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    Top 20 Dating coaches for chinese men

    If you date someone from a nation other than your own, you will undoubtedly encounter cultural differences and experience culture shock. This also applies to Chinese dating. Chinese culture is likely to be extremely different from what you are used to, depending on where you are from. When it comes to dating Chinese people, this doesn’t change.

    Here is a list of the Top 20 Chinese Dating coaches:

    1.) Xiaoli Mei

    She is a qualified Relationship Coach and a Professional Matchmaker with strong psychological experience. With over ten years of experience in the dating industry, she has guided a large number of singles to find love in Asia. By hand-selecting and verifying potential partners for you, Mei and her team will save you effort and time. They introduce you to individuals who are classy, smart, beautiful, and successful, and who suit your specific requirements.

    2.) Dr. Joe Rubino

    Center for Personal Reinvention was formed in 2005 by Dr. Joe Rubino, a successful relationship coach for 13 years. It’s one of the earliest dating training and consulting services. Dr. Joe Rubino has provided relationship and self-confidence counseling to over 200 journalists.

    3.) Gao Bo

    Gao is an engineer who defines himself as a “typical zhainan,” a Chinese slang word for “stay-at-home men” with nerdy interests, rudimentary social skills, and a lack of romantic luck. Gao Bo realized he needed help with girls after three heartbreaking breakups and a two-year dry spell.

    4.) Nikki Aaron

    Nikki Aaron fell madly in love with Beijing when she moved there six years ago, but she couldn’t find her Mr. Perfect. She discusses what it’s like to date as a foreigner in China. She found out how different dating experiences can be with an American face. She can guide you well if you are an American and want to date a Chinese person.

    5.) DateKnock

    It is simple to meet new folks. The difficult part is finding the proper individual. DateKnock meets with you one-on-one at, they are one of the best matchmakers, they help you learn about yourself and present you with the one you’ve been seeking for. DateKnock is a high-end application.

    6.) David Tian

    David Tian is a Ph.D. holder and is the founder and director of Aura Transformation. He is a globally recognized expert in human behavior, social and emotional intelligence, manhood, relationships. He is also a worldwide educator, scholar, philosopher, and writer.

    7.) Yue Yosemite Xu

    Her actual middle name is Yosemite. She is a content producer and on-air personality located in Los Angeles, she focuses on three key areas: dating, technology, and fitness. Every excellent narrative she feels is told from the heart. It is her ability to find the emotional pull of any message, whether she is on camera or behind the scenes. She has spent more than a decade assisting hundreds of highly technical organizations in telling their story in a way that counts.

    8.) Gong Haiyan

    China has always had matchmakers, but there are none rather like Gong Haiyan, a recent graduate who founded the country’s largest online dating service 10 years ago. It presently has a user base of approximately 100 million people. Gong, one of China’s most successful female entrepreneurs began her career at an early age. The self-made millionaire grew up in a Hunan Province hamlet where life was difficult.

    9.) Zhang Mindong

    Zhang Mindong is the founder of a dating school in Jinan. He assists the pupil in choosing apparel for their style makeover. Mr. Zhang offers a three-day course to Chinese singles. He believes that there are many people who lack the ability to have a relationship. It’s not always that there’s anything wrong with us. It’s because we don’t know which details to focus on and that is where he comes in.

    10.) Cui Yihao

    Cui Yihao is a young Chinese coach who is just 25 years old and co-founded “Fall in Love Emotional Education” with Zhang Mindong.

    11.) Fan Long

    Fan Long, is a 29-year-old entrepreneur whose services vary from $45 for an online course to $3,000 for one-on-one tutoring. He also works at “Fall in Love Emotional Education” In recent years, similar schools have been established in a number of Chinese cities.

    12.) Fionn Wright

    In Shanghai, Fionn Wright works as a dating counselor. He also works as a Life, Performance, and Relationship Coach. You have the option of selecting him.
    “Your future begins NOW!” he often says, if you want to smile more, follow your ambitions more passionately, and enjoy life to the utmost. Feel fantastic, now is the time to smile, and MAKE EVERY SECOND COUNT!”

    13.) Giovanni Wan

    He is a Chinese dating coach who runs a YouTube channel. He has a considerable audience of subscribers. He teaches people about dating skills, social skills, and other sexual facts in his videos.

    14.) Jenny Zhou

    Jenny Zhou is an Australian Chinese dating coach who posts videos about dating skills, day gaming, social skill, confidence boosting and other clothing techniques for her large audience. Her total views on YouTube have crossed millions

    15.) Jerry Liu

    Jerry Liu is a Chinese dating coach who runs a YouTube channel. He has a considerable audience of subscribers. He teaches people about dating skills, social skills, and other sexual facts in his videos.

    16.) Aisen Li

    Aisen is helping Asian guys to be their original self by teaching them about dating skills in the most effective way. He trains them to have the best lifestyle.

    17.) Amie Leadingham

    She was once a struggling single at a time. She ultimately discovered the love of her life using a new method called CONSCIOUS DATING. Ever since she found out about it, she’s assisted numerous singles in achieving their goals. She is a Master Certified Relationship Coach, an Online Dating Expert, an Author, and she is honored to have been voted one of DatingAdvice.com and Datzie’s LA’s Best Dating Coaches.

    18.) JT Tran

    JT Tran, also known as The Asian Playboy, is a dating coach, pick-up artist, and the earliest-known advice columnist for LA Weekly and Baller Magazine. He’s is the creator, CEO, and expert instructor at ABCs of Attraction, a firm that teaches guys how to be pick up artists.

    19.) Guanyu Wang

    Wang is a Chinese dating coach. In addition to heading the Gallup global strengths movement in China, She is also in charge of Gallup China’s national training business development. She is also a trained ICF evolutionary coach and a strengths coach. Prior to joining the coaching and training field, She spent five years working in the hotel and property industries worldwide. She has worked in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Seychelles, traveling extensively around Europe.

    20.) Smooth – Dating Coach

    They are a dating firm headquartered in Asia that focuses on self-development, personal and business relationship coaching, and counseling. They offer professional client-centered services with goal-oriented techniques to assist you in discovering the skills you need to improve your social and emotional intelligence.

    Finally, these Chinese top 20 dating coaches may help you take your dating experience to new heights. You may contact these coaches through their separate dating websites to see if they provide the dating services you require, based on your budget and appointment schedule.

    For more information about these coaches, do not hesitate to contact us

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