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    Top 20 dating coaches for cold approach

    The technique of conversing, getting to know, and eventually being physically intimate with a lady you did not even know from your workplace, university, church, etc. is known as “cold approach pickup.”
    It’s similar to making a sales call. You had neither met a girl nor had she known about you earlier, but you eventually became friends with each other. This is just because of the cold approach pickup.
    You will be exceptionally perfect with ladies if you can cold approach women on the street with ease. The majority of men, on the other hand, fail at the cold approach because the anticipation of approaching an attractive stranger overtakes them. Second, how well you handle the pressure while approaching a woman will determine the success of your cold approach.
    If you are failing again and again at your cold approaches, you are on the right page because here you will find the top 20 dating coaches for cold approaches.

    1.) Greg Adams

    Greg Adams is a business owner, a man of action, a book writer, an entrepreneur, and a speaker. In all his personal and professional lives, CGA has never hesitated to shy away from a challenge. He also struggled to live in his car and had many professional setbacks before becoming an award-winning great speaker with Toastmasters International. He has a very big following on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. His most famous book is “Free Agent Lifestyle: Men’s Guide to Peace, Quiet, and Freedom.”
    He is a famous “cold approach” pickup coach and says, “The time has changed from 1990 to 2020, and so have the techniques to approach a girl.” If you really want to cold approach her, you have a lot of things to think about: firstly, is this going to be time effective? Secondly, are you going to get results? Thirdly, what is the purpose of your conversation?”

    2.) James Tusk

    If you are a busy professional, then James Tusk could be the right choice for you because he is an Elite Dating Coach and has also worked in a high-flying corporate role at a top London firm. He is an entrepreneur at a consulting firm who believes that contemporary males have lost control and are eager to meet, attract, date, and build relationships with their dream girls. He trains modern men in a variety of daily life scenarios; he teaches them “how to start a conversation with her, seduce her, and build a relationship of their choice.”

    3.) Kyle Froonjian

    Kyle Froonjian, known as Kyle Coach, is an American cold approach pickup coach with thousands of followers on YouTube and Instagram. He is a renowned dating coach who has improved the lives of his clients by providing specialized dating advice and consulting. He wishes to help men achieve their ideal dating lives by incorporating confidence, dating, and social skills into them. Kyle Froonjian grew up in Rockaway, New Jersey. He created a dating strategy for gentlemen that has assisted thousands of young men in finding the love of their dreams, for whom they have been searching for a long time. Future Sharks, Vents Magazine, the London Daily Post, the America Daily Post,, and other high-profile media and news outlets have frequently featured Kyle Froonjian. Kyle Froonjian is known as a dependable professional dating coach.

    4.) Todd Valentine

    Todd Valentine, a dating coach, has spent nearly two decades perfecting the art of attraction. Todd V Dating coaching classes and videos reveal the keys to his success, including how to approach and chat with a woman without breaking a sweat. Todd helps individuals improve their flirting game and acquire dating skills that have been proven effective in real-life circumstances by offering step-by-step guidelines. Todd’s YouTube channel, Todd V Dating, currently has over 215,000 subscribers. Another 80,000 people subscribe to Todd’s Ask Todd channel, where he explains things to young generation.

    5.) Justin Marc

    Justin Marc is the best choice for you if you are a young Indian residing in Canada and want help from someone who shares your age and nationality. He is a short guy with a height of 5 feet and 4 inches and has great experience in cold approach pickup coaching. He has been in more than 50 countries worldwide, coaching different men. He has millions of views on YouTube and Tiktok videos collectively. He believes that before you approach a girl, you must learn to love yourself, develop social skills, and generate positive emotions from the inside.

    6.) Kshitij Sehrawat

    Kshitij Sehrawat is an Indian cold approach coach whose LinkedIn mission statement goes like this: “Helping high performers unleash high worth by eliminating subconscious anchors and creating a void inside.” He has a Youtube channel named “Iron Man Lifestyle,” where he has thousands of subscribers. If you have a question like, “I have always been a socially shy guy,” I did nothing except study and play video games. My buddies all have girlfriends and seem to be content in their relationships, What is the best way for me to find a girlfriend?” Kshitij Sehrawat can help you with that on a low budget.

    7.) John Anthony

    With over twenty years of experience in the pickup community, John Anthony claimed to be one of the best “cold approach” coaches. He has millions of views on his YouTube channel, John Anthony Lifestyle. Prior to joining the dating community, he worked on nuclear missile defense contracts for the US government and as a computer programmer. He coaches you on the secrets of “dating, confidence, flirting, body language and attraction.”

