations. In the instance of someone asking you to do something like fetching a chair, do it slowly and steadily. Not slow enough to annoy them, but slow enough to let them know that your time is precious.

    7) Walk with confidence

    Manly and confident men always walk with purpose. Not too fast nor too slow, they let people catch up to their walking speed. A confident walk anywhere lets everyone know that you are manly.

    8) Don’t be afraid to touch

    Two hands reaching out to each other

    Not inappropriately, but don’t be afraid to touch someone on their arms to show affection. It is a warm and engaging way to greet someone. But be careful and don’t invade their personal space. It shows that you are manly and not afraid of others’ opinions.

    9) Get close

    Leaning in when someone is speaking lets them know that you are truly interested in what they are saying. This makes you look responsible and thoughtful towards others which is a manly trait. Manly men listen to people’s opinions and accept their critiques with an open mind. On the other hand, if you are leaning back and not looking at them, they will feel like you are uninterested in the conversation and find them boring.

    10) Open your chest

    Simply just opening your chest will make you feel and look more manly. This can be done whenever you are feeling unconfident and down. Open your chest, drop your shoulders, and look up.

                Every man wants to be more manly and it is really not complicated. Beta males can be more manly just by doing the steps above. Most importantly, the key to being more manly is to have a manly mindset. Have a healthy mindset and set goals for yourself. Work towards achieving something so you can be happy. Being happy will make you more confident and as a result, you will also be more manly. There is a very thin silver lining between being confident and being manly. You have to be happy and assured of yourself. Practice the ten tips above, and with consistency and persistence, you can be more manly on the outside and within in due time.  

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