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    Top 20 European dating coaches

    European dating entails meeting and building romantic relationships with people from all around Europe. Getting to know someone romantically in Europe is quite relaxing. People rarely go on dates with random people, preferring rather to get through meet someone from their social circle or a friend of a friend or maybe they met online. Then something unexpected happens, and they decide to go out alone not knowing how to go about it.
    Here is the list of the Top 20 European dating coaches.

    1.) Mariah Freya

    Mariah Freya is a sex and relationship instructor from Germany. She and her husband Phillipp co-founded Beducated, an online academy, after a long and interesting journey to find sexual confidence in her relationship. Several of the classes are based on tantra principles, and Mariah has mastered the art of teaching and learning.

    2.) Matthew Hussey

    Matthew Hussey is a British dating coach who has been coaching girls on how and where to find love with a wonderful person for over 13 years. His excellent looks, charisma, and insightful advice on getting dates and finding love have drawn a large YouTube audience. In terms of popularity, he is without a doubt the most successful dating coach for women.

    3.) Ciaran Callam

    Ciaran Callam is a dating coach from England who now resides in Bali. He works as the chief transformational coach for Game Global, a firm that specializes in turning timid mice into strong, powerful, and handsome alpha males. Ciaran has been on a self-improvement path since his early twenties when he was a very bashful young guy who could hardly score a date.

    4.) Trea Tijmens

    Trea Tijmens is an award-winning dating expert and coach as well as a worldwide elite matchmaker. Trea thinks that the ability to love and be loved is a fundamental human need and that individuals cannot flourish without it.

    5.) Alex Cormont

    Alex Cormont is France’s and Europe’s leading love coach. He has devoted his life to assisting men and women in overcoming some of life’s most tough times. Alex’s dedication to helping his clients discover love and happiness is unsurpassed in his business, whether they’re suffering from a divorce, a lack of self-confidence, or adultery.
    On YouTube, he has over 200 million views, and on Facebook, he has over 250 thousand likes. He is also an Amazon best-seller. He has trained almost 70 000 people.

    6.) Adeline Breon

    She was born in Paris and raised on the French coast, and her dream had always been to live in California for a while and truly experience the American culture, way of life, and business world.

    7.) Myisha Battle

    Myisha Battle is an author, orator, and professional sex and dating coach. Sex for Life LLC is where she runs her coaching practice as well as her podcasts.

    8.) Elena Miro

    Elena Miro is an Eastern European lady dating coach and counselor with a lot of experience. As a Ukrainian woman who was born and nurtured in the country, she is aware of the needs of women in Eastern European nations. She can discuss why they act the way they do, as well as their hopes and concerns. In addition, she has over ten years of expertise in speaking with men from other countries.

    9.) Faisal Khokhar

    Faisal Khokhar is a father of two boys, an international speaker, a men’s coach, and an author. He specializes in assisting males in becoming more self-assured and charming, particularly when it comes to the other sex.

    10.) Elena Petrova

    Elena Petrova has 17 years of expertise as a dating coach. She has a degree in Philosophy and is a Certified Life Coach and NLP Trainer. Elena Petrova, a dating coach, reveals the most personal secrets of dating Russian and Ukrainian women. To make your next date a success, learn her tips.

    11.) Krystyna Trushyna

    Trushyna s a Ukrainian dating coach and dating blogger. On her dating blog, you will discover advice on how to date foreign women and how to have a successful international relationship. Her ultimate objective is to guide you through the perplexing world of international dating.

    12.) Johnny Cassell

    Johnny Cassell is a well-known figure in the disciplines of human behavior and dating game skills. It also helps to know your way around the dating environment, because many of the girls you meet will be familiar with Krav Maga.

    13.) Simon Markx

    Simon Markx would like to be your future coach. He lives alone in Amsterdam’s lovely Jordan neighborhood, where he was born and raised. He is a 39-year-old woman. Let’s get right to the point, in true Dutch fashion! After all, you’ve come to learn about his coaching approach and skills to determine if he is the perfect coach for you. His coaching philosophy is to assist you by leading you.

    14.) Erik Royale

    Erik Royale toured the world as a poker professional, attending some of the world’s most prestigious events. He’s extremely passionate about self-development and teaching others how to become the person they desire, having led a life that’s very much outside the box. Moreover, he is in and out of a dating situation.

    15.) Maricela Ferguson

    Maricela Ferguson, or Spicy Mari, is the CEO and Founder of The Spicy Life. Spicy Mari has dedicated her life’s work as a Relationship Expert to helping bachelors and married express and engage more successfully by reintroducing desire and adventures into their connections. Spicy Mari has been a frequent dating coach and matchmaker on VH1’s Basketball Wives, the Own Network’s Don’t Tell The Bride, and iHeartRadio as a raw and unfiltered matchmaker.

    16.) Tim Veninga

    He is a specialist in problematic guys and the creator of Change Him. He’s been advising men and women on dating and relationship success since 2008. Here’s a short rundown of my qualifications: He is the owner/coach of, the most important Dutch dating guidance website. He is the author of Manslut, a novel. He’s a fantastic writer who focuses on love, relationships, and social psychology. He is a well-known speaker who has delivered speeches at colleges, conferences, and debates.
    Over 200.000 individuals have used his advice to solve dating and relationship difficulties and find their ideal partner.

    17.) Dan Coach

    AttractionGym was founded by him. He is the most well-known dating instructor in the Netherlands. He had no clue where his road to being a full-time dating coach would take him when he founded AttractionGym 11 years ago.

    18.) Samantha Burns

    In this go-to guide for today’s dating scene, Samantha Burns, aka “The Millennial Love Expert,” demonstrates how to overcome a soul-crushing breakup and bounce back to healthy, happy dating life. Burns shows readers how to get off the emotional roller coaster, discover the silver lining in their breakup, and become smarter, more purposeful daters by teaching them important coping and self-care survival skills.

    19.) Vivian Marks

    She works as a relationship consultant. She specializes in providing dating advice. She is enthusiastic, and she enjoys assisting people with their relationships. She believes that any relationship can be successful if you can just fight for what you love. It takes a lot of patience and confidence from within, and relationships are not supposed to be straightforward.

    20.) Diann Valentine

    Diann Valentine is the brainchild behind The Venus effect, a dating service for ladies wishing to date worldwide. She is an intrepid traveler with contacts all over the world. She first visited Italy 25 years ago and fell in love with the country, but it was traveling with companions who wanted to check out the international dating scene that spurred her business concept. It was a logical progression in her profession, given her unique perspective on Italy gained through years of travel and her experience with women in love—as well as women who frequently make poor love judgments.

    Finally, these European top 20 dating coaches may help you take your dating experience to new heights. You may contact these coaches through their separate dating websites to see if they provide the dating services you require, based on your budget and appointment schedule.

    For more information about these coaches, do not hesitate to contact us

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