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    Top 20 Romantic Tv Shows On Netflix

    Romantic shows and series are something that everyone experiences at some point in their lives. People do fall in love, hang out with each other, and get married. This kind of stuff is never out of the news. Romantic dramas bring out our suppressed emotions, mend our broken hearts, and make people aware that it happens. Netflix is always a source of entertainment for the audience, and it shows a lot of fantasy shows, dramas, and love tragedies, where people not only watch romantic comedies but also learn how to use new words for their partner, how to react with loved ones, and how to surprise and create romantic moments. Netflix’s romantic shows are very fascinating, and their mind-blowing concepts will entertain you the most.

    Here are the top 20 Netflix romantic shows that have recently debuted or are currently available. I hope you love them.

    1.) Love and Anarchy

    Love & Anarchy Review: An Easy, Breezy & Crazy Rom-Com We All Needed This  Year!

    Seasons: 2 seasons

    Ratings: 4.8

    Starring: Ida Engvall. Sofie Rydmanas Sofie Rydman

    Genre: Romantics, Comedy,

    It is a series on Netflix that involves romance and workplace comedy. The story is about a female consultant who is married and a temporary IT specialist who makes a strong first impression in a different manner. Due to working in the same office, the two of them start giving each other dares in order to have fun, but when the game moves forward, the end was unintentional. The story is about romance and comedy, and it’s about falling in love while having fun. It has been released in Swedish.

    2.) If I Hadn’t Met You

    Seasons: 1 season (10 episodes)

    Ratings: 4.7

    Starring: Pablo Derqui, Andrea Ros, Javier Beltrán, Paula Malia

    Genre: Romantic, Tragedy, Science Fiction

    It is a Spanish romantic drama that was released in 2019, and the drama is based on romance and tragedy. The drama depicts the most eye-catching idea if we go back in time and correct our mistakes. There is an amazing concept of a parallel universe in the show. As far as the story of the drama goes, there is a man whose wife and children die in an accident that happens on the road. He was full of sorrow and suicidal thoughts. The drama is based on the concept of having better relationships with humans. He was saved by a person who told him that he could travel to the parallel universe and change the destiny of his family. This show is about the intense love a person has towards his wife and children.

    3.) Tiny Pretty Things

    Tiny Pretty Things (TV Series 2020) - IMDb

    Seasons: 1 season (10 episodes)

    Ratings: 4.0

    Starring: Kylie Jefferson, Lauren Holly

    Genre: Romance, Drama

    It is a romantic series that is based on the novel written by Sona Ch. and Dhonielle. It was available on Netflix in 2020. It is an American drama that is based on a romance that occurred at a school. The main story is about a ballet school in which students learn to dance. The theme just moves around teachers, students, and administration. The main cast played a dance student in the series. Basically, it is a fantastic TV show about romances that occur at schools. If you are a teenager, you should not miss the show on Netflix.

    4.) The Vampire Diaries

    Seasons: 10 Seasons

    Ratings: 4.8

    Starring: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley

    Genre: Romance, Horror

    The Vampire Diaries is a very popular drama among teenagers and adults to watch. It first aired in 2009, and there have been about ten seasons released so far. The story is about human and vampire interaction, which is based on love and hate. The series is about a town that is mystical and there is a girl who is an orphan. The girl falls in love with a good-looking vampire, and the story revolves around their love life. Moving on in the drama, there is a love triangle in which the two brothers not only love the girl but also try to save her from vampires and evils.

    5.) Cable Girls

    Cable Girls (TV Series 2017–2020) - IMDb

    Seasons: 5 seasons

    Ratings: 4.7

    Starring: Blanca Suárez, Ana Fernández, Maggie Civantos, Nadia de Santiago , Yon González

    Genre: Romance, Teenage

    The show is a Spanish drama that originally covers two concepts of drama, love and friendship. The drama is about a place where girls work together and become best friends. One of them falls in love with someone, and this was the main twist of the drama. The drama revolves around the concept of how relationships of humans evolve in different scenarios.

    6.) Easy

    Easy season 3 renewal: Is it going to happen at Netflix soon? in 2021 |  Netflix, About time movie, Netflix series

    Seasons: 3 Seasons

    Ratings: 4.0

    Starring: Different in each Episode

    Genre: Drama, Romance

    This is one of the best Netflix series that is totally about romance. The season is not about linked episodes; it is about the standalone story presented in each episode. The series is about characters who are falling in love, having breakups, and getting into hate. The drama tries to show intense romance while also showing the conditions under which the universe makes people who love each other separate. The show is to present the evolving relationship between people, which is changing over time because of world conditions. If you are looking for a drama that shows you how the real world’s difficulties will affect your love life, you should watch this.

    7.) Hollywood

    Hollywood (TV Mini Series 2020) - IMDb

    Seasons: 1 (7 episodes)

    Ratings: 4.4

    Starring: David Corenswet, Darren Criss

    Genre: Romantics

    Netflix produces content that is super amazing in this field. Hollywood is a drama based on love, and it includes many blunt scenes of lovemaking. It was released in 2020 on Netflix. The main story is about the Hollywood Golden Age, when during World War II some of the young actors and producers tried to make new kinds of dramas, write stories, and make their dreams successful. Basically, this is a struggling process for performers including a lot of romantic moments.

