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    Top 20 First Date Ideas

    The first date is usually exciting, yet it is not often well-managed. It is the first step towards a successful relationship. The first date is the point when you come across a person and interact with him/her. We usually do not pay heed to what is expected at this point. We have brought some ideas for you to make your first date valuable and worth remembering. 

    These ideas will not only allow you to manage your time but will also help get intimate quickly and effectively.

    1.) Meet at a cozy place

    The place you choose to date someone has an important part to play in initiating your relationship. Most of the dates fail to yield any fruit because they are set at places that are marked by distractions — such as noise, interruptions, et cetera. The first thing you need to do on your date is to choose a cozy place. A place where your focus on the other person can be retained. Dates at comfortable places entail a greater possibility of beginning a fruitful intimacy. 

    There are no rigid rules for selecting a suitable place. It is up to you which place you decide to date at.

    2.) Do not meet at noisy spots

    As told earlier, meeting at places where there are distractions might fail your first date. Noisy spots reduce your concentration and make you psychologically disconnected. It is highly advised that you do not pick noisy spots for setting your first date. Noisy spots spoil the charm of meeting a person for the first time and imply that you are taking him/her for granted. 

    Your first date should be aimed at initiating love. Love requires attention and concentration. It expects you to keep your focus on the person you are going into a relationship with.

    3.) Have lunch or dinner

    Dining or having lunch together on your first date strengthens the bond because it gives you an impression of what your future life would be like when both of you will dine together. Eating together is a sign of love. In every successful relationship, couples find time to have lunches and dinners together. If you are planning your first date, make it around lunchtime or dinnertime.

    Before ordering the food, you can ask your partner what he/she would love to eat. This will express your interest in his/her personality and make him/her feel important in your eyes.

    4.) Greet wholeheartedly

    The first impression is the last impression — you need to remember this on your first date. A man is known by the first-hand impression you have of him on the first encounter. The first date is the first step toward a strong bond of love and intimacy. Make sure that when you see your would-be partner for the first time, you greet him/her well. Open up your heart for that person as if his/her presence has made a lasting impact on your mind. Do it with a smile and some words of kindness. 

    The way you greet on your first date projects your persona to your possible partner and it will be remembered for a lifetime.

    5.) Converse and know

    After the greeting, sit comfortably in a good posture. If you are a man, make sure your posture signifies your manliness. In case you are a woman, try to signify elegance and charm by your posture. Subsequently, begin conversing with the person. Ask “how are you?” or “how was the day?” — this will signal that you are taking interest in the date and want to know about him/her.

    Make sure that your conversation is aimed at knowing each other. The conversation should be purposeful and charged with immense interest.

    6.) Find mutual interests

    Relationships are less likely to be vulnerable between people who have mutual interests — it could be anything from music to cooking to reading to watching movies. Mutual interests are what bind two people together despite various differences. On your first date, during the conversation, discuss the things that are mutual between both of you. This will culminate in your curiosity to know each other and your desire to stay together for a longer time.

    7.) Discuss future plans

    Your first date determines your course of action in the future. In a relationship, you need to balance out many aspects of your life — be it social, domestic, et cetera. Therefore, it is important to discuss your future plans with the person you are going to date. Not only yours, ask the other person about his/her future plans so that you can analyze if your relationship will be manageable. 

    Since you have multiple dimensions of your life, discussing future plans will enable you to foresee your future with a person.

    8.) Know each other’s priorities

    We have different natures and resultantly different priorities. Some people prioritize a career over a relationship. Some prefer family over partners. To say it short, two people on the first date need to know each other’s priorities if they want their likely-to-be relationship to work well. Many complications after dating are born as a result of a lack of understanding. Knowing what your partner prioritizes helps you see if he/she can go along with you in the long run of life. 

    Without knowing this, you might feel okay for the time being; however, you lack that rudimentary sense of understanding.

