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    Top 10 Hair Growth Hacks Every Man Must Know

    Even though the hair is just a form of protein on our heads similar to fingernails, it is very much socially active in our lives. We compare people’s hairstyles and frequently get haircuts to achieve the styles we want. Although it is a very basic thing that most people possess, it can be the end of the world for someone if they start losing their hair. This is scientifically known as Male Pattern Baldness. It can affect both men and women. Although it mostly affects men. Three out of five men experience some degree of male pattern-related baldness by the age of 35. It depends upon a person’s genetics to determine the extent to which they will be affected by MPB.

                But there is no point in being pessimistic. This quarantine situation is a great opportunity for men to grow their hair and try new hairstyles with styling products. If we are getting this golden opportunity, we might as well use it to wear different hairstyles before we get old and start losing hair. There are plenty of long hairstyles for men such as the man bun, shoulder length side part, braids, pompadours, and many others.

                The only downside to having long hair is the long process that comes with growing it. While it mostly depends on your current hair length and your desired length, hair only grows about half an inch to an inch per month. This means that you might have to wait up to 6 or 7 months to notice any major changes in your hair length. But what better time to start your journey than now! To further help with hair growth, here are a few hair growth hacks that will boost your hair growth and ensure it grows strong and healthy.

    Top 10 Hair Growth Hacks That Every Man Must Know

    1) Take vitamin B-12 supplements

    A deficiency of vitamin B-12 can cause dry, thin, and brittle hair. It can cause other scalp issues such as itching or dandruff. Taking a vitamin B-12 supplement will improve the health of your hair which will in return help your hair grow faster. It avoids other health complications such as anemia, fatigue, etc.

    2) Lessen your shampoo usage

    Shampoos are a bit too effective at cleaning your scalp. While this is certainly a good thing, it also strips off all the natural oils produced by your scalp. As a result, shampooing too often will weaken and damage your hair. Ensure that you limit it to only twice a week. Also, start using conditioner every time you shampoo. It will prevent loss of moisture and breakage, thus leading your hair to grow faster and smoother.

    3) Massage your scalp

    Give yourself head massages every once in a while. It will improve blood circulation and flow in your scalp which will stimulate hair growth. Massage using your fingertips with gentle movements.

    4) Avoid heat

    Heat products such as hairdryers, straighteners, or curlers can cause damage to our hair in the long term. Even hot water can strip out the natural oils from our scalps. So, use cold or lukewarm water for showers and keep the hairdryers and straighteners to a minimum.

    5) Use olive oil

    Olive oil, along with other oils such as coconut or castor oil, boosts hair growth. They are rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. Along with that, they will make your hair shiny and soft. For best results, use olive or coconut oil when your hair is wet so your hair absorbs the goodness without giving you a greasy look.

    6) Improve your diet

    To have a healthy head of hair, the biggest thing you can do for yourself is to make changes to your diet. Include more protein-rich foods in your diet such as fish, beans, meat, etc. Eat foods with high quantities of zinc in them. Zinc promotes strong hair growth. In addition to this, also remember to stay hydrated.

    7) Tie your hair correctly

    Instead of making tight knots in your hair, tie them loose. Tight knots can cause breakage and damage to your hair. Your hair can start falling as it damages the roots.

    8) Start using hair masks

    Hair masks can be your savior if you do not want to spend money on a hair massage at beauty salons. A simple but effective mask can be made from yogurt, raw honey, and some drops of lemon juice. Apply this mask once a week for half an hour and then wash it off with shampoo and conditioner.

    9) Get frequent trims

    Although this seems like going against the process of growing your hair out, but getting regular trims every 2 months will get rid of the split ends. Get only 1-2 centimeters of the hair cut on the top of your head. Clean the part around your ears and neck to look presentable. Getting trims will also help you style your hair better and give you the courage to further keep growing your hair out.

    10) Change your pillow covers

    Cotton pillow covers can be harsh on your skin and hair while you are sleeping. It can pull and grind against your hair which can cause it to break and damage. Instead, switch to silk pillow covers which are much gentle on your hair and skin.

                Despite the hair growth hacks above, the key to growing your hair is patience. It takes time. As said above, hair grows about half to 1 inch every month. There will be stages where the hair looks awkward and becomes difficult to maintain. You will find that you cannot style your hair as you desire. Amongst the guys who are brave enough to grow out their hair, this stage is known as the “awkward” stage. To get through this stage, try out new products like hairsprays, pomades, etc. Find one that suits you well and allows you to style your hair. Purchase accessories such as hair bands or pins. At the end of the day, it is all about patience. Give your hair rest and space. Hair grows on its own and you can only do so much.

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