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    Top 20 Canadian dating coaches

    Canadians are praised for their generosity, manners, and natural beauty, but how is dating in one of the world’s most attractive countries? The following dating coaches can assist you in your search for love in Canada.

    1.)Todd V

    Todd V is a dating coach from Canada with around 2 decades of experience. He provides internet mentorship as well as in-person tutoring, in which he will accompany clients to bars, nightclubs, or daytime locations to assess their abilities with the opposite sex. Working one-on-one with Todd, a client might learn more about women’s achievement than he ever thought existed. Todd’s understanding of female psychology is so constant that he’s been dubbed the ‘pick-up robot.’

    2.)Rebecca Cooper Traynor

    Rebecca has been helping singles find love for over 13 years and has helped hundreds of people find love. Her clients develop excellent love choices for themselves as a result of her training, connections, and support.

    3.) Carrie Taylor

    Carrie has a great deal of experience matching people and assisting singles in becoming open to new love possibilities. Carrie is approachable and kind, allowing clients to open up and communicate freely. She gives yoga, hypnosis sessions, and hypnobirthing classes in her leisure time.

    4.) Barbara Santen

    I assist my clients in dramatically improving their dating and relationship experiences by providing practical tools to help them make tiny but significant adjustments in their life that affect how they relate to themselves and others. When my clients use these skills and make these adjustments, they frequently find themselves in long-term loving and passionate partnerships.

    5.) Michael Zidel

    Michael Zidel is the creator of Toronto-based Dating Skills Mastery. He is ecstatic to have this chance to assist guys in improving one of the most essential elements of their lives: their relationships. According to research, the quality of our relationships has an impact on the quality of our lives. As a result, he takes this extremely seriously.

    6.) Jacelyn

    Jacelyn said the only thing she has to have to offer is experience. she is also quite honest and can tell you how you come across and what you are doing incorrectly. Her performing expertise will also assist you in grasping the concept that each date is a performance.

    7.) Matt Artisan

    Matt Artisan is a world-renowned dating expert who specializes in improving men’s life and training them how to cold approach their favorite girl. He was named the “World’s Best New Dating Coach” and has personally trained men from 40 countries. He is currently the President and CEO of The Attractive Man Inc., the famous dating agency for men.

    8.) Gail

    She is a Professional Life Coach and a longtime HR professional. She is also a recuperating Adult Child. She leads people to stronger communication and better love by working with them on all relationship and trust concerns. For anybody wanting improved love connections or dating experiences, her counseling practice is both powerful and beneficial.

    9.) Laura Bilotta

    Laura Bilotta is a top dating coach and matchmaker in North America with a solid reputation. She launched Single in the City fifteen years ago and has since utilized her highly developed and intuitive abilities to bring thousands of singles together through her singles events and matchmaking services.

    10.) Chantal Heide

    Calming the client’s brain with knowledge is always the change-maker for relationship success. Sociology, Psychology, Behaviourism, Anthropology, Biology, and Mindfulness are all used in her tools and lectures. Chantal Heide has been an outstanding voice of reason and harmony in all she has done, from leading singles into solid relationships to settling tensions among couples. Her specific counsel has shown to be speedy, effective, and, most importantly, soothing time and time again.

    11.) Irene Yarkoni

    Irene Yarkoni, Ottawa’s Dating Coach and dating specialist, will speak about the most typical dating questions that single people ask, such as: How can you know if he’s interested? What’s the best way to start? Do you know how to flirt?

    12.) Marie-Claire Thauvette

    M-C Thauvette (M-C) is a well-known dating Conscious Loving, and Sexuality Coach. Her goal is to present couples with creative and enjoyable solutions that will help them establish a strong future together. M-C has developed a unique coaching style that focuses on couples both dating and married on overcoming current challenges in a fun way.

    13.) Karren Stang Allen

    Karen is a female dating coach based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Her mission is to make you feel good about yourself, live a life you enjoy, and attract others to you. Karen Strang Allen is dedicated to assisting single women in turning their heartache into a triumph! She assists women in healing, creating a life they enjoy, and gaining confidence so they may attract their match with ease!

    14.) Colin Malone

    Colin Malone is a dating mentor in Ottawa. He is more focused on assisting tech professionals to attract their favorite girls. He induces and develops dating skills in individuals.

    15.) Eddy Baller

    Since 2011, Eddy has been a dating and relationship coach, and he has coached guys all over the world, especially in countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the USA, and Europe, to enhance their social confidence and land relationships and dates they deserve. He has a YouTube channel with considerable followers where he shares his tips about practical dating and relationship skills.

    16.) Kateryna Spiwak

    Kateryna Spiwak is a comprehensive relationship and dating coach who specializes in helping women get the skills and confidence they ought to maneuver the dating scene and attract high-quality partners. She also assists clients in developing better emotional intelligence, social, and interpersonal skills that they may use in many facets of their lives. Kateryna has assisted hundreds of clients in attracting and maintaining the love they deserve as a sought-after relationship and social skills specialist.

    17.) Damona Hoffman

    Damona Hoffman is a media figure and dating consultant who has been in two A+E Networks TV shows: #BlackLove and A Question of Love. She has contributed to The Drew Barrymore Show, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, NPR, CNN Headline News (HLN),, and other publications. Dates & Mates with Damona Hoffman is a weekly podcast, where she broadcasts and conducts new sessions.

    18.) Carmelia Ray

    Carmelia Ray is a specialist in online dating and matching. She is an IDCA certified dating coach, as well as a public speaker and author. She’s also the CMO of Instant Chemistry, a Toronto-based biotech firm that specializes in genetic matching. Carmelia has been in the dating industry for almost two decades. She has individually evaluated over 60,000 individuals and assisted over 7,000 customers in their quest to find that special someone.

    19.) Rebecca Bartley

    Rebecca Bartley is the Founder/Dating & Relationship Coach at Dating Bites, a coaching business that helps single men improve their dating skills and acquire the girls of their dreams. Rebecca assists single guys with their confidence and mentality, online dating, sex and intimacy, and other areas around dating and relationships. She has over ten years of industry training and experience.

    20.) Nicole Haley

    Nicole Haley, the founder of Nicole Talks Love, draws on her two decades of consulting, NLP training, and coaching expertise to design and deliver customized programs to assist people in their love lives. Her advice and guidance have been broadcast on Global BC Morning News TV, CKNW the Shift, the CBC National Radio Show, and various speaking engagements and conferences across Canada and the US.

    Finally, these Canadian top 20 dating coaches may help you take your dating experience to new heights. You may contact these coaches through their separate dating websites to see if they provide the dating services you require, based on your budget and appointment schedule.

    For more information about these coaches, do not hesitate to contact us

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