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    Top ten beard hacks every man must know

    Passing through the awkward phase of growing a thick dense beard comes with a set of challenges like tackling a patchy beard which is very tough to overcome initially, but if you can keep patience for some time, you’ll grow a long thick beard that will be a great addition to your appearance. After countless days of a patchy beard when you finally put your hands on a grown-out beard, you’ll be ecstatic, but work is not done yet. Now comes the bigger challenge to maintain it so that it looks as voluminous as possible.

    A beard mostly covers the lower portion of your face and neck to be precise, thus it protects the skin from allergies and infections. The mustache and the beard act as a filter to stop the incoming germs to enter the nose thus reducing the chance of any allergy.

    1) Training your beard

    Every beard differs in its texture and how you train it to grow in a particular way defines a good-looking beard. So, the basic thing one must do is condition their beard thoroughly, so if you’re growing a beard for a long time and want to give it a direction, always condition your beard on a regular basis. Wash your beard every day with beard wash and brush it gently until it gets dry. Always try to use a good quality brush and stroke it gently so that it cleans well. If you continue to do this on a daily basis then all the dust and grime in the beard will shrink down to nothing and you’ll have a healthy beard.

    2) Increase the Volume

    Once the beard has fully grown, you must consider its size and volume. Most men have thick beard that goes out of hand and looks unkempt. So, after taking a shower, dry your beard after stroking it with the towel, then apply some beard oil. Brush it gently outwards and use a blow dryer to shape your beard. You can also increase the volume by applying beard balm so that it can hold a dense volume of your beard for a longer time.

    3) Beard Definition

    Your beard has grown big completely but the important part now comes into play. The shape you wanted to form, might not form initially but if you train the beard, it’ll cooperate with you. Sometimes the hair can get curly but you can easily tame it by trimming the sides of the beard near the goatee area, as it will give definition to the jawline and keep the beard balanced. It generally occurs when the beard starts growing out of your face.

    4) Clean The Sideburns

    One of the best beard hacks to show is trimming the sideburns. If you let this area grow, it’ll give the beard a loose shabby shape. So, use a comb and scissors to trim the sideburns which will give your beard look proportionate. Since most people don’t have this knowledge, they have messy or uneven beards. Since different parts of your beard are going to grow at various times, mostly sideburns grow faster than the other parts so if you want a clean and good-looking beard always trim down the sideburns.

    5) Keep Your Beard Soft

    Keeping a soft beard is not a tough job if you can apply beard shampoo and conditioner, your beard will always stay moisturized at all times. Following proper grooming will help to maintain the volume of the beard. Make a daily routine of keeping the beard clean, comb it thoroughly, and apply beard oil to keep the volume of the beard strong. Brushing it outwards will make the beard look better and uniform.

    6) Curl your beard

    This is a great way to style your beard, even though it is mostly applicable for people with thick curly beards who have been growing their beards for quite a number of months. It will give you a new appearance and naturally you’ll feel more confident.

    7) Handle humidity properly

    Humidity plays a huge factor in the maintenance of your beard. If you are from a place where it is mostly hot and humid, chances are your beard will look unruly at times. The volume of the beard will look different and cause the curls to look bad and drop down your game of a good beard. So always take care of your beards in regard to the weather you belong in, so that you look good and proper always.

    8) Use mustache wax

    You can tame the cheek lines and sideburns of your beard by applying mustache wax to it. It gives a uniform and finished look to your beard. It’ll give a great look to your dense uniform beard and make it look camera-ready at all times.

    9) Give Up Nicotine

    It is a widely known phenomenon that smoking is bad for health. But one thing that most people don’t know is smoking makes your hair and beard brittle and more prone to damaging the hair. The texture of one’s hair tends to get dirtier and rougher and the whole appearance gets more unappealing. So, if you’re a regular smoker you must reduce smoking otherwise the grooming of your beard will have no value.

    10) Use Camphor and Alum

    One of the most underrated tricks that might seem dicey on the scientific front but work wonders for the beard. Camphor and Alum are great cleansing agents. Take a pinch of alum and mix it with normal salt and use it to wash your beard with it. It’ll not only get rid of your dandruff but also make your beard thicker in volume without damaging it. Alum also helps to keep your skin tight and claws up the pores so that no impurities can get inside. As you know beard gets sticky with dust and grime so washing it with alum and camphor will help a lot with pimples under your beard.

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