    8.) Emre Ilkme

    Emre is a relationship counselor, author, and CEO of Kamalifestyles. Over the course of a decade, he has penned books that have sold thousands of copies. Emre has taught and coached men of all ages and from all walks of life on how to enhance their confidence, relationships, and dating skills. He has been highlighted in leading publications and radio stations for his skill in confidence, approach, and attractiveness. He is dedicated to assisting his clients in achieving outstanding results and ensuring that they are not hindered by limits.

    9.) Iain Myles

    Iain Myles is a Kamalifestyles senior cold approach coach. He specializes in working with guys who are searching for dating success but have had a lot of bad luck with women. KamaTV is where he posts frequent infield dating videos and social experiments. Iain mainly talks about the basic aspects of the approach that any man needs to know in order to be successful in dating, such as connection, confidence, conversational skills, and mindsets.

    10.) Annabella Rose

    Annabella is a YouTube personality and dating coach. She uploads videos to KamaTV on a routine basis. She teaches her magic to clients at bars and nightclubs! Her area of expertise is approach and appeal. She also assists in the development of confidence and conversational skills, as well as providing an honest viewpoint on the world of women from a female perspective. After speaking with Annabella, the majority of our clients declare she has the best advice ever.

    11.) Maria Lidze

    Maria is an infield trainer who routinely posts infield approach videos on KamaTV on various dating issues. She is always on the go, instructing her clients and shooting for her YouTube channel on a daily basis. Maria delivers very candid dating advice from a female viewpoint, and she is always upfront and honest with our clients and visitors on YouTube.

    12.) Brian Begin

    The Fearless is a dating agency that was founded by Brian Begin. Brian teaches students how to develop deep, exceptional levels of confidence that allow them to accomplish success and connect with people in ways they never imagined. He is dedicated to assisting others in achieving their dreams. Brian accomplishes this by assisting individuals in removing layers of societal conditioning and (often unconscious) worries from their lives in order to discover their most real, Fearless selves.

    13.) Alpha Male Strategies

    Alpha Male Strategies is a YouTuber, book writer, and public speaker. He is also a life or dating coach who aims to help guys become their best selves. He has more than 100 million views on YouTube. No doubt, he has a big fan following on social media, but he only loves “teaching men real alpha male qualities.”

    14.) Celina Bond

    Bond runs a YouTube channel and owns a website named “Celina Bond Dating Coach.” She specializes in written and verbal communication and has a strong understanding of masculine and feminine energy. She is professionally known for “sharing the importance of emotional intelligence and its place within modern-day dating and relationships.”

    15.) Anna Jorgensen

    Anna advises men who enjoy approaching women and conversing with them. As a child, she was abused and later rejected by different guys. All this made her study men obsessively. She has 213,000 subscribers on YouTube. She teaches “how to understand women and how to become your most attractive, sexy self so you can find, attract and keep your dream woman.”

    16.) Eddy Baller

    Since 2011, Eddy has been a dating and relationship coach and has coached guys all over the world, especially in countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the USA, and Europe, to enhance their social confidence and land the relationships and dates they deserve. He has a YouTube channel with considerable followers where he shares his tips about practical dating and relationship skills.

    17.) Steve Jabba

    Steve Jabba is known for his one on one training sessions in which he tells his followers and clients about the best cold approaches to picking up girls. Although he is a new face to the dating community, his authentic and creative pick-up methods have earned him large popularity in no time. Steve also claims to have trained other gurus in the pickup community.

    18.) Mike Mehlman

    Mike is a Japanese dating blogger who focuses on cold approaches, general dating, hookups, and relationships. He has written two books that are freely available on the internet; ‘The Forward Male’ and ‘The Gaijin Guide to Japanese Daygame.’ Travel and language, living a life true to oneself, and views on happiness and money are some of the smaller issues he often comments about.

    19.) Damien Diecke

    Damien Diecke is the founder of “The School of Attraction,” which is one of Australia’s largest dating coaching companies. He is running a YouTube channel that is named after the company. He is the writer of the Amazon best-seller book “Sincere Seduction.” He studied hundreds of self-help books and discovered, entirely by chance, that his tactics made him feel good about himself and that he was outperforming everyone else in the pickup community.

    20.) Matt Artisan

    Matt Artisan is a world-renowned dating expert who specializes in improving men’s life and training them how to cold approach their favorite girl. He was named the “World’s Best New Dating Coach” and has personally trained men from 40 countries. He is currently the President and CEO of The Attractive Man Inc., the famous dating agency for men.

    Finally, these top 20 dating coaches for cold approach may help you take your dating experience to new heights. You may contact these coaches through their separate dating websites to see if they provide the dating services you require, based on your budget and appointment schedule.

    For more information about these coaches, do not hesitate to contact us

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