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    Top 20 most expensive dating coaches

    If you’re considering whether or not to engage a private dating coach to help you improve your love life, it’s only natural that you’re curious about how much private dating coaching costs. Here are some things to consider when weighing the value of dating counseling versus the cost.
    According to Glassdoor’s salary insider in the United States, a dating coach’s annual total wage is projected to be $54,847. This figure shows the median, which is the middle of the ranges calculated using our proprietary Total Pay Estimate algorithm and salaries submitted by customers. The annual basic wage is expected to be $42,013 USD. The extra salary is anticipated to be $12,834 per year. Cash bonuses, profit commissions, tips, and sharing might all be options for further compensation.

    1.) Carmelia Ray

    Carmelia Ray is a famous matchmaker, dating counselor, and relationship specialist who has won several awards. Since 1992, she has worked in the matching sector. Ray costs her customers anything between $250 and $1,000 for an online dating makeover session, which includes image counseling and professional photography for an online dater’s profile.

    2.) Joshua Pompey

    Joshua Pompey, a New York-based online dating and relationship guru, caters to a mostly skilled clientele of males and females between the ages between 35 and 60. Pompey costs his clients a variety of online dating services. He charges anywhere from $29.99 for an eBook on online dating to $499 for a three-month mentoring session through email and phone conversation, to $20,000 or more for a VIP counseling package.

    3.) Sarah Jones

    Sarah Jones is the daughter and sibling of engineers, and she has dated a number of them. In 2014, she launched Introverted Alpha, a private coaching firm dedicated to assisting highly skilled and considerate guys in the dating world. Her one-on-one coaching sessions and training modules provide a base for understanding love, affection, and relationships for these intellectual singles. Her monthly expenses vary from $5,000 to $20,000, with an average of around $10,000 during November.

    4.) Susan Winter

    She costs only 1750$ from her clients for one day complete. This one-day comprehensive planning session gives you the finest potential head start on resolving your relationship and dating challenges.

    5.) Amanda Rose

    She costs only 1997$ for her basic package of 3 Personalized Coaching Sessions and each session is 45-60 Minutes longer while her VIP package consisting of 10 personalized coaching sessions will cost you 5997$.

    6.) Julie Spira

    Julie Spira’s online dating counseling services range from $150 to $3,500 and include online profile evaluations, assistance in creating email answers to online matches, and pre-and post-dating advice. For counseling, Spira’s clients can email, phone, or text her.

    7.) Cora Boyd

    She charges $897 for 2.5 video call sessions in the week. She will look at any behavioral patterns, gaps in knowledge, or opportunities for growth that are letting you down. You will become crystal clear on what you want to accomplish and will create a personalized action plan to help you get there.

    8.) Bela Gandhi

    In Chicago, Bela Gandhi operates the Smart Dating Academy. The services vary from a $35 online program to $15,000 per year of in-depth counseling.

    9.) Hayley Quinn

    Hayley Quinn’s objective is to encourage individuals to learn to enjoy dating by making it entertaining, ethical, and confidence-building. She has over a decade of experience in the dating market It costs only 130$ for her 30-minute one-on-one session with a client.

    10.) James Preece

    James will show you precisely how to fix things and continue to meet beautiful people while preventing the same pitfalls that everyone does as the top UK Dating Coach and Relationship Expert. Meeting new people through online dating is a terrific method to do it. His dating session Fees range from USD 180 to USD 800 and14000 annual fees.

    11.) Kate Mansfield

    Kate Mansfield is the UK’s leading dating and relationship coach. She earned Corporate Live Wire’s relationship expert of the year award in 2019 and has an unmatched client success record. She is offering her dating skills in three different packages by naming them silver, gold, and diamond which cost from 499$ to 6500$ monthly plan.

    12.) Rachel Russo

    Rachel Russo has a long history of assisting high-caliber individuals in the NYC region in finding and keeping love. Rachel has a record of offering world-class guidance and individual matches through her boutique matching and relationships counseling agency, Rachel Russo has over 17 years of experience as a matchmaker, dating & relationship consultant. Her six-month dating session will cost you $10-50K depending on your background, matching ability, and skills development.

    13.) Evan Marc Katz

    Evan Marc Katz, who describes himself as a personal trainer for smart, beautiful, powerful women, has been counseling singles to find true love since 2003. Katz uses his 12-Week Commitment Course, services, group coaching, and one-on-one guidance to teach women to understand men. Are you afraid of committing? Then you should sign up for Katz’s free newsletter, you’ll receive a copy of his e-book, “5 Massive Mistakes.” Evan introduces different programs on dating where he charges 1800 to 8000$ for 6 monthly dating programs depending on their outcomes and endeavors.

    14.) Tessa Mac

    She’s a Dating & Mindset Coach who helps high-quality people form meaningful relationships, gain confidence, and embrace their own identities. She charges $495 for a one-hour session with her clients.

    15.) Matt Artisan

    Matt Artisan is a world-renowned dating expert who specializes in improving men’s life and training them how to cold approach their favorite girl. He was named the “World’s Best New Dating Coach” and has personally trained men from 40 countries. He is currently the President and CEO of The Attractive Man Inc., the famous dating agency for men. Matt Artisan is a comparable cheaper dating coach he charges only 198-547$ for a 3-day dating session.

    16.) Jaime Bronstein

    Jaime Bronstein is a relationship therapist, counselor, and LA Talk Radio host of “Love Talk Live.” Yahoo Finance dubbed her the “#1 Relationship Coach Transforming Lives in 2020.” Her In-Person, Phone, or Video Conferencing Session will be $ 200 per hour.

    17.) Arica Angelo

    Arica Angelo is a dating and relationship guru who assists brave single guys in their search for love. Her coaching technique isn’t for the faint of heart, and clients can expect their lives to be turned around. She charges 994$ for her one-hour session and an accelerated coaching Package of 5 Video Zoom Sessions which costs $3494.

    18.) Dr. Morgan Anderson

    She is a Clinical psychologist, dating and relationship counselor, and host of the “Let’s Get Vulnerable” podcast. It costs 500 dollars for a one on one dating session which is one hour long.

    19.) Ali Jackson

    Ali’s customers build confidence by gaining information to date, whether it’s through a profile review or a coaching session. She costs from 30 MIN $115 to 60 MIN $195.

    20.) Andreas ardent

    Andreas Ardent is the writer of the book SMASH From Zero to Hero, as well as the Infamous 1000+ lay count. Andreas has been an enthusiastic seducer for the past sixteen years in some countries, so whether you like white females, black girls, Asian girls, Latinas, or Arabic ladies, Andreas has previously done it several times. He charges $200/month.

    Finally, these Russian top 20 dating coaches may help you take your dating experience to new heights. You may contact these coaches through their separate dating websites to see if they provide the dating services you require, based on your budget and appointment schedule.

    For more information about these coaches, do not hesitate to contact us

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