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    Top 20 dating coaches for inner game

    Many guys have been seeking strategies to improve their female relationships, they exercise, keep themselves tidy, and attempt to figure out how to act in front of a lady. What they don’t realize is that the only way to succeed with women is to discover your inner game. Women dislike being around men who try to be someone they are not. Your inner game will help you grow as you learn from your previous dating encounters.

    Here is the list of the top 20 dating coaches for the inner game around the globe.

    1.) Christian Hudson

    From 2004 until 2006, Christian Hudson worked as a co-founder and manager of Charisma Arts, a dating advice company. In 2007, he founded The Social Man, a dating firm that pioneered the transition away from pickup artistry and toward manly self-development. Coaching boot camps in NYC, The Girlfriend Activation System, and Say Hello are among his company’s most successful programs.

    2.) David Tian

    Over the previous 5 years, David Tian also known as The Asian Rake, has received a lot of media attention in Singapore, where he was dubbed “Doctor Date” and presented as the Asian “Hitch” (a reference to Will Smith’s dating coach flick).
    He is an academic with roots in cultural and behavioral research, yet he resigned from his regular university post to focus on assisting men in the real world with their dating and relationship problems.

    3.)Mark Manson

    When Neil Strauss’s Game was released in 2005, Mark Manson began studying pickup artistry. He first rose to prominence as Entropy, a pickup artist who began teaching guys in 2007. “Practical Pickup” was the name of his training firm at the time.
    Mark grew disillusioned with the pick-up artist’s methods and attitudes in 2010 and shifted his attention to self-help for males focused on honesty and masculinity. His new business, “Postmasculine” was founded.

    4.) Neil Darrow Strauss

    Neil Darrow Strauss (nicknamed “Style”) is most known today as a pick-up artist and dating guru, as well as the guy who made the underground “pick-up artist community” public to the rest of the world.
    Neil Strauss went out and studied with the top pick-up artists and dating advice experts in his early thirties. He went from a person with little dating experience to one of the most well-respected and accomplished members of the pick-up artist community in just two years under their supervision.

    5.) Brad P.

    Brad P. is a gothic-dressing pick-up artist in New York City. He became well-known for his bizarre club and bar reports, as well as adult advice on the party scene and relationships.
    In 2005, Brad decided to become a pick-up artist trainer to educate men on how to be successful with women. Thundercat Seduction Lair, Sinns of Attraction, and TSB Magazine previously ranked him the world’s number 1 pickup artist.

    6.) Eric Von Sydow

    Eric Von Sydow (aka Hypnotica) is a pioneering dating and relationship counselor, hypnotist, author, and mind and social scientist.
    He teaches guys how to acquire confidence with women and advises high-profile coaches on the subject. He has gained a reputation as the ‘Inner Game Guru,’ after working with his buddy Steve Piccus to train others in the PUA community on confidence and inner game.

    7.) Alex Peguero

    Alex is a dating coach who teaches guys how to meet and attract women with little effort using the power of meditation and NLP. Many of his clients claim that he is insane. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to receive weekly videos in your inbox. To find out more about Alex, you can search for his website @Mindful Attraction.

    8.) Josh Maverick

    Maverick is a dating and lifestyle coach that offers an online dating coaching program to people all over the world. He thinks that by making a purposeful commitment to progress and engaging in personal and social freedom exercises meant to extend your manhood, you may “become your best self” (TM). Josh is the founder and executive dating coach of Airtight Game and has been in the game for over a decade. He may be found at

    9.) Robbie Kramer

    Robbie Kramer is a dating coach and he owns Inner Confidence, which is a men’s lifestyle self-help service provider that offers a suite of goods and content, including dating, entrepreneurship, health and fitness, travel, luxury coaching, mentorship, and knowledge.

    10.) Zan Perrion

    Zan Perrion is identified in “The Game” as one of the first members of the Pick-Up Artist/Seduction group. He’s recognized for being one of the more experienced members and for his “natural game” style of play. Zan is well renowned for his tips on how to form and maintain great female relationships.

    11.) Bad Boy

    Bad Boy was one of the first members of the Pick Up Artists group to post on message boards and Usenet in the 1990s. He got well recognized as one of the top pick-up artists in the pickup artist community in its early days for his contributions on the forums, despite a “disability” from an accident. In early 2003, Badboy began hosting dating boot camps in Europe. He eventually formed the Badboy Lifestyle brand with Shark (Ranko).

    12.) Frank Kermit

    Frank has substantial professional coaching expertise with couples, individuals, and the dating market. His coaching is accessible over the phone or via Skype. His clientele spans the globe: Canada, the United States of America, Australia, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. He has written over 20 books on relationships and has over 25 audio recordings to his credit. He works as a print, television, and radio media correspondent. He writes for’s Relationship Column.

    13.) Dan Silverman

    His name is Dan Silverman, and he has spent over a decade as a matchmaker and dating coach. He runs a company, Matchmaking Miami, which was founded not only to assist his customers in finding the right match but also to help them understand why they had previously failed to find a mate.

    14.) Rion Williams

    For more than 5 years, Rion Williams has been at the forefront of the natural trend in the dating and seduction market. He was one of the first dating gurus in the seduction industry to focus on female behavior. He’s a dating lifestyle coach who thinks that lifestyle dating is all about being honest and offering women the life experiences they want while also empowering them and removing barriers.

    15.) Jon Sinn

    Between 2005 and 2008, Jon Sinn also known as “The Real Sinn” was one of Mystery’s early learners and the chief instructor for Mystery Method Corporation (which eventually became Love Systems). Sinn has slept with over 200 women and lives a lifestyle that includes dating many girls and getting to know ladies at private parties, social circles, and day games.

    16.) Vince Kevin

    Vince’s career as a dating coach began long before he became a pillar and pioneer in the Pickup Community! He subsequently went on to work for Ross Jeffries and Speed Seduction as the Global Head Trainer. He is the one who started the Pickup Bootcamp Model, which not many people are aware of. He subsequently founded, one of the community’s first businesses.

    17.) Richard La Ruina

    Richard La Ruina is a London-based entrepreneur, author, and dating coach known in the seduction scene as “Gambler.” He preaches a natural type of seduction and is a well-known personality in the British seduction scene. La Ruina has been covered in the media on several occasions, including television, national radio, and online publications. His organization, PUA Training, offers seminars and one-on-one sessions with teachers, as well as modern dating books and multimedia.

    18.) Carlos Xuma

    Carlos Xuma is an author, dating counselor, motivational speaker, and life coach from the United States. He is a well-known figure in the American seduction world, as well as an early pioneer of the current wave of “dating advice for men” instructors and lecturers. He is well known for his ideas on the “Alpha Man” and a philosophy of men’s self-development as a way to date and achieve romantic success. He’s also credited with developing “Dating Dynamics,” an online dating guidance service.

    19.) Bryan Bayer

    Bryan Bayer, a personal coach and founder of AuthenticSF, has helped thousands of people find greatness in communication, business, and relationships. Integral theory, developmental psychology, and man or woman dynamics have all been studied extensively by him

    20.) Tatjana Dragosavac

    Call Tatjana Dragosavac and chat with her if you want to open up new and exciting possibilities in your life. If you want to be free of concerns and anxieties and live a life of inner peace and freedom. She believes in you and you must be confident that she can assist you in achieving your objectives.

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