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    Top 20 Anniversary Gift Ideas

    A wedding anniversary is one of the momentous occasions in the life of every couple — especially if it is the first anniversary. On the anniversary eve, couples eagerly wish to ask for suggestions as to what they should give to their partner as an anniversary gift.

    These suggestions are picked up by us because of their universality and relatability with every man and woman. Nearly every man and woman use these items and loves to receive them as gifts.

    1.) Photo Frame

    Photo frames are a really good option if you are yet to decide what to give your wife or girlfriend on your anniversary. Photo frames are kept for longer periods and are displayable. They not only have benefits in terms of affordability and availability but they also preserve your memories and allow you to revive them by looking at them periodically in the form of photos.

    2.) Jewelry

    Jewelry and women are intimately linked to each other. Every woman likes to have more or less jewelry. No woman’s life is entirely devoid of ornaments. Therefore, on your anniversary, jewelry can be gifted to your partner. It may include a necklace, earrings, bracelets, rings, et cetera. You can choose in which form you can afford — in silver or gold. Nonetheless, it is a good choice.

    3.) Makeup Products

    Makeup is to women what oxygen is to humans. The latest and updated makeup items are the desire of every woman. Because women have that in their hearts that they must look pretty and attractive. Even the most chaotic of ladies do not feel reluctant in using makeup. Makeup products, be it lipstick, eyeliner, tint, or whatever, can be gifted to your lady on your anniversary.

    4.) Handbag

    Have you ever seen a woman without a handbag? Probably not! Whether it is a party or a professional meeting, women are marked by their handbags. Even they define their personality and class to an extent. Gifting an exquisite handbag to your lady might be the thing you could do. Handbags are long-lasting and useful for every woman.

    5.) Heels

    Heels are one of the items every woman wears. Even those who do not wear heels normally have to wear them formally — at sophisticated and classy events. Black heels are what most women find fascinating. Try to find an exclusive pair of black heels and wrap them up in a charming manner to gift them to your lady.

    6.) Bouquet

    Apart from all other things, if you do not have money and your anniversary is just around the corner, a well-designed bouquet might be an affordable option if you do not have a large budget. Love is expressed no better than how it is projected by giving and taking roses. So if you cannot afford anything else, buy a bouquet and lovingly offer it to your partner.

    7.) Personalized Items

    Women like the things that belong to them. Personalized items include mugs printed with photos and texts or keychains with a romantic message or a t-shirt with something printed, et cetera. If you want to give a personalized thing to her as a gift, the woman will take more interest in that because it carries her name or face.

    8.) Chocolate Box

    The common use of a chocolate box as a gift does not decrease its value. Sweets are widely distributed across the globe on joyful eves. Especially women who like receiving sweet items as gifts. If you are planning to buy an affordable anniversary gift for your partner, you can try a chocolate box. It is fascinating as well as sweet.

    9.) Perfume

    Every woman likes to have perfumes. They want perfumes because they are supposed to smell pleasant. Whether it is in the office or at parties, women always pay heed to how they are smelling. Perfumes are another great option to buy as an anniversary gift for your lady. Make sure you buy a lady’s perfume with a pleasant aroma.

    10.) Phone Accessories

    Over the years, women have shown a greater interest in customizing their phones. From phone cases to application settings, women like to make them look the way they want it. Phone accessories include a number of things. They can also be gifted to your lady and hopefully, she will like them. You can try gifting a wireless charger, earbuds, et cetera.

    11.) Anniversary Gifts for Men

    12.) Wristwatch

    Wristwatches are the product every man owns and loves to wear and upgrade when it is old. Every day new design are taking their place in the market. If you are a woman and do not know what to give your man, try buying an elegantly designed wristwatch for him. It will give him an extraordinary manly feeling. So hurry up if your anniversary is just around the corner. 

    13.) Exquisite Glasses

    Glasses are also a part of manly culture globally. Although women do wear glasses as well, men have the peculiar importance of glasses in their dressing sense. Usually, men like glasses with black mirrors. Sleek glasses are in trend. On your first anniversary, you can buy exquisite glasses for your husband or boyfriend.

    14.) Graceful Wallet

    When it comes to looking classy and graceful, every man picks a graceful wallet to keep his money and other small handy items. Before your first anniversary is about to come, check the condition of your man’s wallet. If it is weary, you must buy a new wallet for him as a gift. If it is okay, buy another one to make a collection.

    15.) Leather Jacket

    Have you ever seen a man who does not like leather products? Probably not! Every man is crazy for leather when it comes to jackets, shoes, or wallets. A leather jacket is a really great option to be an anniversary gift. It adds grace and style to your men’s personality. Make sure you are buying a genuine leather jacket.

    16.) Hairstyling Items

    Men never miss styling their hair. Even those men who keep their hair rough have a certain way of combing them. On your first anniversary, hairstyling items for men can also be gifted. These items are likely to be used regularly and are of great benefit to your man. So make him look classy and buy him some wax, hair styling spray, et cetera. In this way, you will add to the style of your man.

    17.) Cigarette Case

    If you man smokes, you have a great chance to make him special on your anniversary. Smokers really love smoking in a classy manner. A cigarette case is the best gift for a smoker on his anniversary. Cigarette cases make a smoker outshine others in style and help him keep his cigarettes properly. They also add to men’s grace. Cigarette cases are easily available in markets and even on the internet.

    18.) Personalized Keyring

    Every man drives and most men want a stylish keychain. Coming in metallic, wooden, or plastic forms, different types of keychains can be gifted to men. It would be double amazing if you get the keyring personalized with hubby’s name or a special message for him. This is indeed a long-lasting gift.

    19.) Elegant Tie-pin

    The grace of a man is doubled when he is seen wearing a tie-pin under his coat. T-pins are the most uncommon gifts on anniversaries. However, it is coming into fashion as people are frustrated with obsolete ideas of anniversary gifts. If you are also confused as to what you should give to your hubby on your anniversary, find an elegant t-pin, pack it in a gift box, and present it to your partner.

    20.) Skincare Products

    Have you ever checked if your man has enough skincare products? Probably not! It is for this reason that men do not usually buy these products as women do. Gifting any skincare product to your man on your anniversary is also an excellent idea. This will not only show your love for him but also the fact that you care for him and what he needs the most.

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