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    Top 20 dating coaches for men

    Is this something you’ve heard before? Have you considered whether or not you require the services of a dating coach? Is there anything about it that you find “unmanly”? This is a common complaint to men’s dating counseling, and believe me, we’ve heard it before. Give me five minutes of your time, and you’ll know about the top 20 dating coaches that may assist you in achieving the life you’ve always desired.
    Here is a list of the top 20 dating coaches for men.

    1.) Cher Gopman

    Cher Gopman understands how to hook you up with a lady. VH1, FOX News, and Bustle, among other media and entertainment sources, have covered this NYC-based love expert. Her firm, NYC Wingwoman, provides single guys with perspective into a young woman’s thoughts. Cher claims to be able to radically transform one’s dating life in just nine appointments.

    2.) Eric Muraven

    lifeThe Dating Ace Bulletproof System was founded and established by Eric Muraven. This is a program for single Gen X males who want to discover their ideal spouse without all the hassle. Eric is a certified life coach who specializes in achieving dating success.

    3.) Carmelia Ray

    Carmelia Ray is a specialist in online dating and matchmaking. She is an IDCA-certified dating coach, as well as a public speaker and author. She’s also the CMO of Instant Chemistry, a Toronto-based biotech firm that specializes in genetic matchmaking. Carmelia has been in the dating industry for almost two decades. She has individually evaluated over 60,000 individuals and assisted over 7,000 customers in their quest to find that special someone.

    4.) Rachel A Sussman

    Rachel A Sussman is more than a matchmaker. She’s a relationship therapist who offers breakup and divorce therapy as well as couples counseling. Rachel is a qualified clinical social worker who takes satisfaction in being able to help her clients improve all parts of their love lives.

    5.) Harris O’Malley

    Dr. NerdLove, whose real name is Harris O’Malley, is a globally famous blogger and relationship counselor. Harris, who has been featured in Vice, New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, and a variety of other media, offers intelligent dating and relationship advice to both sexes. And he’s so good at it that his Facebook profile has thousands of followers.

    6.) Susan Winter

    Susan Winter is one of my favorite public speakers and motivators. Susan teaches unique partnership models that offer both partners new perspectives on marital life. She specializes in overcoming relationship difficulties. Susan gives direction and supports you through consultations, essays, and best-selling books such as Older Women or Younger Men and Allowing Magnificence, whether you need assistance on typical relationship issues or are ready to embark on new ways to happiness.

    7.) Julie Spira

    Julie was a pioneer of internet dating, with her first profile dating back over 20 years. She now works with individuals ranging in age from college students to the enormous group of older boomers yearning for true love. Julie enables people to discover their dream dates using a combination of online dating, mobile dating applications, email etiquette, and social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

    8.) Michael Valmont

    Another London-based life and dating coach is Michael Valmont. Michael specializes in mentoring males with the help of a large staff, but he also interacts with professionals that specialize in female coaching. Michael has a great international reputation for helping hundreds of people put their lives together and form meaningful partnerships.

    9.) Matt Artisan

    Matt Artisan is a world-renowned dating expert who specializes in improving men’s life and training them how to cold approach their favorite girl. He was named the “World’s Best New Dating Coach” and has personally trained men from 40 countries. He is currently the President and CEO of The Attractive Man Inc., the famous dating agency for men.

    10.) Hayley Quinn

    Hayley Quinn is the owner of the UK’s largest dating coaching firm and a world-renowned dating coach. Her TED lecture has crossed over 2 million views and she has over 100,000 YouTube followers. She is the spokesperson for Match, the world’s largest online matchmaking site. She has appeared on BBC1, Sky, and Channel 4 and writes a regular Cosmopolitan column. Her objective is to encourage individuals to learn to enjoy dating by making it entertaining, ethical, and confidence-building. She has over a decade of experience in the dating market.

    11.) Kimberly Seltzer

    Kimberly Seltzer is a therapist who specializes in dating and makeovers. She’s had multiple appearances in the media, including in eBay’s Winner’s Guide to Winning and on HuffPost Live with Andy Richter and Paul Tompkins. The Romance, her upcoming reality program, began in March 2014. Kimberly has written for the Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, and Fox News, among other publications.

    12.) Joseph and Paris

    Joseph and Paris a matching pair with ten years of expertise in Match-making African-American individuals, provide a unique way to form successful black connections. The black matchmaking partnership, based in Charlotte, NC, has assisted thousands of people in starting a relationship through engaging, practical solutions.

    13.) Faith Busby

    A matchmaker who works for a living Faith Busby was a former real estate and technology worker who decided to pursue a career as a professional matchmaker for women. She has a matching business that assists those looking for a long-term relationship.
    She connects men and women to help them have good relationships, which includes enhancing communication.

    14.) Greg Adams

    Greg Adams is a business owner, a man of action, a book writer, an entrepreneur, and a speaker. In all his personal and professional lives, CGA has never shy away from a challenge. He has also struggled to live in his vehicle and experienced huge professional disappointments to become an award-winning great speaker with Toastmasters International. He has a very big fan following on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. His most famous book is “Free Agent Lifestyle: Men’s Guide To Peace, Quiet and Freedom.”

    15.) Dr. Bolu Oladini

    Confluence Life Coaching was created by Dr. Bolu Oladini. Firstly, he was a pharmacist by training, and now he is a life and relationship coach, helping clients master their mental game to know themselves on a profound level. His mission is to help individuals improve their lives and relationships, discover meaning, and leave lasting legacies. His customers’ relationships, mindsets, and health may all be improved by helping them to a greater understanding of themselves.

    16.) John Ryan De Oca

    John Ryan De Oca has always been fascinated by human connections and societal dynamics. So much so that in his profession as a nurse and nurse practitioner, he recognized how important relationships are in all aspects of life. After years of professional treatment, he began to see individuals as a whole and realized the need for inner work. That’s why, in 2018, he founded a company dedicated to spreading the message and assisting individuals on their journeys.

    17.) Maria Avgitidis

    Maria Avgitidis is the founder of Agape Match. Agape Match is New York City’s top matchmaking and dating coaching service. When it comes to meeting “The One,” New York City is full of clever and equally busy professionals searching for a more customized touch. Agape Match provides a devoted and personalized experience for their clients through private matchmaking and date coaching services, where internet dating sites fall short.

    18.) Tracey Steinberg

    Tracey Steinberg also known as a “Dateologist,” is a relationship and dating counselor who works in the New York and Los Angeles areas, but that doesn’t stop her from working with customers from all around the world. Tracey’s work is oriented toward single men and women who have solid careers but failing relationships.

    19.) Emyli Lovz

    Emyli Lovz conducted a 100-date study in 2012, and her observations were reported in 2017 by Business Insider. E is her company, so she’s the creator and chief dating coach. She has individually guided over 1,250 men seeking their next relationship over the past nine years and has written over 650 self-help articles on her website. She is presently the most popular dating advice website on the internet.

    20.) Pratik Jain

    Pratik Jain is a Mumbai-based Dating Coach. He was one of the pioneers of the Indian dating coach profession. He has been teaching men in Indian cities for over three years and has worked with hundreds of men of all ages and cultures. He has contributed to several international dating services and has been cited in publications such as The Times of India.
    Chris Manak

    Finally, these top 20 dating coaches for men may help you take your dating experience to new heights. You may contact these coaches through their separate dating websites to see if they provide the dating services you require, based on your budget and appointment schedule.

    For more information about these coaches, do not hesitate to contact us

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