    8.) Bridgerton

    Review: 'Bridgerton' Is a Sparkly Period Piece With a Difference - The New  York Times

    Seasons: 2 seasons

    Ratings: 4.5

    Starring: Different in Seasons

    Genre: Romantic Drama

    It is based on the novel written by Julia Quinn. It shows the early 1800s Regency era, in which you will see relationships and love. Julie Andrews plays a major role in the drama, which depicts English high society. It was released in 2020 on Netflix and is available to watch. It is one of the most-watched series on Netflix. The main drama is about the love of high-class people. If you want to see the love that happened between the high class and their own complexities, you should not miss this.

    9.) Too Hot to Handle

    Too Hot to Handle' 2021 Contestants: Season 2 Cast For Netflix Show |  StyleCaster

    Seasons: 3 Seasons

    Ratings: 3.4

    Starring: Desiree Burch, Carly Lawrence, Emily Miller, Cam Holmes, Melinda Melrose

    Genre:  Romantic Drama

    It is a British drama that was released in 2020 and is now available to watch on Netflix. It is about adults which are doing flirt but do not get involved in long-term relationships. It is about trying to have lasting relationships with partners. The adults go out for vacations, and they are forbidden to kiss or have sexual contact. Breaking the rule will result in a charge. This is an exciting, amazing, and romantic show that draws viewers in. The story is based on how to work on the relationship while controlling sexual and bodily needs. If you want to see amazingly romantic and bold scenes you should watch this drama.

    10.) Love Alarm

    How many episodes are there in Love Alarm season 2? The show tops the  Netflix charts

    Seasons: 2 Seasons

    Ratings: 3.6

    Starring: Kim So-hyun, Jung Ga-ram, Song Kang

    Genre: Romance, Drama

    The drama is based on romance and technology, and it is a new differentiated effort in the field of romantic dramas. It was first launched in 2019 on Netflix. The central idea of the drama is a mobile application called “Love Alarm,” which will tell what soft corners people have for each other. The app assists humans in behaving well and improves personal abilities and know-how to handle the situations that occur in love affairs. It is a very deep concept and it is based totally on romance and love. In the drama, the story is about how technology helped people to share thoughts and love with people who can’t do it in public. The idea is very clear and amazing to watch.

    11.) Dating Around

    Dating Around (TV Series 2019– ) - IMDb

    Seasons: 2 Seasons

    Ratings: 3.2

    Starring: Different

    Genre: Romantic drama, Intimate

    It is a romantic television show with a lot of episodes that are based on a single person who is looking for his or her perfect match. For this purpose, a man goes on five different dates with different people and then chooses one. Each of the dates involves some love moments, some awkward conditions, and sometimes true love. Actually, the concept is choosing the right person through blind dating. It’s a romantic comedy about meeting potential partners among various groups.

    12.) Accidentally in Love

    Accidentally in Love TV Show Air Dates & Track Episodes - Next Episode

    Seasons: 1(30 Episodes)

    Ratings: 4.8

    Starring: Sun Yi Ning, Fiction Guo, Elvis Li, Zhao Yi Qin

    Genre: Romantic Comedy

    Accidentally in Love is a Chinese romantic series that is available on Netflix. The main story is based on a high-class girl who wanted to run away from an arranged marriage and fall in love on her own. The girl is an orphan, and her parents have died under mysterious circumstances. She ran away from her wedding day and reached the college where her parents met and fell in love. In her curiosity, she wanted to reveal what happened to her parents after she got admission to the college. But, because she comes from a wealthy family, she goes by a different name and avoids being caught. Her desk partner was a singer, and both of them created problems for each other. After a long time, they realized the love between them, and here the journey of love and romance began.

    13.) Feel Good

    Feel Good' Season 2 Review - Mae Martin Has Produced an Instant Classic

    Seasons: 2 seasons

    Ratings: 4.7

    Starring: Different

    Genre: Comedy, Romance

    Feel Good is a drama created by Mae Martin, one of the best comedians from Canada. The drama is based on love, romance, comedy, and thriving. The drama is a semi-autobiography of Mae Martin, who is in love with her girlfriend. The drama premiered in March 2020 and received overwhelmingly positive reviews. The second season of the television series produced by Netflix was released in 2021. The drama is based on a girl who lives in London and is working on her addiction to narcotics. You will note that she was living in a relationship with a woman who never dated another woman in her history. So you will see how same-gender relationships develop and what difficulties occurred.

