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    Top 10 Things Women Notice When They See You

    Finding someone attractive is in our DNA. We see someone attractive and something in our brain goes off. We ensure we are looking our best in order to get their validation. The attraction takes place both ways. Our brain releases hormones that evoke our interest. How attractive we find someone depends on the clothes they wear, their shoes, hairstyle, etc.

                But what is the point of getting attracted to someone, if you don’t want to make a bond or connection with them? To convert your awkward eye staring competition into a lasting relationship, you have to make sure that the person finds you attractive in the long term. To achieve this, you have to constantly maintain personal hygiene and looks. After your first interaction with a woman, she will start noticing a lot more things about you that she might find repulsive. It is in your power to avoid this from happening.

    1) Body Structure

    Women are wired up in such a way that they are more inclined towards alpha or dominant males. Your body structure is what will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Broad shoulders, narrow waist, and muscular arms are the most desirable body shape for men in a woman’s eyes. This can be achieved through working out and watching what you eat. If you are skinny, eat in a caloric surplus. Whereas if you are quite heavy, eat in a caloric deficit. Working out has many other benefits such as balanced testosterone levels, reduced anxiety, higher stamina, etc.

    2) Body Scent

    A strong fragrance allows women to know that you care about how you present yourself in front of others. They find this trait dominant and attractive. Find a strong masculine cologne or deodorant that stands out. Furthermore, another benefit of working out is better natural odor. Exercising increases your testosterone levels which in return makes you smell better.

    3) Your smile

    Your shiny whites are what will make women want you. A nice friendly smile with confidence will catch the eye of every female around. On the flip side, if your teeth are dirty or discolored, it can be disastrous. Teeth can stain due to various reasons. Drinking too much coffee or tea, smoking, age, fluoride in toothpaste, etc. If teeth staining is a problem for you, then consider using teeth whitening products at home.

    4) Manners

    How you greet and make the first impression has a great impact on how a woman perceives you. Offer them a firm handshake, smile, maintain eye contact, and give your full attention. Women want your interest. Show basic courtesy to others in front of her and she will be impressed.

    5) Hands

    A firm handshake won’t get you anywhere if your hands are dirty. Women will be disgusted instantly. Keep your hands clean. Women like strong, gentle, and clean hands. Cracked or dry skin is unpleasant to look at or feel. To replace that lack of oil production, use a good amount of hand lotion every now and then. Women also pay attention to their nails. Keep them short and trimmed. They do not want scratches on their arms when you touch them.

    6) Shoes

    It is an old saying that a man’s shoes are what set him apart from others. Dirty and rugged shoes show that you do not maintain yourself. It creates a poor first impression. Have a few pairs of shoes in your wardrobe that you wear for different occasions. Shine and clean them whenever needed.

    7) Keep good company

    Why would anyone want to associate themselves with someone who hangs around negative, gossiping people? Hang around people who are respectable, and of your status. To get attention from respectable women, associate yourself with the same. Studies show that a man is an average of the 5 people he is around the most. Your personality and attitude towards others are shaped by the people you surround yourself with.

    8) Watch your tone!

    This means how relaxed your voice is during a conversation. Women prefer gentlemen with a deep voice speaking in a relaxed manner than someone speaking in a 100 mph. This also includes listening to her while she speaks, and not interrupting her. Be a gentleman and stay relaxed.

    9) Take care of your hair and skin

    You must be delusional if you think that hair and skin care is only for women. According to research, your skin is the most important feature that sexually attracts someone. People who are good-looking, generally use some sort of skincare product to maintain their good looks. If you have acne or dark circles, use products that can help.

    10) Body posture

    In your first interaction with anyone, the first indicator of confidence is your body posture. The way you walk, stand and carry yourself around others. Women like confident men who stand up for themselves, have influence and are sure of themselves. Do not slouch. Walk upright. Most importantly, be confident in your own skin.

                It is important to remember that attraction has to take place for both parties. If someone does not find you attractive, you need to respect their choice and give them space. Or vice versa, if someone finds you attractive and you do not, make it clear to them so that things do not get awkward later.

                In order to be your most attractive self, first you have to be comfortable and happy with who you are. Work on yourself and people will notice. By doing the above things, you will feel better in your daily life and stay motivated. Your mental health will drastically improve. Try new things in life and participate in activities that put you out of your comfort zone. We develop as humans only when we are in an uncomfortable state of living. Find someone whom you can grow and mature with. Make a bond and connection with people that lasts. Lastly, be a gentleman and pick up others when they are down. Stand up for people who are spoken down upon. Treat everyone with respect and kindness.

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