    9.) Make gestures

    Gestures are a pivot of your first date. Especially with women, it is a phenomenon that women keenly observe your gestures. The movement of your eyes and hands, the way you turn your face, the way you smile while talking, et cetera. Gestures are really important to leave a lasting impression on someone. Gestures make your conversation interactive. They give the signal that you are wholly involved in talking to your partner. Gestures also carry a peculiar charm — a charm that does not go unnoticed especially if you are dating a woman.

    10.) Pay maximum attention

    When you are on your first date, forget everything else because you are there to mark a new beginning. Attention is what every person desires and it is the only way to make people realize that they are important. In case you are a man, make sure you give yourself to the woman on your first date. If your first date is just around the corner, make sure you are mentally and physically relaxed and do not carry any stress. There you are expected to be presentable. The other person should feel that he/she matters to you.

    11.) Hold hands if possible

    Hands have an exquisite sense of intimacy. When the conversation starts to come to an end, nicely try to approach the other person’s hands. When your hands are in contact with his/her hands, slowly caress them to instill the warmth of your love. The mingling of hands should be the first step to being physically attached because it is gentle and beautiful to do so. A love that begins tenderly has more chances to translate into an ideal relationship for a couple.

    12.) Make eye contact

    Like hands, eyes do have a magical power that takes you straight into someone’s deepest corners.  It is seen that men who make eye contact on their first date successfully compel a woman to fall in love with them.

    Eye contact makes the other person feel locked in your emotions, thoughts, and concerns. Therefore, make eye contact on your first date.

    13.) Go to a movie

    Cinema is one of the ideal places for lovers. Movies bind people together — this is not a myth. When you go to a movie with your likely-to-be partner, both of you relate to the characters in the movie. It also allows you to sit together for the purpose of entertainment. Movies prevent first dates from getting mundane and boring. 

    14.) Bring a gift

    People, especially women, are impressed by you when you bring them exquisite gifts. Before you reach the spot of your first date, buy something as a gift for the one you are going to date. Gifts not only show your care but also makes your time more exciting. They make the other person feel good about you and make him/her think that he/she is so important to you. 

    15.) Buy some sweets

    Your first date is a time of festivity when you step into your relationship and have a long way to travel with your partner. Sweets are a sign of a joyful beginning. When you are going on your first date, bring some chocolates, candies, or muffins with you. For men, it is advised that women mostly like sweet items so do not disappoint your lady on your first date.

    16.) Spend ample time

    Your first date is a momentous event in your life. Do not plan it when you have a busy routine i.e. on weekdays or when you are occupied with work or commitments. On your first date, you are supposed to spend ample time with your partner. Finding ample time for your first date is necessary because you cannot simply end it in a matter of minutes. You need at least two to three hours of free time to spend with your partner.

    17.) Pay the bills

    The first impression is the last impression as we told you earlier. Wherever you go on your first date, be on the front to pay the bills. Especially if you are a man, go right up to the counter to pay the bill before your woman takes out her wallet. This will visualize your self-reliance and generous spirit. Do not pose extravagantly. Make a balance and pay the bills by yourself.

    18.) Take a drive

    Apart from eating and talking, you can plan to go for a short or long drive. A relationship itself is a journey for two people. So the couple should make this journey beautiful with a long drive on a highway — ideally in the evening. On the drive, you experience a whole new joy of sitting with your partner and passing through different routes with confidence. These feelings strengthen your bond with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

    19.) Visit a natural landscape

    It is a nice idea to visit a place of natural beauty after you finish your lunch on your first date. Nature soothes the human soul. So do not miss to enjoy the unfolding beauty of nature on your first date. It will double your joy of being with someone. See if you can go to the countryside or a lake or to a hilly area. If you cannot visit any of these, at least stay some time in a park under the shade of a large tree.

    20.) Observe keenly

    On your first date, besides living your relationship, try to assess it. Therefore, be a careful observer of your firsthand experience of dating somebody. This enables you to introspect and examine your relationship in a longer context. Observe keenly whatever you feel or happens on your first date. Do not let anything escape your observation as long as you are with him/her.

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