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    Top 10 healthy food to eat for whiter and stronger tooth

    Tooth enamel plays a vital role in maintaining good oral hygiene. It even protects the inner layers of your teeth from everyday foods and drinks which may cause cavities and sensitivities and also helps keep your teeth white. Enamel is a very important part of our teeth and once it’s worn and damaged it cannot be restored. So if you are looking forward to having whiter teeth, then you surely must take measures to have food that helps to protect and strengthen your enamel. Healthy strong enamel is white in color and prone to erosion by acid which exposes the layer below the enamel called dentin which is white in color.

    There are several whitening agents like strips or bleach which are safe and effective when used as directed, but if you overuse them they may damage and weaken the enamel which may cause tooth sensitivity and make your teeth more yellowish in appearance over time.

    There are several products such as coffee, tea, red wine, and soda that have bleaching properties and can stain your teeth and damage the enamel. But there are also lots of food you can eat on a regular basis which will help you to keep your teeth white and strong. They may be not thoroughly effective as the other whitening products you find in the market but they are cheap and natural and over time help your tooth get whiter and stronger.

    1) Fruits

    A natural astringent called malic acid is present which acts as a bleaching agent and is present commercially in all tooth-whitening products. Strawberries are filled with this key ingredient which helps to whiten your teeth naturally and also helps to keep your teeth strong. The vitamin C present in strawberries also helps in removing plaque.

    Apple also contains a high level of malic acid, the act of biting and chewing on the crunchy fruit helps in gently scrubbing off any debris stains on your teeth and bacteria present in your mouth.

    You can also consume tart fruits like oranges and pineapples that help in producing more saliva in the mouth which washes the teeth naturally. Don’t use too much of lemons on your teeth because too much acidity may damage your teeth.

    2) Celery

    Bid farewell to all the tooth stains as you snack on the piece of celery when you have free time. Though celery has a bad reputation for being water and bland just like apples and carrots, they have a fibrous cellulose present which acts as a natural toothbrush while the high water content present also stimulates saliva production as it’s your natural mouth cleanser. It is also a good source of vitamins A and C, two antioxidants that help to boost the health of the gum.

    3) Vegetables

    Carrots are best when eaten raw because it increases the amount of saliva present in your mouth and cleans it further. The vitamin A present in carrots is good not only for your eyesight but also helps to strengthen the tooth enamel as well. Brocolli when eaten raw with vegetables abrades the surface of the tooth which removes stains. The iron found in Brocolli protects the tooth enamel by coating it with an invisible barrier that keeps all the acids that cause cavities away.

    4) Cheese and Dairy Products

    Since they are devoid of any color, most cheese will not stain your teeth. They also have phosphorus and calcium that helps to strengthen teeth and gums through a process called re-mineralization. These properties help in insulating teeth from other harmful acids present in your mouth.

    Most daily Products contain lactic acid which helps the teeth from decaying, also data shows children who consume yogurt four times a week have less tooth decay than those who do not. Proteins present in yogurt may bind teeth and prevent them from being attacked by harmful acids present in our mouth, which caused cavities. You can eat hard cheese as they help in the whitening of teeth.

    5) Onions and Garlic

     The key to eating them is in a raw state and doing so helps to release bacteria-reducing compounds called thiosulphates and thiosulphates which help in keeping your teeth healthy and reducing the chance of plaque. Since they do not have any particular color, they don’t stain your teeth and keep the shine.

    6) Leafy Greens

    They easily find their way into the healthy food list. They are full of vitamins and minerals while being low on calories. Leafy greens like spinach and kale also promote the oral health of an individual, since they are high in calcium which builds the enamel of the teeth. They also contain folic acid, a type of vitamin B that has a lot of health benefits, including the possible treatment of gum diseases in pregnant women. Along with adding more leafy greens make sure you have dairy products and fibrous vegetables too in your daily diet. Your diet makes a big difference when it comes to a shining smile.

    7) Almonds

    They are very good for your teeth since they are great sources of calcium and protein while being low in sugar content. You can enjoy a cup of almonds on daily basis. You can even make a salad consisting of almonds. They will help to keep your teeth strong and protect your enamel from getting damaged.

    8) Green and black tea

    We find polyphenols in green and black tea which interact with the bacteria that cause plaque by suppressing or killing them. Bacteria feed on the sugar present in your mouth, after enjoying the sugar they excrete acid which damages the enamel. That’s why consuming tea on regular basis is a great choice to suppress the presence of this acid-producing bacteria in our mouths and keep our teeth strong.

    9) Raisins

    They are naturally sweet in taste and do not contain sucrose. As sugar helps bacteria to stick to the tooth surface it’ll produce plaque. They are also a great source of phytochemicals, which can kill any cavity-causing bacteria.

    10) Sesame seeds

    Consuming sesame seeds on their own or getting them baked into bread will help you to ways. Firstly, when you chew the food you’ll easily be able to scrub plaque from teeth and secondly, they are high in calcium. Thus your tooth will remain healthy as well as strong.

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