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    Top 20 Russian Dating coaches

    When you first arrive in Russia, you may believe that being from a different country will give you a leg up on the competition when it comes to dating. Regrettably, the truth is considerably different. In Moscow, fewer than one out of every five marriages is between people from different countries. While English-speaking nations feature on the list of most popular nationalities for weddings, they trail Ukraine, Turkey, and Moldova by a long shot.

    Here is a list of the Top 20 Russian Dating Coaches to guide you through everything about dating culture in Russia.

    1.) Johnny Cassell

    Johnny Cassell is a renowned human cognitive behavioral therapist and male dating coach. He focuses on teaching guys the dating skills they need to attract the ladies they desire. Johnny has amassed a significant quantity of credible information and experience in the field of personal development since 2005. He has guided his clients to complete success. Johnny, like your guidance teacher, is your vehicle to success with ladies.

    2.) Yulia Livshun

    She is an Instagram blogger who used to work in corporate HR. Her blog contains her philosophy, personal perspectives, and scientific data on themes such as mindfulness, personal development, and happiness quests. She presently publishes in Russian, and her blog can be found here: www.instagram.com/yulia_livshun

    3.) Polina Solda

    Polina has received professional training and certification from Coach U, as well as the International Coach Federation’s Certified Coach accreditation and certifications as an Exceptional Coach and Dynamic Results Coach. Polina Solda is a recognized and sought-after dating expert and certified coach who enables clever and ambitious women everywhere around the globe to discover love and keep it forever. Polina understands what it’s like to go through the ups and downs of being married, divorced, and back on the dating scene as a single woman. Polina is now blissfully married and on a mission to help every woman go from being single to being in love.

    4.) Zhanna Lee

    Zhanna is a Siberian native who hails from Tomsk. She has been captivated by unconventional treatment methods and the mind-body link since she was a baby, growing up in a holistic-oriented practitioner’s family. Growing up with a sibling who had an undiagnosed sickness and spending summers with her grandmother in a small Siberian village had a profound impact on her. But it was the contrast between the cultures and lifestyles of Soviet Russia, where she was born, and Muslim Kabul, Afghanistan, where she spent much of her childhood, that had the most impact on her. She developed the ability to recognize and cherish unique personal and cultural differences, as well as to connect deeply with individuals, and this has been her mission and vision ever since.

    5.) Krystyna

    Krystyna was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, but grew up in Crimea, on the Black Sea’s northern coast. She relocated to Frankfurt, Germany, in 2002. She received her Master’s degree in Turkish, English, and Italian literature from Frankfurt’s Goethe University in 2010. Krystyna also gave interviews to journalists, bloggers, and media production businesses, as well as writing three e-books and more than 30 video tutorials in German and English. Krystyna has responded to over 2,000 emails from UkrainianDatingBlog.com and UkrainianDatingStories.com readers.

    6.) Sandy Tomey

    Sandy Tomey is a dating and relationship counselor for successful individuals and couples. She specializes in assisting single and divorced professionals in healing from past heartbreak and grief in strategy to garner the love of their lives!

    7.) Rick Soetebier

    Rick Soetebier is a dating coach and the author of many books, especially ones focused on dating. For you, what does a truly amazing partnership entail? The secret to discovering your ideal partner is to know the answer to that question. However, not everyone knows how to respond to that question or that it is necessary for finding long-term love.

    8.) Elena Petrova

    Elena Petrova has 17 years of expertise as a dating counselor. She has a degree in philosophy and is a certified life coach and NLP trainer. She delves into the most personal aspects of dating Russian and Ukrainian women. To make your next date a success, learn her tips.

    9.) Elena Miro

    Elena is a licensed dating and relationship coach whose purpose is to assist people in falling in love and staying in love. She also teaches western men how to date and build relationships with Eastern European women without being scammed. She understands what girls in Russian-speaking countries require as a lady who was born and raised in Russia. She can change their behavior, as well as their fantasies and thoughts.

    10.) Elena Mol

    Elena Mol’s spirit, creativity, and innovation have enabled her team to provide a high level of service and assistance to all clients. Her dating program makes the experience joyful and stress-free. The major aspects that contribute to her achievement are understanding, psychology skills, action orientation, practice, openness, and empathy. Furthermore, meeting girls will save you time, energy, and money. Her company’s main secret has always been by heart, which she has always shared with all of her members, whom she considers friends rather than customers.

    11.) Kim Morse

    Kim Morse is a dating coaching institute-trained Certified Master Relationship Coach. She employs “Radical Marriage” ideas through RCI to allow you to take your relationship to new heights.
    She has completed Gottman’s “Seven Principles Program” training.

    12.) Ludmila WoodRuff

    Ludmila WoodRuff is a qualified dating coach with a master’s in translation and intercultural communication training. She has worked and lived in four diverse cultures. She has the knowledge and skills to assist you in loving yourself, your relationships, and your lifestyle. As a strong parent of two active sons, she specializes in empowering women to have independence, psychological comfort, and a fulfilling family life.
    She can assist you in rewriting your tale so that you can be more effective. Even without guilt, you can be more present and live a more satisfying life.

    13.) Conor Clyne

    Conor Clyne assists high-level Western men to 5x their lifestyle by dwelling in Eastern Europe for 3–12 months each year. His interest in the Russian language, avoiding tourist traps, partying hard, and meeting beautiful women has offered him an incredible variety of unique moments as a former lawyer, and now full-time YouTuber living and traveling throughout Poland, Moscow, Belarus, Ukraine, and sometimes Central Asia.

    14.) Katrina Elbahey

    Katrina El is a licensed psychologist, a professional matchmaker, and the creator of Best-Matchmaking.com, a Russian marriage service. She works with unmarried women in their 20s and 30s who are eager to do dating better than they’ve ever done it before. You get the power to decide what you want and don’t want in your love life and to take charge of it.

    15.) Rachel Sherrill

    Rachel is a dating coach who specializes in assisting individuals in establishing and maintaining good relationships. She considers treatment and mental health to be essential components of good romance and love. Rachel provides helpful advice to people of various beliefs and races, despite the fact that she works mostly with Christians. She is quite knowledgeable about foreign cultures and places, making her a huge contribution to the website.

    16.) Lori Koz

    Lori Koz is a very dedicated and sophisticated dating coach who also offers his services in Russian cities. His main purpose is to help you avoid sorrow in the dating world and, instead, meet your soulmate who ignites your heart on fire.

    17.) Karina Datashvili

    Simantov International’s Karina Datashvili is the Managing Director, Senior Matchmaker, and Dating and Relationship Coach. She will guide you on everything about dating around the world.

    18.) Kristina Kirilova

    For over 5 years, Kristina Kirilova has been assisting males with dating and relationship challenges. She understands how to make herself more appealing to women. She shares her experience in addition to being a personal coach.

    19.) Richard La Ruina

    Richard La Ruina is a world-renowned pickup artist and coach from London, but recently he has been offering his dating services in Russia, where he got married. He started PUA Training in 2007, and it currently has five websites as well as perfect weekend seminars and boot camps all around the planet.

    20.) Anna Morgan

    Anna Morgan grew up in Moscow and is a well-known dating and relationship coach and matchmaker event facilitator. She was brought up to think that the key to a happy life was steadiness.

    These top 20 Russian dating coaches may help you take your dating experience to new heights. You may contact these coaches through their separate dating websites to see if they provide the dating services you require, based on your budget and appointment schedule.

    For more information about these coaches, do not hesitate to contact us

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