    14.) Valeria

    Valeria | TV TIME - MAG THE WEEKLY

    Seasons: 2 seasons

    Ratings: 4.1

    Starring: Diana Gómez, Silma López, Paula Malia, Teresa Riott, Maxi Iglesias, Ibrahim Al Shami

    Genre: Romance, Sex, Comedy

    It is a Spanish drama based on a novel written by Elisabet Benavent, that is available on Netflix. It was in May 2020 and after that, the second season was also launched in August 2021. The main story is about a female writer. The writer is not only struggling in her writing career but is also having issues with her husband. On the other side, the writer has three friends who are falling in love, having heartbreaks, and doing different things in their lives, which maintain the entertainment of the series. Once you start it, you can’t let it go unfinished.

    15.) Love Is Blind

    Love Is Blind cast: Full line-up for season 2 of Netflix dating show | The  Independent

    Seasons: 2 seasons

    Ratings: 3.9

    Starring: Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey, Giannina Milady Gibelli, Matthew Barnett, Mark Cuevas, Jessica Batten, Cameron Hamilton

    Genre: Romance

    Love is Blind is a romantic show. It is the hottest show in real-time. The show is some kind of reality show based on whether or not love works if people act blindly in love. The show was first released in February 2020. The main content of the show is about a group of people who are single and are actually having fun falling in love blindly. The people can’t see each other, but they can show interest without seeing. Once they get involved with each other enough that one of them proposes, they are able to see each other at the end. The show is romantic, fascinating, and also has bold content.

    16.) The Hookup Plan

    The Hook Up Plan' Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

    Seasons: 3 Seaons

    Ratings: 4.4

    Starring: Tom Dingler, Zita Hanrot, Guillaume Labbe, Marc Ruchmann

    Genre: Comedy, Romance

    The Hookup Plan was released in 2018 on Netflix, and the drama is based on a girl named Elsa. She thought that she was unlucky in love and couldn’t get over her ex. She feels low in confidence and in her love abilities. To increase her self-confidence, one of her friends hired a male to help Elsa forget her ex and move on in her life. The male was a schoolteacher, and her friend used the teacher to reaffirm his faith in Elsa’s ability to date and have romance. After some time, Elsa is worried about the secret and has doubts about both of them. Now the long-term friendship is in a state of chaos.

    17.) Sex Education

    Frying Pan [Explicit] by Ezra Furman on Amazon Music -

    Seasons: 3 Seasons

    Ratings: 4.8

    Starring: Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Emma Mackey, Connor Swindells, Ncuti Gatwa

    Genre: Sex, Comedy, Romance

    Sex Education is a comedy-drama released in January 2019 for the first time on screen. The drama revolves around sexual talk, relationships, sexual issues, and the happenings of the students at a school. The drama is based on talking and getting help with intimate issues and heterosexual problems. It is a different scenario of drama that explains a social point using the power of comedy and romance. However, achieving the goal is fraught with difficulties. You can watch this amazing series on Netflix.

    18.) My Holo Love

    My Holo Love (TV Mini Series 2020) - Photo Gallery - IMDb

    Seasons: 1 (12 Episodes)

    Ratings: 4.8

    Starring: Dahlia Salem, Lee Jeong-eun, Hwang Chan-sung, Ko Sung-hee

    Genre: Full Romance

    This series is a romantic drama that involves science fiction, making it super fun to watch as a series. The series is Koren generated and will be released in 2020. The series involves many bold scenes. The main character in “My Holo Love” is a woman who suffers from a disease that causes her to be unable to recognize human faces. The girl is living a different life, but her life changed when an app called AI Holo introduced artificial intelligence into her life. The app helped her to fall in love with a person, behave good and express her feelings calmly to people.

    19.) Eternal Love

    Best Movies and TV shows Like Eternal Love of Dream | BestSimilar

    Seasons: 1 (58 Episodes)

    Ratings: 4.9

    Starring: Zhaolin Xing, Liang Jie, Ruichang Wang, Yi Ning Sun

    Genre: Romance

    External Love is a Chinese series that is available on Netflix to watch. The series is based on a novel written by Tang Q. The drama was first released in 2017 on Netflix. The main story of the romantic drama is about a tribe of immortals. The people are suffering as a result of the war, and there are numerous gods representing various aspects of life. The lady who is sent to Earth without her power or past memories falls in love with someone. The love story is not simple; it suffers from heartbreak, issues, betrayal, envy, and problematic conditions. However, the drama can take you to a fictional world of immortal species. If you are looking for a series with romance and fiction, you should watch this.

    20.) Never Have I Ever

    devi and paxton kiss // never have i ever 2x09 - YouTube

    Seasons: 2 Seasons

    Ratings: 4.7

    Starring: Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Poorna Jagannathan, John McEnroe, Benjamin Norris, Jaren Lewison, Lee Rodriguez

    Genre: Drama, Teenage, Coming of Age

    Never Have I Ever is an American drama that was released in April 2020 and is one of the best series launched by Netflix. The drama story is based on a girl named Devi and she was an Indian-American girl. The drama revolves around Devi, her difficulties, and her problems while adjusting to the American system. The whole drama is about her changing age and the demands of adulthood. The drama involves high school issues, a romantic hot boyfriend, boys, and chills. If you are looking for comedy and romance, you should watch this.

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