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    Top ten ways to have whiter teeth

    The procedure of lightening the color of a human tooth is referred to as tooth whitening or bleaching. Whitening is a desirable thing when someone’s teeth get yellowed over a long period of time for various reasons and it can be easily achieved by changing the extrinsic color of the enamel.

    Why do our teeth turn yellow?

    Multiple reasons lead to the cause of our teeth becoming dull, losing whitening texture, and shine.

    Certain types of food can stain your enamel which is the outer layer of teeth that can turn yellow. Also, plague can also be a reason for your teeth turning yellow. Here are a few brief reasons why it turns yellow:

    A) Thinning of enamel

    Due to rigorous chewing, a time comes when the enamel layer wears down and thins revealing the layer beneath, the yellow dentin which makes the teeth look yellower.

    B) Improper diet

    Having dark curries or black coffee on a regular basis can be one of the reasons for your yellow teeth as these food items have a chemical called tannins which have blemish properties that can damage your enamel.

    C) Grinding

    Many people think the habit of grinding teeth can be stress-releasing and some people even do it unconsciously while sleeping, this habit is called bruxism which can damage the tooth enamel and make it yellow.

    This kind of decolorization can easily be helped by whitening solutions I’ll be discussing below.

    D) Smoking

    Nicotine is just not addictive but the tar that comes after smoking causes a lot of damage to oral hygiene and leads to gum diseases, ulcers, and cancer in certain cases. Most people who tend to smoke on a regular basis have damaged enamel, and yellowish teeth, accompanied by a bad odor and poor oral hygiene.

    Top ten ways to have whiter teeth:-

    1) Oil Pulling

     This is an Indian traditional remedy to improve oral hygiene and help the body to remove toxins. The process is about swishing oil all around the mouth to remove bacteria, which causes plaque and makes your teeth yellow. Due to its pleasant taste and many health benefits coconut oil is used for teeth pulling. Since coconut oil is high in lauric acid, it can not only reduce inflammation but also kill bacteria.

    2) Brushing daily with baking soda

    Since baking soda has natural whitening attributes, it is commonly used in toothpaste. Surface stains on teeth can easily be removed due to the abrasive nature of the baking soda. It also creates an alkaline environment in the mouth which reduces the formation of bacteria.

    3) Use of hydrogen peroxide

    It has a natural bleaching property that kills bacteria present in your mouth. However, people have been using hydrogen peroxide for a long time to heal wounds. Most commercial whitening products have hydrogen peroxide, at a higher level than you usually use.

    4) Eating fruits and vegetables

    A healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables not only helps the body but also the tooth. Raw fruits and vegetables help to remove plaque formation and help the teeth not to turn yellow. However, fruits like strawberries and pineapple can even help with the whitening of your teeth.

    5) Preventing tooth stains before they happen

    As we all know as we age the enamel starts weakening resulting in yellowish nature to our teeth. Limiting the intake of black coffee, red berries, and wine can help in reducing staining in teeth since they’re famous for their staining properties. Limiting them will keep your enamel strong and whitened teeth.

    6) Using apple cider vinegar

    It can be used in very small amounts to whiten teeth. Take two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with 6 ounces of water and stir the solution for some time and swish it in your mouth, wash your mouth, and brush your teeth. Always be careful and use it in small amounts as excessive may cause damage to the structure and hardness of the teeth.

    7) Activated Charcoal

    It can be used to remove stains and pigments from one’s teeth because of its highly absorbent nature. It removes bacteria and toxins from the mouth thus keeping the enamel strong and also whitens teeth.

    8) Get plenty of calcium in your diet

    Tooth discoloration can also be caused by damaged enamel that exposes the dentin layer underneath which has a yellow or dark brown texture. So calcium-rich food such as cheese, and milk will keep your enamel from eroding thus keeping your tooth white.

    9) Limit your sugar intake

    One must reduce their sugar intake if one wants to keep their teeth white and shiny. A diet consisting of a greater amount of sugar may cause the formation of Streptococcus mutans, the main type of bacteria that causes plaque and damages the enamel leading to your teeth turning yellow.

    10) Lemon Juice with Water

    Rinse your mouth with lemon juice and water for two minutes, it helps to keep your teeth strong and oral activity free of any bacteria. You can use it as the mouthwash will keep your teeth strong and shiny.

    Importance of Teeth Whitening

    Teeth bleaching or whitening is very good since there are no minimum side effects to it. It heals all the damage you have caused to your enamel, and also there’s no pain caused by the cleaning and within no time you have a glistening smile.

    Teeth whitening is effective in reducing all stains that darken the enamel, or if they’re eroded, it reduces the damage done to it and thus makes the enamel strong and keeps your teeth white. The procedure is also safe.

    Generally, stains are caused by drinking black coffee or people who smoke on a regular basis. Hence whitening their teeth is the last resort.

    The basic benefit of teeth whitening is having a whiter and bright smile which is an added advantage to your appearance and boosts your confidence. It also helps reduce the damage caused by germs thus maintaining oral hygiene in the best possible way.

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